Friday, April 15, 2011

Confession Friday 4-15!

I confess that I took no crazy pictures for Confession Friday this week. So I went back into the archives to find out what we were doing at this exact time last year. I found a couple of very blurry but Confession Friday worthy photos. :)

Hehe. This picture was taken on this exact day one year ago. Evelyn was 10 months old. I remember laughing so hard at the cheerio stuck to Evelyn's chin, because she had no idea it was there. Of course she was laughing at me laughing and made me laugh even harder.

I confess that Evelyn now treats the television like lickable wallpaper. Sorry hun...those cartoon blueberries are only going to taste like cold, hard glass....

I confess that when I shared our wonderful story of John's adoption on Monday I conveniently left out the part where we had to leave the courtroom with the girls, because they were causing a disruptive ruckus. Haha. When the judge gave Eric "the look" we knew it was time to split. :)

I confess that after nearly a year living in this home, I finally got our bedroom 99% organized yesterday. Put things off much?

I confess that there's something about a nice clean room that makes me want to sit in it for no reason at all. Just sit and soak in the cleanliness....

Taken April 20, 2010. Yeah, that would be a huge blob of A1 Steak Sauce all over the rug. I went to the bathroom, and when I came out I could smell the sauce before I even saw the mess. This one was definitely a doozy! Here's proof that I was documenting Evelyn's antics well before this blog even existed. :)

I confess that I don't know where Evelyn picks up half of the things she says or does anymore. Whoever thought of the saying "It takes a village to raise a child" got it a little off. It's more like, "The village is going to teach your child things, like it or not...and then you have run damage control."

I confess that I'm addicted to Dancing With the Stars, and I secretly wish there was a show called "Dancing With the Stay at Home Moms." I would totally audition.

I confess that I officially have no more private bathroom privileges. And it's a good thing our shower door is glass, because it allows me to see Evelyn shaving her sister's face with her daddy's electric razor and trying to twist Grace's head off like a bottle cap. "I huggin her," she says.

I confess that I waited with baited breath for 10:00 am to roll around on Wednesday in order to place my submission for Oprah tickets. Eric agreed to take me if I got them. Eric. Eric Robert. I knew I had to jump on the chance, haha. Sadly, I did not get chosen anyway. Boo!

I confess that I have NEVER had a pedicure. And I want one.

I confess that my husband is smokin' hot. Especially in his sleep mask. you, dear!


Okay, so...I have to share this clip with you guys, because it's the middle of night and I'm laughing so hard I nearly wet myself. I'm sure this won't be nearly as funny in the morning. I have this weird habit of always dreaming about the opposite season that we're in, no matter how much I love the season that we're currently enjoying. So naturally I'm thinking Fall thoughts lately and how much I would love to be bringing out the Fall colors and decor. (Weird, I know!) While searching for decor ideas on YouTube, I came across this little gem.

This adorable older man and his wife are showing off their Halloween decorations, and the commentary makes me giggle uncontrollably. I lost it when he zoomed in on his wife about a minute in. (Trust me, stick with it.) And the set up "cackle" at the end of the video...I think I woke up Gracie on that one. They are way too cute, but if they were my relations...well...just see for yourself!

Told you it was late! I hope you have a great weekend, friends. "It's a very nice and colorful time in Colorado!" Bahaha....


Cassie said...

Ha, yeah I don't even shut the bathroom door anymore. Come one, come all.

And now I am at the point of no matter what Mommy is drinking Stella wants to try. Yep, floaties and all. Yum.

Heather Rahn said...

Ugh, Cassie...your comment made me gag.

Adrien said...

Bahaha...when Evelyn wants a drink of something I have I hurry up and drink as much as possible and then hand it over. I'm terrified of what I would find in the cup after she gets through with it!

Pettijohn said...

You have never had a pedicure! Oh girl they are heaven.

I never close the bathroom door either anymore although when Wyatt started to question what certain parts of mom were dad went on bathroom patrol so I could take a bath. Can we say, awkward.

I do the same thing you do. Take a drink of as much as I can get and then hand it over. I cannot drink after Wyatt has had it. It just grosses be out the thought of it.

Sarah said...

You HAVE to get a pedi, you poor deprived mama!!

Sara said...

Get a pedicure Adrien! You don't know what you're missing!

I confess that after I wash our sheets and blankets, I love to lay across the freshly made bed and enjoy it, nothing like the smell and feel of a clean bed! Haha I could be in a gain commercial!

Meagan said...

I confess that my jaw dropped when I read that you have never had a pedicure!! Sounds like a good Mother's Day present...hint hint Eric!! :)

I confess that I went to bed at 8 last night...and then made Ryan sleep on the couch!!

I confess that I saw you & your beautiful family walking last night (through the window of course) and was thisclose to yelling your name!

Adrien said...

Meagan, I totally told Eric that's where you lived when we walked by! Of course he was a little confused, haha.


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