Monday, April 11, 2011

Officially Ours :)

It's official! As of Friday Eric and I have a new baby brother and the girls have another uncle! John has felt like my "real" brother for over three years, and even though we have known it was going to be official for quite a while now, there is so much paperwork and waiting that comes with an adoption. We were super excited to take the day off last Friday to caravan to the courthouse and celebrate our silly, energetic, imaginative, big (cause don't you dare call him "little") addition to our family.

I honestly had no clue what to expect when we entered the courthouse that afternoon. After our entire family piled into an elevator and shuffled through a metal detector we found ourselves waiting in a long corridor for our scheduled time. There was lots of laughter and few tears already while we were waiting. :)

John's birth sister Jesalyn was also getting adopted that day! My aunt Merry (my mom's sister) and her husband have been caring for Jesalyn almost as long as our family has had John. I think it's wonderful that these two will be able to remain close even if they're living with two separate families. :)

Capturing a candid moment between John and Jesalyn. So cute!!

So excited! 

When it was finally time to go before the judge everyone piled into a tiny courtroom where it would all be made official. I listened to my parents make vows and prove their understanding that John would now be their child, their matter changing their minds. It gave me goosebumps. John would be theirs...finally!

I think part of what made this experience so real for me was realizing that if *heaven forbid* anything should happen to my parents, Eric and I have agreed to become John's legal guardians. As my parents answered the list of questions affirming their desire to adopt John, a huge sense of responsibility washed over me as well. John isn't just a part of my mom and dad's nuclear family, he's also very much a part of ours.

In less than ten minutes John Linnertz became John Joseph Feldt. Hooray!! And in true Feldt family style we celebrated with an afternoon of barbecuing and playing in the sunshine.

Evelyn likes when I swing with her, haha. 

Evelyn and John loooove to swing!

My little brother insisted on making kabobs. There was so much food at the end of the day it was unbelievable. I think I ate pork steaks for my next three meals, haha.

Several family members gathered with us that afternoon in honor of this special day. (Why I don't have pictures of everyone is beyond me, haha.) But it truly was a beautiful day in so many respects. The weather was gorgeous, the food was delicious, and oh yeah...this kid...he's all ours. 

No more visits from caseworkers. No more lawyers. No more red tape. Mom, has all of that hit you yet? Haha. We love you John John!


Anonymous said...

Congratulalations to you & your family on officially having Jon as your brother. You sure have a wonderful family.

Greg & Joan

Pettijohn said...

Congrats guys!

Kim Luke said...

Wow what an amazing day!!! Congratulations to your family!!! That is one lucky little boy!!!!

Meagan said...

Congratulations on making it official!! He is a very lucky little boy to be part of such a great family that loves him so much!!

Sarah said...

Your parents are truly amazing!!! You know my heart has always been a big fan of adoption!! John John is a VERY lucky little boy to be so loved. Congratulations!!!!

Happy tears :)

Anonymous said...

Wow what your parents did is so amazing, congratulations, I wish you all a lot of happiness.

Joy said...

Praise God! Thanks for sharing all pictures and the story behind them. What a blessing your family is to so many and what a blessing they are for John! : )


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