Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Part 1

If this gets posted today it'll be a miracle. If you're reading's a miracle! We took so many pictures this weekend that we ran out of space on our digital slr. So we started taking pictures and videos with our phones. It would normally take a week to sift through and edit all of the footage the way I'd like to, but there just isn't time for that. So instead of writing one HUGE post with a million pictures which would take you twenty minutes to read and me half a day to write, I'm breaking this one up into a two-parter. Cool jellybeans.

Our weekend began with a little egg dying fun at my mom and dad's. :)

I thought this would be an activity right up Evelyn's alley.

John had a great time! But Evelyn...well...mention the word "coloring" and this isn't exactly what she has in mind. Instead, Evie did a lot of this:

Her only contribution to the egg dying fun....

...a big fat mess when she dumped the cup of pink egg dye all over the kitchen table. Unfortunately we were only a few eggs in, so needless to say, there were not a lot of pink eggs in the bunch, haha.

Gracie kept a close eye on her sister the entire time.

Grace's favorite part of the day was trying to reach the newspaper covering the table to rip it into shreds...and eat it. She's too cute. Gracie was actually a really good sport the entire weekend. She's growing up, she is. 

Thanks to my mom and siblings all of the eggs were eventually colored. And here was Evie's final product:

Egg coloring...newspaper coloring...same thing, right? We packed up our eggs and called it a morning!

We spent the rest of our day shopping Dave Ramsey style. We walked into the St. Louis Galleria with a pair of shoes to return and a computer to get looked at, and we walked out with a brand new pair of shoes and a brand new computer cord for zero dollars. Here's a hint: if you ever ever ever need to upgrade or change technology, go with Apple products. I'm telling you. They give you FREE STUFF all.the.time. They fix your stuff for FREE all.the.time. They replace things out of warranty for FREE...most of the time. Hehe...Evelyn is really hard on my laptop, so this was my poor computer's third trip to the Apple store. We've had this thing for several years and it's been out of warranty for-ev-ah. So since they have already given us a million free things to keep this baby alive we were actually going to have PAY to get a battery replaced for once.

We're spoiled. We said "no thank you." And now I'm typing on a computer that is on it's last leg, I'm afraid. When babies stick cord ends in their mouths, throw computers off of couches and then step on them over and over again...well...these things happen. It's a wonder that this thing is still kicking at all.

Saturday was a rainy dreary sort of day. And while I wish we could've been blowing bubbles and coloring with sidewalk chalk outside, instead I spent the afternoon cleaning and getting our house ready for Easter. We said lots of cheers for Jesus all day long. Evelyn is now adept in saying, "Yay Jesus!" "He is risen!" Haha. She doesn't have a clue, but that's okay. We'll still teach her anyway. (Hey, that kind of sounded like a cheer, eh?)

When the girls were FINALLY tucked into bed that evening, I snuck around and set out their Easter basket.

Yes, they shared. And in retrospect I wish I hadn't done it that way. I almost cried (for real) when I looked at all that we had gathered for the girls over the past couple of weeks and realized that we never did find Grace's one special thing for the Easter basket. It was her first Easter and I felt like she got the shaft. Had she had her own basket I don't think I would've forgotten. :(

It wasn't like she got nothing, but as you can see most of this is stuff that only Evelyn can appreciate for a little while. Eric and I vowed when we found out we were having Grace that we wouldn't let her fall into second-child syndrome and only ever get hand-me-downs and never have anything of her own. Well, boo. Look what we did? Let this be a lesson for all of you having your second babies this year, haha. Get them their OWN stockings and their OWN Easter baskets, or they'll surely be left out.

In the grand scheme of things, neither one of our girls will remember any of this stuff anyway. :)

In our basket:
*Lots of baby leg warmers (yay!)
*A froggy bath toy (which matches two other toys from the same collection. Evie and Grace LOVE them! Find yours at Target.)
*Crazy straws
*An anthology of stories by our favorite illustrator, Eloise Wilkin (Get your copy here!)
*Toy Story 1 and 2 (Evie is obsessed!)
*Loving Family dollhouse furniture. (We bought two sets at a Toys 'R Us bogo sale, but I decided to hold one back for Evelyn's birthday. I'm glad I did!)

I don't think we wen't overboard at all. I bought quality over quantity this year. And its'a good thing, because holy moly did the girls get a boatload of candy and toys over the course of the day from family members! We have two grocery bags FILLED to the brim with candy. I don't know what we're going to do with all of it. 

 I think Easter baskets are one of the most fun things to put together! Don't you? :)

Because we knew it would be rainy and icky, I planned to do the girls' egg hunt on our covered back patio outside. It's a small space, but it worked out wonderfully. So at the crack of dawn, Eric stumbled out in his pj's and covered our patio in shiny plastic orbs of fun. Haha. We filled the eggs with money for a specific purpose, which I'll share in a future post.

There were plenty of nooks and crannies for the plastic eggs to go. It was perfect for an almost-but-not-quite two year old. 

The soft trickle of rain pitter pattering on the windows kept the girls in slumberland for much longer than usual. Eric and I were able to get completely ready for church and cook a yummy sausage and egg breakfast before we finally had to wake the girls up. 

I was so excited to see how Evie and Grace would react to the goodies waiting for them on the kitchen table. And would they go for the egg hunt thing or be too sleepy to care? Would the girls' Easter dresses fit?? *Queue dramatic voice-over* "Find out all this and more on tomorrow's episode of The Robert Family Easter Saga."

Haha. But for real. We haven't even scratched the surface. This post would be a BEAST if I kept going, and my baby girls are begging for my attention. Let's just see a little preview of how our girls felt about all of the Easter festivities:

I hope you'll check back tomorrow! Can't wait to hear about everyone else's Easter. :) Did you have 
a good one?

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