Friday, April 29, 2011

Confession Friday 4-29!

I just caught Evelyn transporting water from the toilet to her potty chair via a hollow toy brownie from her tea set. Does it ever end?

Haha, no. Apparently not. By the time I finished typing this, I found an askew vent on the floor with Evelyn's shirt stuffed inside. Minutes later she tried to plug herself in via her diaper and a computer cord. Ay yi yi.

Check out some of her antics from earlier this week:

Evelyn decided she wanted to color the other day with only a black crayon. Okay. Interesting choice. And while I was gushing over her beautiful scribble picture  I looked over and saw that Ev went waaay out of the lines. Like, on her sister's head out of the lines. I know it's hard to see in this picture, but there was one HUGE black mark running all the way across Grace's forehead and well into her hairline. Poor kid! 

It was way darker than this picture shows, and it took FOREVER to try to scrub off, haha.

I confess that the first thing in my mouth every morning this week has been Easter candy. I went to bed last night with a stomach ache from eating too much chocolate. Someone get this stuff out of my house!

I confess that I've been the first to say I don't really care about all the royal wedding stuff that's been going on. But guess who has been watching wedding footage all morning? Can't...resist...the hype....

I confess that I'm sad that Evelyn is getting big girl feet. She has got to stop growing!

I confess that I am OVER THE MOON EXCITED that MEAGAN is PREGNANT!!! Woohoo! Congratulations, girl! And for those of you who don't know what's going on, Meagan is part of our sacred blogging circle and has been wanting a baby for quite some time now. We've prayed and cheered her on for months as she visited doctors and tried to get everything figured out. What a dream come true!!

I confess that I was literally on my knees begging Eric not to go to work today and to take us to the zoo instead. Yeah, that didn't happen. :(

I crack up every single time I find The Simpsons in Evelyn's dollhouse. This time I walked into the girls' room and found Bart and Homer chilling on the roof:

I confess that I'm paranoid for Evelyn to play with her dollhouse when I'm not around. What if she loses the pieces? What will mommy she have to play with? :)

I confess that I was thoroughly freaked out when Eric was in Texas and I received a facebook message from someone demanding that I add him as a friend. Seriously. I didn't respond to the message of course, but if you're reading this dude, stop stalking me. You can't strong arm people into being friends with you. Yikes!

I confess that Evelyn is still a paci loving fool, and I have NO CLUE how we're ever going to get it away from her. This week we couldn't find Evelyn's pacifier anywhere. Evie was whining, I was upturning the house, and it was nowhere to be found. Finally I turned the corner and saw this:

It was in Grace's mouth the whole time! She must've found it on the floor and popped it in herself, haha. She's not even a pacifier baby! It was so weird seeing her with a pacifier in her mouth...even Evelyn thought it was funny. :) (Look close and you'll see the black crayon mark still stained on her poor head.)

Oh boy, I hear Evie getting into something. (Help me!) Gotta run! Have a great weekend, friends.


Sarah said...

I confess that I had a dream last night that Luke peed in the big boy potty. Like really peed standing up & everything. I woke up crying!! I was so estatic. I swear I'm going to get back on the potty train once this semester is over!!!!!

Gracie I love the paci look on you. Not your sister. Help her out kid :)

Cassie said...

Note to self, don't eat the brownines when have tea with Ev. Too funny!!

Heather Rahn said...

Awww...I know it's not supposed to be good for them, but I love babys with pacifiers in their mouths. I think it's so cute! My future kids mouths are DOOMED.

Meagan said...


I confess that I started drinking soda before Lent was over...what can I say, the baby wanted it!!

Adrien said...

Bahaha...that's a good thing to keep in mind, Cassie. I'm seriously going to put that thing in the dishwasher. Gross!

Sara said...

I confess that Katelynn plays in the toilet too! I have to keep the bathroom doors closed because she loves to splash toilet water! But bigger confession... sometimes when I forget to close the door, and I find her splashing in the toilet, I just let her splash her little heart out! Her hand is already in the toilet, how much worse can it get?

Stephanie said...

Hello dear! I'm so glad that you found my blog too! I loved reading through your posts. It seems like yesterday that we were little girls in school, and now you have a beautiful family! I'm so happy for you!


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