Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Showers

I realize that it makes the flowers grow and keeps the whole environment thing running and all that junk...but come on. The skies have opened up and dumped buckets on the Midwest. It's been monsoon season around here. And our poor little towns are extremely overwhelmed by the influx of water EVERYWHERE.

My little brother was unexpectedly called out to active duty today to address all of the flooding issues in the area. Grace was terrified of him. John called him a "gun boy." And Evelyn just wanted to wear his helmet - an impossibility as it weighs half as much as she does. :)

We could have used some flood protection ourselves this week. Our basement is solid and dry in even the biggest of rainstorms, but something must have gone terribly awry with our sump pump Sunday or Monday evening. I went down into our basement late Saturday night and all was well. By Tuesday afternoon Eric discovered that at one point our entire basement floor had been covered with water. There were only a few puddles left when he made the discovery, but every single box, blanket, name it...which was spread throughout the basement was completely sopping wet.

Our entire lives are packed up in cardboard boxes below ground, and cardboard soaks up water like a sponge so that even if only the bottom gets wet, the water creeps up the whole side of the box. While nothing major inside the boxes was actually damaged, every single solitary box was. We are super fortunate to not have lost any memories, but now we're set the daunting task of going through everything we own and repacking it in plastic tubs. It won't be fun, and it won't be cheap, but we can't just let it go and risk our stuff molding...ewww. This isn't the first time this has happened to us since we've been married, and because we move a lot anyway the plastic tubs will be worth it in the long run. I guess. I hope. 

One bright spot in our dreary day: ice cream sundaes. Mmmm....

I didn't dare go downstairs to see if any more damage was done after the non-stop rain we had ALL DAY yesterday. Just ridiculous. I didn't have the time or energy to deal with it, so I just pretended like the mess didn't exist. And while we were surviving cold weather and rainstorms here, Eric flew out to sunny and warm Houston, TX and enjoyed a baseball game. Haha. Did you get a sunburn, sweetheart? Little stinker. He IS working today. At least I think he is. :) 

So here I sit with my two baby girls. Daddy is gone and the world outside of our windows is completely drenched. The weather people say we're about to get a reprieve. Hallelujah. I'm telling you, it's a good thing Noah and his family had a boatload of animals to take care of or they would've been jumping ship and putting themselves out of their misery after a few days. 40 days and 40 nights? No. Thank. You. 

I am sincerely hoping that next week will bring fun, sunny, outdoorsy sorts of blog posts. I am on my face begging for a trip to the park, for chalky hands and knees on gritty cement drawings, for stroller tracks through the grass in our front yard. Oh please dear Lord, say that this is true:

I can deal with the semi-cooler temps, just please no more rain! And while we're at it...can we reverse time and pretend that the whole basement flooding thing just never happened? I would really appreciate not doing 5326 loads of wet laundry. No? Not possible? Drat.

Here's hoping that in your neck of the woods the skies are blue and it's pleasantly warm. And for the rest of you reading this who share our little corner of the universe, let's stay dry kids. While part of me sees the potential fun and novelty, I'd really prefer to not have to turn my Toyota into a floating car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang style. I'm not a tinkerer. I just don't posses those kinds of talents.

Oh yes, and please send your thoughts and prayers to those who are truly experiencing flooding today, and also to those who are tirelessly working to protect them. I'm sure my little brother and many others would appreciate it. :)

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Heather Rahn said...

Sounds like your night was exactly like mine. I'll be replacing tons of stuff and throwing mountains away.


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