Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Very Merry Unbirthday to Grace!

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Grace!

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I can't believe my baby girl is six months old today! Fun fact: Did you know that 1/2 birthdays aren't necessarily six months from your birthday? I didn't, until I looked up this half birthday calculator. But for my darling Gracie today is her six month milestone AND her half birthday. How very sweet and perfect, just like her. :)

These past six months have flown, and I think it's actually kind of crazy that Grace's entire life has been documented on the internet thus far. Many of you have been with us through it all. 

From this:

To this:

To precious little this:

And we're not done yet!

About two weeks ago I discovered a video from Grace's birth that I didn't even know existed. I was well aware of the video camera propped up on a shelf behind my head while I was in labor, but I had no idea that Eric had set his phone camera to record on a nearby table as we got ready to welcome Grace into the world. 

I stayed up much too late watching that video, listening to the chatter between us and the nurses and my doctor. I held my breath waiting to hear those first cries. I got goosebumps when her tiny little body flashed by in front of the camera. It was totally surreal reliving those moments over again. I highly encourage anyone and everyone to videotape their deliveries. Seriously. Even if you don't show anything at all but a hospital wall, the audio alone is worth it. (For the record, we never ever show the actual birth stuff up close and personal, haha. That's a little too much for me!)

Had it not been for that video, I would have totally forgotten how Dr. Matuszek said over and over again, "Look at those eyelashes!" or how everyone joked that my nurse and I could have been sisters. I would have no memory of how everyone in the room went on and on about how perfectly round Grace's head was and how there's no way I'd be smiling and posing for the camera just minutes after giving birth if I hadn't had an epidural. :)

Our baby Grace has the sweetest personality and the most beautiful smile. (Which is so hard to catch on camera! As soon as the lens is in her face she instantly goes into blank stare mode, haha.) She is a little treasure, and I couldn't imagine our family without her. 

I haven't shared this with many people, because it's not something I was terribly proud of at the time...but I feel like I'm far enough removed from the situation now to open up a little. When I found out we were expecting baby #2, I cried. Bawled my eyes out. And not because I was totally overjoyed.

I had an eight month old baby at home whom I was still breastfeeding. The memory of three months of morning all day sickness was still very very fresh in my mind, as well as the weeks of healing post-partum. We were planning a family vacation which I thought I would now be miserable for. Evelyn still wasn't sleeping through the night for crying out loud. I wasn't ready. This wasn't the plan. We were supposed to wait until Evelyn was two and then try again. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. What in the world would I do with two babies??

I mentally set myself up to face the worst. And I didn't want to have to live with the fact that my precious little baby's beginnings in my mind were tarnished with all of these bad feelings. So I embraced our pregnancy full force and psyched myself up for life as a mom of two. I waited for the morning sickness to come. And I waited...and waited...and it never came. I expected to gain a million pounds like I did with Evelyn...and it never happened. Then I waited for sleepless nights in the third trimester where Tylenol PM and I would be best buds...and guess what? I slept like a dream the entire time. Gracie was the easiest pregnancy ever.

Grace proceeded to be the easiest newborn. She slept through the night from day one. She never had belly issues from the food that I ate. She was generally quiet, and a snuggly buggly mama's girl. She was a gift...a gift to a young mom who thought her whole world was going to be flipped upside down with this new addition. It wasn't. Grace fit into our family like she fit into the crook of my arm - absolutely perfectly. 

Any feelings of guilt I had about not having enough time with my first baby completely dissipated the moment I saw those two together. Evelyn never had issues adjusting to her baby sister. And Grace has always shown a great interest in her big sissy. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again; no one makes Gracie laugh like Evelyn can. I absolutely love that.

I believe that every life has a purpose, and the best laid plans don't always work out in God's timetable. There is a reason that Grace was given to us when she was and not any later. I can't even imagine if our "plans" had worked out. I wouldn't even be pregnant yet had we decided to wait until Evie was two to start trying again. It actually scares me to think that our plans would have had us missing out on so much joy that we've experienced these past six months. I think we need to stop planning so much. :)

I love this girl in deeper and greater ways than I could have ever imagined. And I totally want to pinch those chubby widdle Cabbage Patch cheeks! Thank you Lord for our Gracie girl. And a Happy 1/2 birthday to her! 

See Grace's first slideshow and entire birth story here. :)


Cassie said...

Awwww, tears! YAY!
Finding out about that second one is scary. Planned or not. It's like wow-wee can I do this?! You are a Mommy I look up to and you reassure me that yes, I CAN do this and it WILL be easy!!

Heather Rahn said...

Best post ever. Absolutely adorable. Happy Half Birthday Grace!!

Pettijohn said...

I agree with Heather best post yet and Happy Half Birthday Gracie!

Sarah said...

Awww Gracie Girl, Happy Half Birthday!! I still remember the youtube video you shared when you announced her name was even going to be Grace!! TEARS :)

PS!! You can take Tylenol PM preggo??? I would do anything for a good nights sleep!!

Adrien said...

Yes, you can Sarah. Of course ask your own doctor, but I took it religiously my third trimester with Evelyn. :)


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