Friday, April 22, 2011

Confession Friday 4-22!

Holy guacamole. This morning is escaping from beneath me. Our house is buzzing with activity today (Eric has the day off! Woot!) So I'm in a hurry, hurry. Sorry, not a lot of pictures guys! No time. Just a good pure Confession Friday! Let's get started. :)

In trampoline memoriam.
Rest in peace, old friend.

I confess that I took a shower to check the mail yesterday. I live on a busy street, what can I say? Made it all the way to the end of the driveway only to find a completely empty mailbox. What a waste!

I confess that Evelyn has FINALLY discovered movies, and I've taken full advantage of it this week. Mama needs to get stuff done, and Toy Story to a toddler is like a moth to a flame. Don't ever say you won't use the TV as a babysitter like I did. You almost certainly will. :)

I confess that my blog list continues to grow and it's taking a long time to keep up with everyone these days! (And for some reason some of your blogs don't show up on my list all the time, or your updates pop up a week later. I have no clue what's up with that!) So if you haven't been getting comments from me lately it's definitely not for my lack of interest. I read every single one! Well...every single one that blogger tells me about. *Insert eye roll here.*

I confess that I'm totally behind schedule with getting things together for Evelyn's birthday party, and it's not for lack of want to. I seriously need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby STAT!

I confess that I enjoy getting stuff delivered to our house so much, that Evelyn now brings random boxes to me and says, "A package! A package!" Hehe.

I confess that I send Eric out to purchase girly products for me all.the.time. And he drives off without a thought or hesitation. From lotion to pregnancy tests and EVERYTHING in between. Why, he's even exchanging a pair of sandals for me at Wet Seal today. Haha. Now that's a man!

I confess that I have this really bad habit of saying "crap" lately, and every time it slips out I'm terrified Evelyn is going to pick up on it. I know there are much worse words I could be using, but there's over 200,000 words in the English language and I can't seem to find a better one...that's really annoying for an English major, haha.

I confess that sometimes I forget things I've confessed and wonder how people know so much random stuff about me when I see them in person. :)

I confess that I've had to google "how to boil eggs" more than once in my lifetime. I can't remember how long and if I put them in boiling water or bring them to a shouldn't be that difficult!

I confess that I'm getting a little OCD about having all of the beds made in our house every day. And I don't feel complete if I haven't done a load of dishes and washed, folded, and put away the laundry. What is wrong with me?? Haha. Not that keeping house is a bad thing, but I was NEVER a super organized person in the past. (Ask my mom!)

I confess that after we go grocery shopping I mentally tally how many people we could feed for how long should we get stranded in our home for some reason.

I confess that I'm scaring myself with these obsessive housewife confessions.

I confess that I downed half a bag of cheddar chex mix as I was typing this and now I feel like I'm going to toss my cookies. Blech.

And on that lovely note...happy Easter weekend, everyone!
Please remember the real reason why we are celebrating. He is risen!


Cassie said...

Ha, when my parents were married we lived our in the country. I think we went through three or four trampoilines. I have had many RIP Trampoline moments in my life too. But I freaking love them. Can't wait to get one for my kids someday. And none of that blue "cage" thing aroudn it. Come on, no fear kids, no fear. lol.

Sarah said...

haha, i am the exact same way with my confessions. random people will come up to me & talk about something that i must of wrote on the good ol blog. sometimes i forget that people actually read it. whoops!


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