Friday, May 6, 2011

Confession Friday 5-6!

I couldn't find Evelyn anywhere yesterday. I looked all around and called out her name, and she was nowhere to be found. Finally, I walked into her room and found her relaxing in Grace's crib!

Look at this face:

I still have no clue how she got in there!

*For those who have been asking, the Photo FAQ page is up!

I confess that while having an internal debate over whether or not a certain pair of flip flops make my feet smell, I took my eyes off of Gracie, and she rolled right off of our bed. Poor thing. Her mother is not the brightest crayon in the box.

I confess that I baked a chocolate cake late on Monday night and I polished it off yesterday. By myself. I ate the whole thing. There was no need for plates...just me, my fork, and a giant slab of devil's food.

I confess that the thing I'm looking forward to the most about this Mother's Day weekend is that I don't have to cook AT ALL. Yay for being a mom! Haha.

I confess that I just picked my nose and checked to make sure Eric wasn't looking. Cat's out of the bag now.

I confess that I am really struggling with what to get Evelyn for her 2nd birthday. I keep thinking that I know and then I change my mind. What would YOU get a two year old girl for her birthday? It's driving me bonkers.

I confess that after placing an order for Evelyn's party favors last week, I've decided we're having a bigger party after all. I couldn't resist! And it's all because I had to order favors by the dozen. If we only invited family then there would be two boys at the party, and seriously, what would I do with ten extra pirate masks? ;)

Evelyn strikes again! What up, homey?

I confess that my children are terrified of the vacuum cleaner, so guess whose floors are rarely vacuumed these days? It drives me crazy, but so does two screaming babies. I have resorted to using a LINT ROLLER to get the junk out of my carpet. Don't judge. :)

I confess that I was extremely annoyed when my facebook page started lighting up this week with people who were upset that others were rejoicing over Osama Bin Laden's death. I could say A LOT on this topic, but I won't. ;)

I confess that I watched Evelyn tinkle on the carpet today and I wasn't phased at all. She walked away...I shook my head...and life went on.

I confess that I definitely deleted a confession after sleeping on it, because it's just too much information for this G rated blog. However, it might pop up on someone else's confession friday today. Hahaha.

I confess that I love these girls sooo much! Not much of a confession when you probably knew that already, eh? 

I would like to wish ALL mothers a very Happy Mother's Day this weekend! As Heather pointed out this week, women truly become mothers the moment they find out they are expecting...well before that baby is ever placed in their arms. So for all of you ladies who never got to meet your baby face to face, this Mother's Day is yours, too. 

Love you, friends, and I hope you all have a great weekend! See ya on Monday!


Cassie said...

awww, i love love love that last picture of the girls! adorable.

yay for no cooking, enjoy, you deserve it!!

i confess that now that the weather is getting to be so great outside i want to be a SAHM!! ahhhh, I have all my bills planned out. i can do it, right?!? ugh, expect for this little thing called health insurance. drats!

Kim Luke said...

I confess that I'm jealous you had chocolate cake all week. I have a box of cake mix on the counter, I might have to make it today!!

I confess I know what confess you deleted and I think its hilarious.. I just have to know--what else could be in it for you to make this deal?? good thing Dane doesn't blog! hahaha

I confess Landon has rolled off our bed 3 times and his bed probably 75 times. haha.. he is still pretty normal, I think. ;)

Happy Mother's Day!!

Heather Rahn said...

I confess that at this very moment I am inhaling a McDonalds breakfast sandwich, tonight I will probably have chinese, and tomorrow and Sunday will be a food free for all. Diet = right out the window.

I confess that I cheered wildly when Chris Coleman was found guilty. I don't care that it makes me look hoosier. I don't care that it's not right to find happiness in other peoples misery. The man held his babies down and took their lives...I will hold a damn party if I want to!

Meagan said...

I confess that not only did we have strawberry shortcake for dessert last night, we also had couldn't decide which one it wanted more!! :)

I confess that I'm super excited about not cooking either...and I think I'm going to request that we go somewhere where I can get some fried zucchini!!

Adrien said...

Let's see...what do I get out of "the deal?" Haha. For now I'm content...ask me again in a month! :D

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad that you posted what you took out of here on Heathers blog confessions...CRACK me UP! lol
I am off to read the Photography FAQ's right now! Thank you :)
AND, Holy adorable bed/bedding that Grace has, I LOVE it!


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