Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My April Lovelies

Oh my, it's May 3. I don't know about you, but I have no clue where the past four months have gone. 2011 is going to be a memory before we know it! Once again it's time to do a little monthly documenting on my baby girls. It's my "me" post. :)

We had a great time visiting with family we don't often see at my grandma's house last Saturday. Evelyn had so much fun!

April storms came in many different forms in the Robert house last month, and Evelyn's new vocabulary is the cause for a little dreary weather indoors.

Evie's three new favorite phrases:

"Gimme" this and "gimmie" that...

She absolutely refuses to say "please." Re. Fuse. Es. And she knows how, because she used to say it all the time. It's a complete battle of the wills when it comes to correcting Evelyn to not shout demands at people, but to use kind words and say please and thank you. I can see her wheels turning when she's corrected, but she is as stubborn as a mule. It all culminated in a thirty minute theatrical performance the other night, when Eric and I refused to let her get down from her highchair after a horribly played dinner scene until she said "please." That was all we were asking. Just say please. Just say the one word you used to say all the time.

We corrected her in a loving tone over and over again. All she had to do was say one little word. And she wouldn't do it. She kicked, and screamed, and said "Get me dooown!!" but she wouldn't say the magic word. Ugh. It was awful. After thirty straight exhausting minutes of fit throwing, it left US feeling horrible. Like we just tortured our child or something. Storms are definitely a brewing, and I have a feeling they are far from over. But we love our daughter too much to let her get away with these things. So we will continue to correct her and train her up to be polite and to mind her authority, and we will do these things in love and with kind words. We're not hard-nosed...and we're not asking much...but she will MIND, and she will learn these things now so we're not kicking ourselves later.

Checking out grandma's flower garden.

Whew! With all of that said, Evelyn continues to be the little apple of our eyes. :) For as stubborn as she can be, she is equally lovey and cute. No one can make us laugh like she can. And she's smart as a whip! Evelyn thrives when she is in social situations with other kids. She plays with anyone who will play with her. And when we're on walks she'll contort herself in crazy ways to twist around and say "Hi!" to every kid she sees along the way.

In Evelyn's eyes everyone is a potential friend. I love that about her. And even though Evelyn has learned some not so nice phrases lately, she also says things that melt my heart. "I love you, mommy." That one has to be my favorite. :) She's also added quite a few names to her repertoire. Like "Buzz, Woody, Bullseye, and Jessie." She proudly points out each of these characters every single time they flash across the TV screen, which is A LOT here lately, haha. (Not kidding, as soon as I typed this, Evelyn said "I wanna watch Toy Story." Guess what's on now?)

Evie LOVES being with other kids. Here she is with some of her cousins!

And then there's the things that leave me giggling and scratching my head. "I hear a noise! What was dat? I here a noise!" She says this all the time. Her new "thing" is monsters. She thinks monsters are everywhere. I don't have a clue WHERE she got this from. Maybe from the one time Monsters Inc. was on TV. I dunno...but now she'll come running out of rooms shouting "Monsters, monsters! I hear da monsters!" So one day I said, "Evelyn, you didn't hear any monsters. There is no such thing as monsters." To which she shouted, "MONSTERS!"

"No honey, there are no monsters." Evelyn stopped for a second to think. And then a smile slowly spread across her face. She looked up at me and said, "YOU'RE a monster!" Bahaha...I totally lost it. :) That was not what I was expecting to hear at all, the little stinker.

So the moral of this story is that there is absolutely nothing in this world that is more frustrating than an obstinate toddler, but there is also nothing quite as entertaining and fun. No one else in the world can change my mood from angry and frustrated to madly in love faster than she can. *Sigh*

My second baby has now entered my favorite baby stage. I love it!! Gracie is now a six month old cuddle bug. She's sitting up by herself, scooting all over the place (she's thisclose to moving forward!) and she's eating baby food. Hooray! I might actually have a baby who will eat something that doesn't come from me. This makes me a VERY happy mommy!

I find myself staring at Grace these day. I scoop her up and hold her close just to breathe her in. I smile when she cries, because she's just so gosh darn cute. She has reached the point in babyhood where I wish I could push a pause button and freeze her here for as long as possible.

Gracie does one thing that I have never seen another baby do, and it's one of my favorite things about her. She gives hugs. Like genuine, around the neck, holding on as tight as she can hugs. Oh my goodness, it is complete euphoria when I pick her up and she grabs me tightly around the neck and lays her head on my shoulder. I start doing laps around the house instead of going where I intended just so I can hold onto her a little longer.

She is also turning into a little jabber box, cooing and making all kinds of noise whenever she feels like it. (Which always seems to be in situations where we're hoping she'll keep it down!) She now rides easily in the car no matter how far we're going. It was touch and go there for a while, but now she's happy as clam to sit in her car seat and come along for the ride. I now officially feel like I'm getting a little bit of my life back. If Grace continues to eat baby food and behave in the car, this means we can do a lot more fun things with our girls. Eeee!! I'm so excited for the rest of this Spring and Summer!

Evelyn and Grace are truly opposites in many ways, and I adore their unique personalities. To watch them interact is pure joy. They hug each other often, and big sister still loves to give little sister lots of kisses. Of course, Grace likes to occasionally swipe paci's from Evelyn's mouth and pull her hair, and Evie returns the favor by trying to gouge Grace's eyeballs, but we don't need to remember things like that, right? Haha.

So now we're at the beginning of a new month. I honestly cannot wait to see what May brings. April was fun and challenging. It tested my limits as a parent and molded and shaped our family in new ways. Seems like everyone in the Robert house is growing up a little bit. :) If it's true that "April showers bring May flowers," then we have lots of good things ahead. I'm praying that after the storm comes the sunshine. Here's to May, and all of the sweet nectar it has to bring!

Hehe, had to add these. This is how Evelyn felt after an afternoon of nonstop running around:

Exercise hangover. :)


Heather Rahn said...

Awww...they are just so darn cute!! How do you not pinch their cheeks 24/7?

Adrien said...

Hehe, sometimes those chubby little cheeks are the only things saving Evelyn when she's being a stinker.... :D

The Pettijohn's said...

This post is so cute and I feel you on the stinker part. I just keep saying we will get past this stage. At least I hope, lol. Wyatt does the monster thing to. He actually takes hockey sticks and runs around hitting at them.

Kim Luke said...

Stinkers is right..I totally agree!! Landon use to say Please, Thank you, Your Welcome, Sorry.
Now it's nothing. We get a lot of "I want down" or "Noooooo" too. Ugh, Drives me bonkers!!!!
I can't remember what he did today, but I told him if he wasn't so cute he would be in trouble because no other baby would get away with that! lol Ahhhhh I just love them to pieces but sometimes they make me want to scream!! Lol

I love watching Gracie grow into such a adorable little girl. She isn't much of a baby anymore (I know how hard that is to hear!!!) But her smile can light up a room & I just love the elephant jammies! Pink Elephants are my fav!! :))


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