Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our awkwardly wonderful love story....

Today is April 6th. Sigh. This day probably doesn't mean a lot to most of you, but for our little family it marks the very very beginning of it all. I've shared wedding memories and honeymoon photos, and I've even shared the birth stories of our two beautiful baby girls all on this little corner of the internet. But I don't believe I have shared with you all just how Eric and I fell into "like" and then into loooove. :) I'm not even sure that Eric is aware of this entire story from my perspective. might learn something today, honey!

It all began nine years ago, today....

Well, it was a little before that, but whose counting? :) Eric became a member of our church when he was in the 7th grade and I was a freshman in high school. Our youth group was an incredibly close bunch, but honestly I didn't pay much attention to him those first couple of years. We didn't even go to the same school...and besides, I was too busy crushing on Lance Bass from N'Sync at the time. Haha.

Sorry, darling. I had to dig for these! (Don't shoot!)

But then...well...Eric became a member of a christian rock band. Yes. Go ahead and get your giggles out now. I'm waiting. :) My dear husband played bass and did a little singing for "Likewise," a too-cool-for-school band singing songs for Jesus. And because we were young, and because we didn't know better, a few of my girlfriends and I oogled over these young men and became the christian equivalent of groupies. It's true - we didn't miss a single show...I even *cough cough* called in sick a few times at my totally awesome Pizza Hut job so that I could sing and dance around with all of my friends.

And in true teenage fashion, we decided that each of us should pick one of the guys to cheer for the most at their concerts. As we sat in our church basement tie-dying t-shirts for the Likewise CD release show, we began to divvy up names of who would be assigned to each of the band members. I shocked even myself when I shouted out, "I want Eric!" No one argued. Eric was mine.

The Likewise "groupies" hehehe...don't ya love all the curled bangs?

So I hooted and hollered and did my civic duty like an NSO girl for her soldier of the evening. And that night left a little bit of an impression on me. I don't think you can cheer for someone for two hours and then not think about them a little bit later. :) Suddenly, I realized I had a school girl crush on this geeky kid (who was now a freshman in high school himself.)

There were many more shows, and there were many attempts to catch my heartthrob's attention. I put myself out there over and over again...and Eric...well, he was Eric, same as always. He didn't have a clue! Even after one day at school when I asked him to be my boyfriend for the day. I made him hold my hand and walk me around the building. Still - clueless.

One night when Likewise played a show at the Teen Center (haha) Eric's older brother Denny (who happens to be my age) showed up to listen to his baby brother play. I marched right up to Denny that night and said, "I'm going to marry your brother some day!" Denny laughed. That was on April 5, 2002. Little did I know that earlier that day, a few of my friends let it slip to Eric that I big-time liked him.

Signing autographs. :)

The very next night I was scheduled to work the closing shift at Pizza Hut. As I stood over the make-table of pepperoni and provolone cheese my stomach began to cramp. Big time. Like in a way only a woman can truly appreciate. And I could barely stand upright, much less make a pizza. Those cramps were sent from above, I tell you.

I asked to go home where I planned to spend the rest of the evening popping pills and lying down. Only, after I got home I swear the pain just stopped. Like...nothing. What was I going to do? Go back to work? Heck no! And it wasn't thirty minutes after these magic cramps dissipated that the phone rang. It was my friend Daniel (drummer for Likewise) asking if I wanted to come over to his house and watch movies with some of our friends. Why, yes, of course I did! He might be there.

Oh yes, he was there. I was the last one to arrive. Eric sat on the couch with his american flag converse high-tops propped up on a table in front of him. I didn't dare take the seat beside him. He might think I like him! The boy didn't have to think I liked him, he knew I liked him. I was the only oblivious schmo in the whole room. But I wouldn't be oblivious for long.

The object of my affection. 

I took a seat adjacent to his, while my friend Meagan sat right next to him. Through the entire movie I could hear them whispering back and forth. They thought I couldn't hear them. Pretty sure to this day Eric is unaware that I could hear them...bahaha...but I heard every word. As I sat facing the television, not moving a muscle, I heard them saying:

Eric: Are you sure?
Meagan: Yes, I am positive.
Eric: So you think I should do it?
Meagan: Yes! You should do it!
Eric: So, she really likes me?
Meagan: I'm telling you - she really, really likes you.

This went on for over an hour. By the time the credits were rolling I was a nervous wreck! Yes, I liked him...I practically idolized him...but I didn't think this day would ever come. What would I say? What would I do?

At some point we had decided that Meagan was going to be spending the night at my house after this awkward evening, and once everyone decided to call it a night Eric approached me. "Can Daniel and I walk you guys home?" To which I squeaked out a little, "Sure."

Dating...:) Praise the Lord we have better cameras!

And as we walked along on that chilly April 6th night I kept wondering when or if Eric was going to ask me to be his girlfriend. Then suddenly there was a break in the conversation. Eric inquired if he could "ask me a question." And, I kid you not, Daniel and Meagan took off running. I wish this scene could have been filmed for my own entertainment these nine years later. I think my heart was beating in my throat. And finally he asked...

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

And silly little hard-to-get me...knowing all along that this was coming...said, "Okaaay."

Which left Eric a little bewildered. "Okay as in, yes, or....?"

I smiled. "Okay as in yes!"

Queue the triumphant "Hallelujah!" chorus. Eric took my hand and walked me the rest of the way home. And when he tried to kiss my cheek as he left me on my doorstep...I stepped away, because I didn't want him to think I was fast or something. (Not joking.) Meagan met back up with me, and we giggled and talked all night long like two high school girls should.

This picture was taken nowhere near April 6, 2002. In fact, I think this was in 2006, haha. But there are very few pictures of us together while we were just dating. :)

April 6th. It was a goofy, giggly, nerve-wracking, totally high school kind of night. I wouldn't change it for the world. It was the night that Eric and I decided we should try out the whole relationship thing. I'd say things have worked out pretty well for us. :) I cannot, however, say the same for Likewise. Unfortunately the group eventually disbanded, leaving some really cheesy recordings and one lasting relationship in it's wake.

Who knows what would have happened had those mysterious cramps not crept up on me that night. Would Eric have ever gotten up the courage to ask me out any other time? I don't know. But I know one thing: those cramps were meant to be. Thank you, cramps. I still hate your pain...but you do eventually produce happy results in my life. :)

So happy it's-not-our-real-anniversary-but-we're-still-madly-in-love-so-we're-going-to-celebrate April 6th to my man! My main squeeze. The hubs. Going strong since 2002! Haha.

Buh-duh! Buh-duh! This goes to our generation!
Buh-duh! Buh-duh! All the losers and the freaks!
Buh-duh! Buh-duh! We have a common destination!
Buh-duh! Buh-duh! For it's heaven that we seek....

Sorry, Eric. This song was in my head the entire time I wrote this.... :D


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary for your special memory!!

Your Father-in-Law

Meagan said...

You guys are so stinkin cute!! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Aw...Kimberly was so little then waiting patiently for Eric to sell her a CD!!!! LOL When did grow up????

Pettijohn said...

That is to cute!

Mr. and Mrs. W +1 said...

awww what a cute story!

Heather Rahn said...

Oh my too are just way too cute.

Cassie said...

Too cute. YAY!! PS Totally remember Eric wearing that Turtles shirt ALL the time in high school. lol.

Anonymous said...

hahaha this story was awesome! I love the pics including the curled bangs. Good memories way back when during the Likewise days! lol


Anonymous said...

PS-you should totally put those pics on facebook ;) haha

Adrien said...

Hehehe...I'm so glad you all think this is cute, because it's totally embarrassing! But you can't fudge the truth, right? :)

I also love that this brings back memories for so many of my friends both here and on facebook. Likewise reunion tour, anyone? Bahaha...

Sarah said...

Awww, love it!! You two are sooo caaute!! I miss the butterfly stage :)

Tim Byrnes said...

Great story! I still have my "SECURITY" shirt from those concerts. Had to make sure that the groupies didnt get outta control! (C;


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