Friday, May 27, 2011

Confession Friday 5-27!

For everyone who has been inquiring lately if Evelyn was as chunky as Grace...

Yes. She was. :)

I confess that I tuned in to Oprah's last show yesterday...and I was really bored. Sorry, Sarah, I know this is blasphemy. :) I will say that I really liked her sparkly bracelet, though.

I confess that the hubs and I are about to duck and hide from Dave Ramsey so we can splurge on a father's day/birthday gift for Eric. We'll see if we're able to hold our breath for two seconds and actually BUY SOMETHING. We've already wavered on talking ourselves out of it, haha.

I confess that I am so proud of Eric for winning his weight loss contest at work this week! Woot! You have more will power than me, my friend.

I confess that Tyler's friends totally rocked it out and put us OVER THE GOAL for his special gift, and donations are still coming. I am ridiculously excited to surprise him tomorrow. If all goes as planned, you'll be seeing his reaction right here on Monday!

I confess that my children don't bathe sometimes for three days in a row. They don't get that dirty, what can I say?

I confess that our dentist double charged us on a bill the other day, and we weren't exactly thrilled when they didn't jump to rectify the situation. Eric had a few words with them. He picked up a refund check on his way home from work that day. :)

Grace learned to pull herself up in the crib this week....

Evelyn crawled in the crib and begged me to put Gracie in with her. I wash SHOCKED when my little baby reached up and peeked over the rails. 

She was pretty proud of herself. :)

I confess that Eric and I made a quick run to Walmart last night to get a few essentials. We came home with chips, cookies, and chicken nuggets. Eric has been deprived for months.

I confess that I'm pretty sure I gave my neighbor a peep show this week. That'll teach him to look through my open windows! Baha.

I confess that I have been craving McDonald's sweet tea like no other for DAYS and I still haven't gotten any. I could go get some...but that requires getting two babies ready and loaded into the car...for a beverage. No thanks. Does anyone know if they still sell that nectar by the gallon? :)

I confess that I wish gift registries existed for everything, including birthdays and anniversaries. Some people call that tacky; I call it convenient.

I confess that I haven't had my hair colored since January, and I look like a grease head even when my hair is perfectly clean. Annoying.

I confess that I've been scarfing down food lately like it's going out of style. I don't think any of it actually hits my stomach. I don't know what the heck is wrong with me, but I've gotta run. My belly is growling! :)

This weekend has the potential to be really awesome. I hope it lives up to the hype! Happy Friday!


Kim Luke said...

A friend of mine did a gift registry for her daughter for the first 6 years of her life at wal-mart.. she always put on the invites that you aren't obgliated to buy what is on the registry, its just for those who need the help! GREAT idea I thought. And she said her daughter loved going through the store and picking out what she wanted. I think Landon would have trouble with that because he isn't getting what he wanted lol

I confess Landon got a temporary tattoo at the grizzlies game last Friday, and I finally scrubed the rest of it off last night. He loved showing it to people, even if it was only a few black dots left. lol

Kim Luke said...

ps. Arby's sweet tea is MUCH better than Mickey D's, and they sell theirs in gallons :)

Adrien said...

Ooh, forgot about Arby's! Might have to pick some up. :) I didn't know people actually did registrations for birthdays! That would be so helpful...I'm always lost on what to get, because I don't know what most kids already have! (Which nowadays is pretty much everything, haha.)

Cassie said...

Ha don't worry Stella sometimes goes a few days without bathing too. AND sometimes wears the same clothes twice. I'm like ahhh, these aren't dirty. Sometimes I even febreeze them. Bahaha. Oh well. She doesn't know.

C.Pettijohn said...

Wyatt goes a week sometimes without a bath. I smell him and if he is good then I am not taking the time to do it.
I confess I forgot to shave my leges before the doctor app. for the baby. Oh well I am sure he has seen it before and when you have a baby belly in front its hell sometimes to reach. TMI I know.

Sarah said...

As you found it boring, I found it fascinating & cried like a baby lol. Her bracelet was rather gorgeous!!

And...I hate to burst your bubble but once you have a little Eric running around the house you will end up giving him a bath up to three times a day. Little boys attract dirt :)

Anonymous said...

This is Angeline! has gift lists you can make for any occasion, and you can even add items from other websites--it doesn't have to be solely amazon.

Mirella said...

Whaaa what a great pictures, the first one is amazing oh I love it!
Your girls are so beautiful, I wish I lived in your neighborhood then I could make pretty pictures from you an your lovely family.



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