Monday, May 2, 2011

My Happy Place

I usually squirm a little when using the term "perfection" to describe anything on this side of heaven. But, oh. My goodness. Last Friday was so ridiculously close that I might not be able to contain myself.

I struggled all morning long to get it together. My energy from a long week was nearly depleted. We had a dinner to go to that evening which I knew I would have to get ready for. Oh yes, it would've been so so easy to just sit inside and watch Toy Story for the 5296 time. But the weather was beckoning, and I knew that I'd regret it if we didn't scoot our little booties outdoors to play in the sunshine.

It was clear even before our wheels hit pavement that we made the right choice. My friends, we've found it. We have officially found our "spot" for the summer. And she's a beaut:

It's the perfect place with the perfect amount of shade positioned at the perfect time of day. (Oh my gosh, I used it three times and I didn't even mean to!)  Our quilt of many colors practically hovers over the cool lush grass, and it basks beneath the dancing sunlight filtering through the trees. This exact spot and our adventure blanket were meant to find each other.

Unfortunately, Gracie never got to experience a magic carpet ride this time around. My little sweetie fell asleep before we ever got there and snoozed the entire time.

OH MY GOSH!!!! Had I seen that spider crawling precariously near my sleeping daughter's head when I took this picture I would've fa-reaked! But I never saw it. And she survived. Still...iiiick!!

Evelyn and I thought we'd bust out some bubbles and christen this day with a little sudsy orbed action. Unfortunately, our bubble solution was incapable of producing proper bubbleage. 

Not one single bubble left our wands to float lazily on the breeze. What a rip off. :) I think we're spoiled by Gymboree's AMAZING bubble solution. I once blew a bubble in the house and it landed on our Christmas tree. It didn't pop, and it stayed there for THREE DAYS. I'm not kidding. Ask Eric. I finally popped it myself, because it was driving me bananas. I don't know exactly what Gymboree puts in their darn bubble solution, but I'm pretty sure it must be the same stuff they make bullet proof vests out of. (I just realized that the Gymboree link isn't working correctly. Just search "bubbles" and you'll find them!)

And Gracie just kept on snoozin. I don't see the spider anymore. That's either a good thing, or a really really bad thing. I don't want to think about it.

Evie needed to run off a little steam....

And eventually I corralled her back towards our shady getaway.... 

If this picture came with sound, you'd be hearing Evelyn laughing hysterically at her mother trying to chase her down.

What's a warm lazy day outside without a good pedicure? I dug out some nail polish which was crammed in my pocket...along with some Fun Dip, haha. It's quite interesting the things you can pull out of your pockets when you live with a toddler.


And Gracie...well...

She was certainly gorgeous, too.

I was sad...heartbroken have to leave this place behind. The weather was so perfect. Our set up - divine. But we had to pack up and walk home so that I could get ready for Life Network's charity banquet just a few hours later. 

You bet your boots we'll be back. There will be hours of picnicking and storybook reading and tea partying happening in our new sacred place. As I sit here now listening to the rain pour outside, my heart yearns for just a couple of days ago...sitting beneath this tree with my daughters in the warm shade of a sunshiny day. I can't help but think of this day last Fall when it was just me and Evelyn. I couldn't imagine life ever being the same as it was then, and it broke my heart that I wouldn't get to have moments like these with my firstborn anymore.

How I wish I could have seen into the future. How I wish I could have caught a glimpse of days like these. And now, these few months only wish is that Grace had been awake to experience the fun with us. I love them both so much it hurts. 

"I can't even imagine how great it's going to be for our entire family to welcome Gracie into our little world." I wrote those words to confirm in my heart what I knew to be true, but which I just couldn't grasp at the time. But I don't have to imagine anymore. Our world in the here and now is just about...well...perfect. :)


Anonymous said...

Great job!!! Keep the stories coming. Joan & I love reading about your family adventures. Your God given gift for writing is a blessing that we all enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

Greg & Joan

Sarah said...

Happy, happy tears :)

The last three paragraphs defintely put my mind at ease, Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What a great blog, and your pictures are fantastic, the colors are WOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree on the pictures....what kind of camera do you have? I LOVE the quality it takes! p.s. I love reading your blog. You dont know me, but I am a Red Bud(ian) myself. Well used to be, now I live in Renault. I came across your Blog from Cassie, I believe. But have been wanting to ask you about your camera! Thanks!

SusieQTpies said...

Love your photos. I have zillions like this from when my girls were small. They are teens now and aren't into the mom taking pics of them all the time mode. Bring back memories.

I'm your newest follower. I'm from Southern IL. Stop on over and say HI! Susie


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