Monday, May 16, 2011

Did I shave my legs for this?

Well, this weekend sucked. I have never been happier to see Monday morning. If there was an expectation, it was deflated...if there was a plan, it failed...our entire schedule was thrown off, I missed a friend's wedding, and Eric got a text message in the wee hours of Sunday morning from our friend Tyler's mom informing us that her son had just been hit by a car and was being taken to the hospital, and that the other guy hit by the same car had been killed. (Long story.) Eric left for the hospital right away, leaving me at home with the girls and waiting by the telephone for news. We didn't go to church, and we spent the afternoon at St. Anthony's. (Tyler is doing okay, by the way. He's in A LOT of pain, but still in good spirits. He told a nurse that his pain was a 10 on a scale from 1-10. She laughed, and said that was highly appropriate because when they describe the numbers to patients the nurses say, "One being mild pain and ten being as if you were hit by a car." Yes, Tyler, you deserve a ten. :) He thought that was pretty funny.)

I am not a superstitious person in the least bit, but the fact that this weekend was kicked off by a good 'ole Friday the 13th wasn't lost on me. Even Eric started getting weirded out when he hit three animals with his car in two days. I had dreams every night of tornados and fires. Seriously. Ick! Just so glad to see this weekend end.

I honestly don't want to think about it anymore, so I wont. Instead, I'm going to think back to last Thursday when I had a great day with my girls, and in the back of my head there was still the promise of a fun weekend ahead. A weekend of date nights and adult conversation and taking a break from responsibilities for a little while. Thinking back to last Thursday makes me smile. And while I never actually intended to share this as a blog's better than the alternative depressing post about getting dressed up for nothing and a friend's shattered pelvis.

We had needed to go grocery shopping for two weeks, and during that time I had come up with some pretty interesting lunch ideas for Evie and I to scrape us through until we could take a shopping trip. Last Thursday was the end of the line. There are only so many things you can do with spaghetti noodles before you lose your mind. So I busted into our Tropical Sno change jar fund and took the girls to Dairy Queen. This is a big deal. It's a big deal, because 1.) We NEVER go out to lunch and 2.) I have NEVER attempted to take both girls out to eat by myself before.

As I strapped the girls into the stroller all I could do was hope that my brother and/or his girlfriend were working the day shift at Dairy Queen. At least if my kids had a total meltdown I would feel more comfortable knowing who was behind the counter. :) The skies looked like they could open up and pour down rain at any minute as well, so as I pushed my babies up and down curbs and through the streets of Red Bud I prayed to just not get poured on.

We successfully made it without so much as a drop of rain to speak of. And as I juggled my kids through the front door of the restaurant, a huge feeling of relief rushed over me when I saw Roger AND Kayla were both working that afternoon. Hooray!

We were the very first customers of the day, and Evelyn had a lot of fun running around until more people showed up. Gracie actually did surprisingly well the whole time, and she reached a big girl milestone while we were there (sniff, sniff.) My baby girl is now big enough to sit in a restaurant high chair. No more pumpkin seats required for this little sister. Sigh.

Our first lunch date out by ourselves was a success. We ate, we packed up, and we left. I was feeling pretty darn good about myself. So good in fact, that when Evelyn began chanting "John, John! John, John! John, John!" I was happy to oblige. We made a stopover at my mom and dad's to play with Uncle John before heading home to take a nap.

I still cannot believe that Evelyn can sit in a regular swing with no problems. If there was such thing as the Baby Olympics, swinging would be an event, and Evelyn would win the gold every time. The girl can swing. (It's all I hear every single day. "I wanna swiiing...I wanna swiiing...")

By this time the sun was out in full force and the breeze was wonderful in the shade. I pushed Grace around my parent's maple tree so many times in the stroller that we left a track around the trunk.

John and the girls got a kick out of watching Grandpa till up part of the backyard for his new garden. This is where the poor trampoline used to be, before the great storms of 2011. Haha.

It was just a really, really good day. Evelyn and Grace ended this afternoon with deep, peaceful naps at home, giving me a little free time to get things done, which is my favorite time of all. We went shopping that evening as a family and restocked our naked pantry. Having food in the cupboards is probably one of the best feelings in the world, if I do say so myself. If you missed Confession Saturday this weekend, check it out. Evelyn was really loving the Chex Mix at the grocery store, haha.

We didn't move mountains or cure any diseases. We didn't take an extravagant trip or plan elaborate activities, we just enjoyed each other. Dairy Queen and a swing set...that's all it took. How I wish our entire weekend could have been so simple and fun.

Here's to hoping that this week is a great one! I need it! And Tyler, you better get well soon, cause I have a pirate mask with your name on it waiting for you at Evie's birthday party in less than four weeks! We love you Uncle Ty, Ty. :)

I can't wait to catch up with everyone else's weekends. Please tell me yours was amazing! (Pretty please.)

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Emily said...

Mine was AMAZING!! Friday I went into labor and Saturday I had my baby girl, Clara! :)


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