Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Would You Rather Wednesday Part Three!

We had a very lovely day yesterday, and I had a nice little blog post planned for today...but I'm saving it. :) We have three more weeks of Eric-less Tuesdays before he gets a break. Then we get to start all over again when his summer class begins. I've been informed that, for the most part, we're flying solo on Tuesdays from now until forever. Haha. Or at least until the end of the year. Truthfully it hasn't been that bad at all thanks to family keeping us busy!

So I'm falling back on the classic "Would you Rather?" Wednesday today. And, oh my goodness, I must interrupt regularly scheduled programming to inform you that my daughters are currently in bed cuddling and giggling, and it is by far the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life. Gah! Can't...stop...the cuteness!

Alrighty. Without further ado....

Would you rather...
Be homeless for a year OR Be in jail for a year?

Would you rather...
Be a deep sea diver OR Be an astronaut?

Would you rather...
Live in a glass house OR Be a hermit in a cabin in the woods?

Would you rather...
Time-travel to the past OR Time-travel to the future?

Would you rather...
Have the power of invisibility OR Have the ability to read minds?

Would you rather....
Jump in a pool of marshmallows OR Jump in a pool of jello? :)

Would you rather...
Never know what time it is OR Never know what day it is?

Would you rather...
Never be able to use the internet OR Never use modern transportation?

Would you rather...
Build a brand new home OR Renovate a home with history?

~*~My answers~*~
(Some of these were tough!)

-I would be homeless
-I would be a deep sea diver (though both options give me the heebs)
-I'd be a hermit
-Time travel to the past, please. I'd prefer not to know the future anyway, haha.
-I would have the power of invisibility. I've seen "What Women Want." I think mind reading would drive me nuts. 
-I'd jump in jello. Sounds funner. :)
-Hmm...I think I'd rather never know what time it is. But that's a tough one. 
-I'm honestly still thinking about the internet vs. modern transportation. It's making my brain hurt. Maybe some of your answers can sway me! (I think the answer would be easy if I lived within walking distance to my favorite stores, haha.)
-I'd prefer to build a brand new home. 

What about you?

Happy, happy Wednesday!!


Heather Rahn said...

*Be in jail. I don't do freezing temps too well.
*Deep sea diver.
*Glass house. Again, no living outdoors for this girl.
*Time travel to the past. And change LOTS of things.
*Power of invisibility. I could do SO much!
*Pool of jello. But only if it's strawberry.
*Never know what time it is. I have to know when the weekend starts.
*Hmmm...I guess I'd choose...hmmmm...transportation. I could buy a horse.
*Totally renovate an old house with history. That's one of my dreams.

Kim Luke said...

Be in jail for a year (Cahokia jail serves McDonalds to their imates everyday! lol)
a deep sea diver,
Live in a glass house,
Time-travel to the future.. (I never want to relive some things in my past!!)
Have the power of invisibility,
Jump in a pool of jello
Never know what day it is (I never know this now! haha)
Never use modern transportation (I'm with Heather, saddle up!)
Build a brand new home (only because my most favorite thing about my NEW house, is its only ever been ours, and only our memoires are inside!!!!)

Love these! You should do these every Wednesday!! :)

Cassie said...

Homeless - at least I can still see people. Jail just doesn't seem fun at all.
Astronaut, hands down!!
Hermit - I like being naked WAY to much. Baha. TMI. lol.
Past - a few things I would change.
Invisibility. Ha I thought of 'What Women Want' right away and that scene where he is walking down the street and can hear all the womans thoughts. hahaha - no thanks!!
Time - PTL for the sun.
That is a toughie!! I would say internet, I still have my phone and all that jazz right?
Brand new home - everything JUST the way I want it!!

Emily said...

Homeless-- I could still travel!

Deep sea diver-- maybe I could discover a new species of fish or other sea creature

Cabin in the woods-- my parents live in one anyway

Time travel to the past-- not MY past, the past where I get to meet famous people and people in my family who I've always wanted to meet, but died before I was born

Read minds-- then I wouldn't have to pry honest opinions out of people

Jello-- seems softer, but it has to be a flavor I like

Never know the time-- there would still be the sun

Never use modern transportation-- trains are a less modern way of travel, too (I'm not talking the fast ones)... I'd also get a horse

Renovate a home with history-- I LOVE old houses!!

Pettijohn said...

Deep Sea Diver
Jail-cause then I would at least get fed something
Hermit in a cabin
Time travel to the future- I never want to go back to my past
Read Minds- I am noisy
Pool of Jello
Neverknow what time it is
No internet
Renovate a house with history
I also loves these!!! Keep them up.

Adrien said...

I'm loving your answers and the reasons for them, haha. I think you're all swaying me towards going without modern transportation. I'd get a horse and buggy and rock it out. Although if the rest of the world is still driving cars I'd be "that weird horse and buggy lady." :)

I would totally do these more often, but they are so hard to come up with! I get some of them online, but most are totally gross or just dumb...if you ever think of a good one let me know and message or email me, haha.

Sarah said...

Homeless. Unless I was in Cahokia eating Mickey D's with Kim!!

Deep Sea Diver. Saw a clip on Apollo 13 the other day. No thanks.

Hermit. That sounds lovely!

Past. Boy oh boy if I knew then what I knew now!

Invisible for sure!

Marshmallows. I would eat the jello!!

Never know what time it is. My clocks are all off anyways.

Modern transportation. I wouldn't pass half my classes without the internet!

Build a brand new home! Been there, done that with rennovation. It sucks!!

Meagan said...

Jail, at least I would be inside during the crappy weather!!


Glass house, that's why the make curtains & blinds! :)

Definitely go back to the past so I could make some changes!

Invisible, I would go crazy if I could read people's minds all day!! Plus the constant noise would drive me insane!!

Marshmallows...I have a feeling the jello would be a little....weird and I'm thinking the marshmallows would feel like being on the clouds!

Hmmm....I would have to go with time.

Modern transportation...I would be committed to the looney bin if I didn't have the internet!!

Build a new home....I can't wait when the day actually comes for this to happen!! I agree with Sarah...been there done that with the renovating and I'm tired of it!!

Kathy said...

jail-you could spread the gospel to all the inmates (and still have a meal to eat and a bed to sleep in)

deep sea diver-i've always wanted to live "under the sea" as sebastian says....

cabin-secluded and cozy? what's wrong with that

past-i like not knowing what's going to happen next. and i have a bad memory so seeing things from the past would help

invisible-so much more fun!!!


not know time-i know what time it is, give or take a little, based on the sun

internet-i love my car way too much. and it's kinda impractical any other way

build a new home :)


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