Friday, April 8, 2011

Confession Friday 4-8!

I confess that as soon as I sat down to type this, Grace pooped all over my lap. Nice. Let's try again.

I thought that Evelyn was in the bathroom using the potty. But then I noticed that it was really quiet. And when I walked into the bathroom Evie was nowhere to be found. "Evie? Evelyn?" I called out. There was a little giggle from behind the shower curtain. Evelyn thought it would be cool to try out her sister's bath seat. Caught ya! :)

I confess that I walked up to the drive-through window of the bank on Wednesday with the girls in the stroller, and I made a deposit. Hehe. So in case you were wondering if you can do totally can.

I confess that last weekend a candidate for mayor stopped by the house, and I answered the door with Grace in my arms. I thought that he was looking at me kind of funny, so I glanced over and saw that a big chunk of my hair was sticking straight out Pippi Longstocking style and plastered to the side of Grace's face. "Whoops!" Maybe you had to be there, but it was really embarrassing. :)

I confess that I "lost" a spider twice while trying to kill it, and now the little devil is loose in the house somewhere. I'm now constantly paranoid that a creepy crawler is going to jump out at me any minute.

I confess that our baby monitor crossed signals with our neighbor's monitor the other night, and I was too lazy to change it. So I listened to someone else's crying baby all night long. It didn't occur to me how weird that was until I was fully awake the next day.

I confess that while putting clothes away and belting out some classic rock the next morning, I heard a baby crying that was not one of my own. Shoot. I forgot to switch the signals back on the monitor. And SHOOT! Did I just give my neighbors a rockin' performance of "We Will Rock You??"

Evelyn no longer thinks it's necessary to wait until she's undressed to hop in the bathtub. 

I confess that Eric and I watched Evelyn paint her entire body with sour cream at dinner. I give up trying to keep Evie from making a mess when she eats. Ay yi yi....

I confess that someone found this blog by typing into google "dimensions since we got married, I have got my wife fat...." Alright, who was it?? Haha. And what exactly does it imply if you found my blog from typing that? :)

I confess that I have apparently grown a third arm. I've given it a name: Gracie. :) As I walk through the house, anything is fair game to be swiped up as I walk by. Oatmeal cookies have been taken from the counter and crushed into bits, lamps have nearly met their doom, stacks of papers are sent scattering to the floor. If she can reach it, she will grab it! (And its given me a heart attack every single time.)

I confess that I have made desperate attempts to keep Evelyn out of the cleaning cabinets, but I don't think she's getting it. Because now she happily runs about the house with bottles of Windex and toilet cleaner giggling and chanting, "Poison! Poison!"

I confess that I'm super excited that Eric is off of work today, and I'm officially getting a new baby brother! We're heading to the courthouse this afternoon after three years of red tape to finalize John's adoption. :D And then we're celebrating afterwards with a family bbq. Hooray!

We're going to have a fabulous Friday, and I hope you do too! 


Cassie said...

Ah, the bathtub thing is hilarious.
We started getting out old baby stuff of Stella's and she wants to get in it all. Ayi, we are going to have trouble sharing, I can see it now!!

Meagan said...

We had that happen with our baby monitors too...except we would always hear phone conversations & parents yelling...and I would never turn it, I would just sit & listen...and hope that they couldn't hear us!! lol

I confess that I HATE going on interviews and I really wish I could convince Ryan that it is a good idea for me to just be a sahm again!

Pettijohn said...

Congrats guys!!!

Heather Rahn said...


I confess that I feel like going to Schnucks after work, grabbing a cheap bottle of wine, and sitting on the "porch" in my back yard all night.

Sarah said...

I confess that I now want to get out my baby monitor & see if I can hear anything juicy!! I didn't even know that was possible. bahahaha


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