Saturday, May 14, 2011

Confession Saturday!

Well, you've never seen one of these, and I hope you never will again! Oh the drama; oh the horror! Blogger went down for a day and it threw my whole schedule off. If you think I'm exaggerating...well I'm not. Haha. So back to regularly scheduled programming....

Thursday afternoon Evelyn approached me and said, "I want some chex mix, mommy." (??) We didn't have any chex mix in the house, but I promised her that we'd get some when we went grocery shopping that evening. As soon as we walked into Aldi Evelyn grabbed up that chex mix and wouldn't let go the entire time....

She's guarding it from the check out lady. :)

We caused quite the scene at the check out. You would've thought that someone was trying to steal her favorite teddy bear. Needless to say, we've been eating chex mix at every snack time for the past two days now. :)

I confess that I have been unexplainably short fused lately and anyone and everyone is fair game to spark my temper. Like blogger did just a minute ago:

I confess that I wasn't all that ticked off about blogger's tardiness yesterday until I got on here and realized that HALF of my confessions that I had typed up throughout the week were GONE. Now I can't remember what they were. Sweet mother of pearl am I steaming like a kettle! Baha, okay now I'm over it.

I confess that I am joining in the masses of those who are anxiously awaiting the opening of Tropical Sno (our local sno-cone place.) I worked at Tropical Sno for three long summers in Junior High/High School, and I have mastered the art of sno-cone sampling. Yum! HOWEVER, you do NOT want to know how much sugar is in those things! I confess that I gained ten pounds in one summer from sitting on my behind and eating icy syrup all day.

Okay, so I can't resist telling you...for your own good, I swear. :) If you want to know how much sugar is in Tropical Sno sno-cone syrup, highlight the area between the arrows. Otherwise just whistle innocently and move along. I wouldn't blame you.

>> There are four POUNDS of sugar in one gallon of Tropical Sno syrup. That's POUNDS, not cups. I could have thrown up every time we mixed flavors, watching the funnels full of sugar filling up half of the container. But still...sooo yummy. Haha. <<

Evelyn likes to dress herself.
Pajamas: check!
Easter bonnet: check!
Rain boots: check!

I confess that I am obsessed with my new Shark floor sweeper, I use it any chance I get for the smallest things, and seeing a few peices of junk on the rug in that picture is really making me want to suck up some dirt.

I confess that I order free Disney Vacation planning dvd's and watch them for fun. (I got really excited yesterday when the Disney channel used the same background music in one of their promos that is in the 2005 Disney planning dvd. And I surprised even myself that 1) I recognized it and 2) I knew exactly which year it was from, haha.)

I confess that I am planning our next baby around our first Disney trip. Baha. Kidding! A little bit. I'd prefer not to take an infant to "the world" and I'd really like to avoid being super pregnant. We plan to take our Disney World trip next perhaps we should begin trying in say...July 2012? Eric is going to smack his forehead on this one. I don't need lectures on the importance of our family over Dumbo, trust me!

I confess that I let Gracie chew on paper, because it makes her happy. And because I don't want to endure the wrath of Gracie when I take it away. I believe she ate half of a paper plate the other day. Please don't turn me in to CPS. :)

Well, what do you know? I found a picture of Grace enjoying her favorite snack. She's my billy goat baby. :)

I confess that we've been bleeding money lately for various unexpected bills and have wavered from our envelope system. GASP! But we're back on track this pay period. For real, not sticking to a budget has made me feel like we've been lying to ourselves or something.

I confess that I unplugged Eric's phone to get some pictures off of it for the zoo post the other night, and then I forgot to plug it back in. Eric's phone is his alarm clock. That's a big WHOOPS! I felt horrible.

Oh my goodness, there's just way too much to confess this week...I've gotta stop there! I could honestly keep going, but I'm beat. It's been a long time since I've blogged on a Saturday...feels like I'm coming into the office on my day off. :) We have a wedding to attend this evening, so I'd like to give a big congratulations to Chris and Sarah! Can't wait to celebrate with you guys tonight!

And I hope that everyone is having a great weekend so far. I guess I'll be seeing you soon. :)

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