Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stormy Tuesday

"There's a storm blowin' up - a whopper, to speak in the vernacular of the peasantry." 

Name that movie!

I will never forget sitting in Eric's house one evening early in our relationship when the skies suddenly darkened and the winds began to howl. As a product of my upbringing I kept looking outside and carefully monitoring the storm's progress. Soon hail began to pelt the windows and it wasn't long before sirens were going off and I was grabbing Eric's hand to go into the basement.

Eric looked at me like I had two heads. "The sirens are going off, aren't we going to go downstairs?" I glanced around and noticed that Eric's dad was sitting in a lazy boy watching something on TV that did not resemble the weather channel in any way shape or form. Eric's mom was in the kitchen casually loading the dishwasher. Meanwhile trees are beginning to bend in half and I'm internally freaking out, because we're still above ground. What the heck is wrong with these people, I thought. 

"It's fine," Eric said. "Wanna watch a movie?"

This whole scene totally rocked my world that day. I grew up in a home where, if there was even the tiniest threat of a storm, every television in the house was flipped onto the news and nothing else was discussed except the certain impending doom we were soon about to face. My dad, weatherman reporter, would spend hours going outside and coming back in to give us his latest reports and assessments. Nearby relatives would file into our house and bunker down in our basement routinely. In other words, storms were a huge stinkin deal in our household. Apparently this wasn't so with the Roberts. Apparently storms were no big deal at all.

And so we didn't go into the basement that evening. And we all, miraculously, survived. While I would never ever ever tell anyone to avoid seeking shelter in a bad storm, I learned something that day - that I cannot control the weather and there's no use freaking out over it. From that day on I loved thunderstorms, and in my own mind, my family's storm-watch routine became totally endearing and much less Chicken Little-esque. 

Well...yesterday was Tuesday - daddyless Tuesday. And we were at my parent's house. And the weatherman said that storms were a comin'. :)

Lots of blurry phone pictures ahead!

The air was electric yesterday afternoon, and I think the kids must've felt it in their bones, because they were loving the opportunity to burn off energy and run around in the wind. We busted out a brand new genuine bubble lawn-mower for Evelyn and she and John mowed everything from grass to rocks to pavement all afternoon.

 The mowers were abandoned for a swing break. :)

Eventually we had to come inside for dinner, and because we had been hearing all day that we were going to get slammed with bad weather, we assumed that we were in for the night. The kids started going a bit stir crazy...

...and so when it was turning dusk and the storms still hadn't arrived we took our behinds back outside and mowed some more.

Suddenly the wind turned colder and helicopters were raining down from my parent's maple tree. It was Feldt family storm-watch time. John decided in that moment that it would be a good idea to hop in the back of the truck by himself.

This is what Gracie thought about that:

We filed the littles indoors and switched on the news. While the kids enjoyed a little jello cup snack my dad began his inside/outside routine. I giggled. :) I love my family!

I was able to capture two very flattering pictures of the kids eating jello.

Haha. Throughout the evening we were glued to the news, had some more snacks (man we like to eat!) and eventually knew that the pinnacle of our bad weather monitoring had been reached when my aunt and uncle Brenda and Charlie pulled up with my cousin Ashley. The extended family had arrived. This meant business.

The sirens began their circulating whine and my dad came in to inform us so. In true Feldt-family fashion everyone jumped up and began shuffling down the stairs. I was a little out of practice and stepped outside with a baby in my arms before I remembered where I was. Oh's my family! Basement time. It was kind of fun giving two-cents worth of care over the weather again. :) I am beginning to wonder if my lovely family doesn't just enjoy a good excuse for some dramatic action. Family? What say you? 

So we chilled out below decks. I fed Grace in my (taller) little brother's basement bedroom (scary! haha) and while I was watching some fish in their tank swim lazily around, the lights began to flicker. Aw, shoot...this could be bad. Luckily the power never went all the way out, and my mom rescued me with a just-in-case strawberry rhubarb votive candle, but had the power completely gone kaput I could have been bummin in the pitch dark with a baby in my arms. 

Instead, I finished up her feeding and plopped her on the pool table. Haha.

It began to quiet down so we all moseyed back upstairs where we learned that the trampoline had hopped the fence (again) and was overturned in the public school's field. The last time that happened was on our wedding night and the trampoline smashed into a school window. Needless to say my parent's fence is now a little more battered and bruised and the trampoline, well...RIP, old friend. 

The storms passed as I knew they would, Eric eventually made it home from school, and we all loaded up in the car and went to sleep peacefully in our own beds. family is currently sleeping peacefully. I am blogging. But I am getting desperate to join them, so I need to wrap this one up!

So we had a little bit of excitement on this particular daddyless Tuesday. We were able to hang out with several of our family members, eat yummy food, and even finalize plans for Easter as we all sat in a room full of pinball machines - a productive evening, if you ask me. Now I am WHOOPED and I don't think this mama can handle any more excitement this week, haha. Once again, at the end of what could have been a miserable boring day without my husband, I am left feeling so thankful for family. I love them dearly. And I'm glad we didn't get blown away. :) head and my pillow are scheduled for a dreamy sort of date. Peace. Out.


Kim Luke said...

You are very lucky to have family so close!! We have NO family in Waterloo so it's a good thing Dane is always home during the storms because I would probably freak out! lol

do your lawnmowers actually blow bubbles?? Landon got that mower for his birthday last year, and my nephew got one too for his, and neither of them blow bubbles. but the kids still love them.. just curious!

That jello has be craving fresh fruit jello.. mmmm!!!!

ps. the movie is the wizard of oz.. i think?

Mr. and Mrs. W +1 said...

My family does the exact same thing with storms. When we knew there was a big one coming all the flashlights and candles in the house were pulled out and lined up. The generator was filled with gas and we would wait for the sky to turn green and wind to blow hard and then head down to the basement. My mom is a bit over cautious, but better safe than sorry, right? :)

Adrien said...

Kim - yep, they do! But when it's windy the bubbles pop as soon as they are made, so we took the bubble solution out.

And yes, let it be known that the Robert family fully endorses the better safe than sorry mantra, hehe. Do as we say, not as we do. :)

Joyce said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my storm, we have beautiful weather here, I hate storm, last summer we have had a terrible storm and I was scared

How is the weather now?

Adrien said...

Our weather is calm at the moment, but in our area of the country we get storms like that all the time in the Spring and Fall...sometimes in the Summer, too! I guess we just get used to it after a while! :)

I'll trade weather with you, haha!


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