Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mary Poppins Ain't Got Nothin on Us

I'm a day late, but I don't care. This weekend - the weather - holla! :)

Geez louise our quality of life jumps up about ten thousand points when it's warm outside. I have never been a fan of working out in a gym, nor will I probably ever be. But when it's pushing 80 degrees and the enticing scents of fresh blooms are blowing in on a breeze you can bet your sneakers that I'm lacing up my tennis shoes and heading outside for some exercise. There is no such thing as a motor vehicle in my book when the sun is shining brightly; instead, we rev up our Cadillac stroller and take off on foot to do everything from running errands to visiting grandparents to playing at the park. So long as it's inside the city limits, there is no such thing as "too far."

On Saturday morning the girls and I set off to grab a leftover barbecue lunch at my parent's house. (I'm a big fan of hats these days, by the way. We have a trillion of them and even that's not enough, haha. Who doesn't love a good hat?) ANYWAY...on our stroll through the quiet mid-morning streets of Red Bud I had the closest thing to a religious experience with nature I think that I've ever had.

I wish I could find words to describe this...but nothing I can come up with in my punitive brain seems sufficient. It was the most beautiful song...just gorgeous...sung by dozens of different birds from all of the swaying trees lining the shady avenues. It was truly a symphony of harmonies and sounds which could only have been orchestrated so perfectly by God Himself. I wish I could have bottled up that melody to uncork any time I need reminding of the beauty of creation. I may have even closed my eyes for a few brief seconds to enjoy it all to myself. Lovely, lovely.

We arrived at our destination and filled our bellies and played for a good couple of hours - a great way to spend a Saturday if I do say so myself. And the most wonderful thing about being outdoors is how completely zapped it can make a young child after hours in the fresh air.

It's okay that my walking partners tend to conk out on me. In fact, I wholeheartedly encourage it. I just wanna pinch their widdle cheekies, yes I do.

I cannot even tell you how many miles we put on our trusty ride this weekend. It was a lot of stinkin miles. Because what did we do when Eric came home from work that afternoon? That's right. We walked. It's just what we do.

Sunday mornings in our house are absolutely crazy, I'm not gonna lie. I don't think it matters how early we wake up, we are always, without a doubt, at least a few minutes late for church. Whether it's diaper blow outs or missing pacifiers or hungry babies it's always something. We didn't do too badly this week, and had Evelyn not decided to give us a show we might have been right on time for once.

Sing it, sista!

I'm sure there are rules in your home about not standing on tables. Obviously, those rules don't seem to apply in our household. :)

We had a great morning in church, ate lunch (at The Office - just for you, Sarah! Haha), and literally spent the entire afternoon sleeping. Apparently that fresh air has the ability to tucker adults out, too. We eventually pried ourselves out of bed to head out to our new church property for a trivia night and silent auction. I am proud to announce that our table was in dead last the entire evening...but we were laughing the entire time. :) When you know you're going to lose big time, it's okay to answer that the secret ingredient in McDonald's french fries is "crack." The answer was actually sugar, so we weren't that far off.

But we did reign victorious at the silent auction. Woot! There were several things that I had my eye on, but in the end I focused all of my energy on this baby for my little girls:

Inside were so many toys that I knew I couldn't even see everything until we got this trunk home to pull it all out. And you don't even want to know how much we paid for it. We practically walked away with this trunk of joy and happiness. (It was $20)

I had planned to keep this back for Easter...maybe Ev's birthday...or a rainy day. Well guess what? The rains came pouring down yesterday, and while I was feeding Grace in the living room I heard a creeek sound followed by "Baby doll, baby doll!" The little stinker found it herself. :) So of course I let the girls have at it.

Evelyn was in heaven. Feather boas and dress up shoes and jewelry. Bubbles and sidewalk chalk and play-doh. Games and books and baby dolls. Flash cards and craft supplies and a toy wagon. Bug catchers and doll clothes and coloring books. I could go on and on and on...

I am not kidding when I say that this trunk was nothing short of Mary Poppin's carpet bag. 

Even I don't know how it all fit! My daughters may have loved the contents inside, but I'm crazy about the fact that we now have a cute little trunk to house all of our dress up clothes. I had been looking around for something like this anyway, so to me the trunk alone was worth price we paid for all of this fun loot . :)

So despite the icky rain, I would say that the Robert girls had a pretty good day. Haha.

Finally! Evelyn can clomp around in a pair of heels that don't belong to me!

Adventures in the sunshine...birds orchestrating songs just for us...singing on tabletops...never-ending trunks of toys.... Ha! Mary Poppins ain't got nothin on us. And if the weather is as nice as it's predicted to be today, we're going to be heading out in the Cadillac to purchase a few things to help the medicine go down. Hehe. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the adventure of the Robert Girls. Keep them coming.

Greg & Joan

Cassie said...

Too cute!!

Little Grace is developing quiet the personality. It's adorable!!

Mr. and Mrs. W +1 said...

Aw sounds like such a great weekend!

Ashley Taylor said...

that truck of toys is too cute. I have been looking everywhere for a pair of play shoes like those. walmart had a pack of 3 for $20 and I just was looking for 1 pair about $5 maybe lol

Heather Rahn said...

Awww...love the shoes!

Sarah said...

The offer is still available one of my boys for one of your girls. lol

I hope you enjoyed your lunch :)

OH!!! And...I'm a creep & noticed that yellow chair in the corner of your dining room. LOOOOVE!!!

Eric Robert said...

Yes! The yellow chair is the best!!!

Adrien always complains about my college furniture, but I'll never let my yellow guitar chair go, haha.

Sarah said...

Eric. That is AWESOME!!! bahahahaha. I'm addicted to chairs. Don't ever let her make you get rid of it!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my you have two beautiful and sweet daughters, love your blogpost

Big hug Mirella


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