Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Would You Rather Wednesday part 2

I picture the seasons like giant sumo wrestlers trying to push each other out of the ring. Winter is still currently king of the hill, but Spring sure is putting up a good fight! Unfortunately, that means we're seeing quite a few dark, misty days in our neck of the woods. We just want to go outside and play! Eventually Winter will get tired and give up, leaving Spring victorious, and we can't wait. :)

Yesterday was another dad-free Tuesday. And once again my mom came to the rescue with yummy dinner and dessert! But once again, since we weren't home most of the afternoon and evening, I'm left with NOTHING to blog about today. So...let's do another Would You Rather Wednesday, shall we?

Did you know this is a real board game?

Would you rather...
Only be able to whisper  OR Only be able to SHOUT?

Would you rather...
ONLY be able to eat your favorite food for the rest of your life OR NEVER eat your favorite food again?

Would you rather...
Give bad advice OR Take bad advice?

Would you rather...
Jump in a pit of snakes OR Swim in shark-infested waters?

Would you rather...
Live without television OR live without music?

Would you rather...
Have one wish granted today OR Have three wishes granted in ten years?

Would you rather...
Be hairy all over OR completely bald?

My answers:
I would only whisper
Never eat my favorite food
Take bad advice
Swim with sharks (eee...I'm actually not sure about this one)
Live without TV (I think...would TV be boring without the music behind it? I don't know!)
Have three wishes in ten years
Be completely bald.

What would you do?? Maybe you can sway my answer on some of these. :)


Heather Rahn said...

Whisper - Hate people who shout.

Never be able to eat my favorite food - I crave change. That would not go over well with me.

Take bad advice - I do what I want when I want so any advice I get pretty much falls on deaf ears.

Snakes - But only if they are not poisonous.

Television - I want to do that anyways so that would be perfect!

3 wishes granted in 10 years - I have a lot I could wish for and one would just be a tease.

Completely bald - Waxing and shaving SUCKS!

Cassie said...

Just remember Spring starts in just 11 days!! Eeee!! Finally.

Whisper - for sure. I can't stand loud people.
Never be able to eat my favorit food. I can always find a new favorite, right??!
Snakes - just the nice ones. I have never known a nice shark....
Bye bye TV - I don't watch much of it anyways. We have had DVR for about a month now and STILl havne't used it. I love me some music!!
One wish today - I don't know if I will be here in 10 years.
Baldy - a lot of hair just grosses me out.

Meagan said...

I would....

*whisper...I think my throat would start hurting if I screamed all the time

*never eat my favorite food again...I love food way too much to only eat one thing for the rest of my life

*take bad advice...doesn't mean I have to follow the advice right?!

* long as they are the kind that don't bite!

*without music...I'm a tv junkie!!

*one wish today

*bald...that's why they make wigs!!

Pettijohn said...

I would rather;
Never eat my favorite food
Take bad advice
Shark Waters
Be without television
Three wishes in ten years
Be bald

Thanks for the comments the other day. The shoe thing cracks me up to. He told me yesterday he should sleep with his shirt on just in case girls came over. Lol. Thanks for the recipe. I am definitely making it this weekend.

Sarah said...


NEVER eat my favorite food again :(

Take bad advice, without a doubt!

Snakes I guess. I have terrible anxiety & would probably drown before the sharks got me. haha

Live without TV!!

3 wishes in 10 years!! Gosh if this was real :)

Completely bald! Hair is overrated!

Emily said...


Never eat my favorite food again (I don't even know what my favorite food would be!)

Take bad advice

Swim with sharks (Since I have done this before- no cage involved- I think I'll be able to do it again.)

Live without TV

3 wishes in 10 years (Although I by no means have a perfect life, I really can't think of anything I would want with my one wish I would be able to get today.)

Completely bald

Jeroen and mirella said...


NEVER eat your favorite food again - if I have to eat my favorite food every day it will get bored.

Take bad advice

Have three wishes granted in ten years

completely bald - I don't like hair on my toes LOL

Jump in a pit of snakes

live without music - I can't live without FRIENDS LOL

Jeroen and mirella said...

Oh forgot the last one

completely bald - I don't like hair on my toe LOL


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