Friday, May 20, 2011

Confession Friday 5-20!

Our green bean baby! Gracie LOVES food...just like her mama.

I confess that, despite doing dishes every single day, there are never enough forks in our house.

I confess that it inflates my ego every time Evelyn calls the Ken and Barbie characters on Toy Story "mommy and daddy." Haha.

I confess that one of the hardest decisions I have to make every day is what in the world we're going to have for lunch.

I confess that I have to get a crown on my tooth tomorrow, and I'm annoyed not because I have to sit in the dentist's chair and get a shot in my mouth, but because I'm going to have to get dressed early on a Saturday.

I confess that we have tickets to see our favorite band EVER this Sunday, and I don't think I can go. I'm so sad and torn, but I don't think I can be away from Gracie for half a day to make the trip. My girl has to eat, after all. :(

Evelyn wants to be an interior designer. Baby wipe art is all the rage.

I confess that Evelyn has locked herself in our room so many times this week, she thinks screwdrivers are called "mommy's keys."

I confess that I have NEVER taken either of my girls to get their pictures professionally done. Ever. Unless you count their birth photos, which would have happened regardless. :)

I confess that I love how Evelyn talks back to the TV these days. If one of her cartoon buddies is in peril she'll say, "Oh, nooo Mickey Mouse!"

I confess that I also love how Evelyn chooses the most obscure characters from her favorite shows and movies to like best. Bullseye is her favorite Toy Story character ("I wanna watch Buuullseye") and Goofy is her favorite Disney pal.

I confess that I made banana bread again this week and ate it less than two days.

I confess that my heart did a flip flop when I saw that Andrea, a blogger who is not even from our area, made a donation for our friend Tyler! Andrea, thank you sooo much! I think it is awesome that you would give to someone you don't even know. :)

Just to update everyone: Tyler had another surgery yesterday on his leg. He is still in very good spirits! So if you want to, feel free to stop in and see him...he loooves visitors.

And if you can't make it to see him personally, please consider giving to Tyler, if you can! We are still far from our goal. :( In total, from online and personally handed donations, we have about $350. We're $450 away from purchasing his gift!

I confess that I'm a little afraid Eric and I are going to be shelling out a lot of cash we don't have for Tyler's iPad, baha. And we'll do it with love. :D

I hope you all have a great weekend. We're going to try to make this one a little better than the last one! Happy Friday!


Kim Luke said...

I confess that Evelyn and Landons age is so far the best. I seriously love holding a "conversation" with our almost 2 year olds!!!

Cassie said...

YAY my kid isn't the only one obsessed with wipes. bahaha, Stella LOVES wipes. Too funny. her and Evie could have quite the business.

AHHH yes!! I confess that yes, PTL people are writing checks for Tyler's ipad. THANK YOU!! I know it's 2011 and everyone pays online but I HATE putting my cc info out there, especially on FB. So I am putting a check in the mail to you guys! Can you FB me your address?!?

Heather Rahn said...

I confess that last night I was secretly pleased when Czarr was gone and I could take the dog hair/mud/grass/whatever else covered blankets off of my couches and see the beautiful furniture I paid so much money for. Bad mom!

I confess that I made a trip to McDonalds for breakfast this morning. So much for the diet this week. Might as well give up!

Adrien said...

Haha, you're not a bad mom, Heather, I'd probably be thinking the same thing!

Kim - I agree! I love finally getting to hear their thoughts - hilarious!

I'm sending you a PM on facebook, Cassie. :)

Meagan said...

I confess that the Internet keeps getting unconnected every single time I try to comment on someone's post & I'm about ready to throw the laptop across the room...maybe it's a sign that I need to actually get some stuff done!!

I confess that I almost bit Ryan's head off when he mentioned that we didn't need to get Burger King while at the airport because it's probably more expensive, I get BK every single time I go the airport AND it will be lunch time while we are there, the baby is going to need to eat!!

Anonymous said...

I confess that..... I don't have much to give for the Tyler fund, but I want to give a little. I also confess that I would rather send you a check in the mail. But we are not FB friends. We can become FB friends and you can Message me your address and I can send a check to ya. Is that okay?

P.s. I got to JcPenny's to get my daughters pictures done. She is only a year and we have been there 4 times now. lol They are great and you can get millions of coupons all-the-time. $3.99 a sheet, NO one can beat that. And if you pay a one time fee of like $19.99 you get free sitting fees all-the-time and for however many people, when normally a one person sitting fee is $9.99- hello- why wouldn't you do it?


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