Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cupcakes Rock My World (And so does Evelyn, apparently.)

It's nearly midnight. I have dirty dishes in the sink. There is a load of wet laundry in the washing machine. Clutter abounds. But that's all okay. We have pretty cupcakes. :)

Freshly baked lattice fruit pies and veggies from the garden...all made from sweet treats and inspired by Hello, Cupcake! When I discovered this awesome resource for adorable cupcake ideas I knew that the girls and I would have to try some of them out ourselves. And I think we did a pretty great job for our first try!

Don't mind my wonky pie crust, haha. I'm a beginner, what can I say? :) The cherry and blueberry pies were made from Skittles candy and frosting tinted yellow and mixed with a bit of cocoa powder. I LOVE these! Would they not be the perfect treat at an outdoor picnic? The designers of this yummy feast for the eyes recommend these tiny pies for bake sales. Great idea, I say!

Our carrots are made from Circus Peanuts candy and rolled up watermelon Airheads. And of course, they are nestled in a bed of Oreo soil.

Our pea pods are made from green Skittles and folded over watermelon Airheads. So cute; so simple! You must make some of these for yourself!

Head on over to Hello, Cupcake! and find video tutorials and lots of information to make your own unique cupcake creations. I am DYING to make these:

Shut the front door. Corn on the cob cupcakes! These darling cakes would be fit for a Stepford table on the Fourth of July. Haha. They are made from different shades of gourmet jelly beans with Laffy Taffy pats of butter. The little skewers make these "cobs" look even more authentic. Yes, yes...adding this to our list of summer to-do's!

*And now for a behind the scenes look at what most of our afternoon of cupcake making actually looked like. *

As I was busy mixing and concocting the perfect shade of pie crust frosting, I didn't notice my third arm trying to swipe a bowl of sweet stuff off of the counter. For those of you who are a little behind the times, my third arm is a new term of endearment for my youngest daughter, Grace. :) She's getting quite stealthy, the little stinker. Needless to say, Gracie got her very first taste of REAL food today.

This picture was taken AFTER I scraped about a pound of frosting off of my child's hand. Grace stuck her entire fist in the bowl and was a mess, let me tell ya. And for several minutes afterwards I could hear her smacking her little lips and sneaking licks of her fingers. Forget baby cereal and jars of pureed girl knows what she wants.

And it wouldn't be a snack-craftastic day without Evelyn trying her hand.

As usual, Evie started out great. I was super impressed that she remembered her "alligator pinchers" for picking up tiny sprinkles and putting them on top. But then...

...she dumped the entire container of sprinkles on one cupcake. Yummy? 

I thought maybe she'd do better at putting on some Skittles instead. That is until I realized that instead of placing the candy on top of the cupcakes, she was dipping her Skittles in the frosting and eating them. Haha.

Silly kid. 

So Evelyn's creations turned out looking something like this:

One decorated treat and a bunch of plain Janes. I couldn't help but giggle at the metaphorical meaning behind this little bit of art. Evelyn honey, you are definitely the sprinkle cupcake. I get it. :) Oh and that reminds me...Evie came up to me this afternoon with a brand new favorite phrase; one that I assure you I did not teach her. 

"I'm a rock star!" 

Oh really? A rock star now are we? Why, yes...I guess that is quite fitting of my wild child's personality. Rock out, Ev. (She won't stop saying it, and it sends Eric and me into fits of laughter every.single.time.)

At the end of the day, Evelyn wouldn't even eat her own darn cupcake. She was too worried about busting out of the house and taking a stroller ride. So stroll we did. (I am so glad we're getting lots of exercise these days, because I may have eaten one or two or five of those cupcakes myself.)

We're supposed to have a couple of dreary days in our neck of the woods this weekend, so if any of you get bored I DARE you to whip up some cupcakes for yourself. Let me know if you take any cupcake adventures in the near future. :) I assure you your kids will love it! And what the heck, let's take one more look at those super cute and Springy cupcakes:



Cassie said...

Yum is right!! Too cute!

Heather Rahn said...

Geez Martha Stuart. I know who I'm calling when my family puts me in charge of the desserts for Easter.

Mr. and Mrs. W +1 said...

Yum those look awesome! If you make those corn on the cob cupcakes I cant wait to see how they turned out. It even looks like there is salt and pepper on them. How do they do that?! :)

Adrien said...

I think the "salt and pepper" is actually some kind of baking sugar. I can't remember, but I know they say it in one of their videos. :)

Meagan said...

I'm practically drooling over here!!! I could really go for some airheads too...I haven't had those in years!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh these cupcakes looks awesome and yummie, I love cupcakes and I need to make some for easter

Joyce said...

Love it:)


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