Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend Part 2

Find part one of our Easter weekend here. :)

I think we left off somewhere around this point on Easter morning:

We literally had to wake the girls up on Easter morning to get the festivities started. I had absolutely no intentions of sharing home videos here, but I think it's more fun than just using pictures sometimes. So please excuse the untidy bedroom and annoying mommy voice. This was meant for our eyes only, haha.

There ya go. The Robert family unplugged. :)

Around the time that video ended we realized that the morning was slipping away from us. We still had to do an egg hunt, feed our babies, and get the girls ready for church. So we decided to head outside and get our hunt on.

Those little blurs on the side there are Grace's fingers. :) She was trying to grab the camera lens as I snapped photos...holding a baby while taking pictures is no easy task, by the way. I snapped about a million shots and most of them are sideways and of people's feet. Haha.

Evelyn was a pro, as we knew she would be. (The little duck bucket she's using was from my very first Easter!) It was exactly 9:12 when we wrapped up the egg hunt, and Sunday School starts at 9:30 am. Whoops! We hurried up and ate breakfast and dashed around to get the girls into their Easter dresses.

I hadn't tried Grace's dress on her yet, because when the dresses were delivered to our house she was napping and I figured if it looked good on Evelyn it would look good on Gracie. I LOVED the dress on Evie. It was sooo sweet. So imagine my surprise when I slipped the purple ruffly dress over Grace's cherubic little body and discovered that the darn thing would not fit over Gracie's chubby legs.

Seriously. I pulled and pulled and no matter how hard I tried to adjust the bottom of that dress it just rode up the rolls of her little thighs. We were already late for church. I had no back up plan. So poor Gracie wore an Easter dress that wouldn't stay down all day. Hehe.

We had a great morning at church, but it was pouring down rain. By the time the service was over we needed an ark to transport us to our car. Somehow we managed to get from point A to point B without getting entirely drenched, but I was kicking myself for not trying to take pictures of the girls in their outfits together before we were all rumpled and frumpled.

Our first stop was to Great Grandma and Grandpa Robert's house, where Evelyn likes to play with all of  Grandma's pretties. :)

Eric's parents decided to distract the girls with an early Easter present while we waited for the rest of the family to arrive.

(Beach towels and toothbrushes, shoes and bath stuff...fun!)

There were lots of tasty snacks to sample while we waited....

And as usual, Grandma Robert set a beautiful holiday table for us all to enjoy. Loved it!

We indulged in a very tasty lunch with friends and family, and the girls napped for a while before coming back for round two. 

Evie was very proud of her five dollars, haha. And she decided to hand out a few Grill Daddy's....

The girls' cousin Austin. Doesn't this picture make you smile? :)

And I'm sorry, this next sequence of pictures is totally random, but it makes me laugh. Evelyn kept flinging a koosh ball and a loofah over her head. This is pure Evelyn at her finest, haha.

It was so ridiculous, and I have no idea why she was doing it, but we all got a good laugh, anyway. :)

We were totally spent at this point and nowhere near done with our day. We still had to go to my family's Easter and eat dinner! So we packed up the girls and drove down the street to my parent's house. It was 5:00pm by this time, and the very first thing I made sure to do was take a family photo. We were all sick of being in dress clothes, and I wanted to change the girls into pj's as soon as possible.

So after rain storms and naps and lots of eating and playing we managed to get a couple of good shots. I wish we could've taken pictures while we were still fresh and not totally wiped, but I'll take whatever I can get!

Done and done!

The night before I had taken a picture of all of the Easter buckets lined up in my parent's living room:

My parents have a lot of kids, haha. (Actually, five of us plus our significant others and two grandkids.)

So after eating another delicious meal we dove into some more treat baskets and had another Easter egg hunt. Whew!

I was so over wearing heels!

The girls loved all of their gifts! Everyone was very generous this year, and we thank you all for showing love to our precious babies. We love you very, very much.

We enjoyed some yummy punch bowl cake dessert and bunny cake...

...made by my mom and little sister. Super cute! And then we finally called it a day. I am exhausted just typing it. My brain hurts. 

As always, we are incredibly thankful for the blessing of family and friends to share these special days with. I know that our tiny town is sort of in the middle of nowhere and we have to drive forever and day to get to the nearest mall, but I couldn't imagine living anywhere else right now. Especially while our kiddos are so young. It makes me even more thankful to the men and women who willingly leave their families to serve their country or to spread the gospel in faraway places. What a huge sacrifice!

And of course, I couldn't wrap up an Easter post without mentioning the reason why we celebrate this day...for Christ's sacrifice. For his rising from the dead, proving that He was exactly who He said he was. "I serve a living Savior, He's in the world today; I know that He is with me, whatever men may say...."

He lives! He lives! Christ Jesus lives today. He walks with me and talks with me along life's narrow way. He lives! He lives! Salvation to impart. You ask me how I know He lives? He lives within my heart.

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Great job on presenting the true meaning of our Easter Celebration, The Resurection of our Lord & Savior. You have such a wonderful gift of writing to share with the world.

Thanks Again


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