Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Mother's Day

We had a wonderful weekend all around, I must say. I trust that everyone had a pleasant Mother's Day, regardless of your sex or motherhood status. :) If you're from our neck of the woods it would be hard not to have enjoyed yourself. Our weather was perfect. <-- I'm not even cringing to say it, cause I'm pretty sure if Heaven has a thermostat it's set to whatever temperature we had yesterday. :)

I absolutely insisted that Eric not get me a present this year, and I wasn't playing some I'm actually expecting you to read my mind and get me something female head game with him. I just knew that we're in the midst planning a birthday party and paying off debt, and I didn't feel that spending any extra money was necessary at the moment. Of course Eric totally ignored me.

I'm almost afraid to divulge what was in the bag. Some of you are going to be offended. Haha. But I was totally excited about it! Not only will this gift make my life infinitely easier, but it proves that my husband actually does listen to me when I mention something that I really want. I present to you:

The Shark Cordless Carpet Cleaner. Thank you dear, I love it. And I love that you had to talk the checker-outer lady into believing that your wife wouldn't take this gift the wrong way :)

I adore Sunday holidays, because we get to spend just a small part of our day with church family and join them in celebrating, too. It is so sweet to hear "Happy Mother's Day!" ringing from all corners of the building, and of course it wouldn't be a Mother's Day Sunday at FBC Red Bud without a small gift for the moms handed out at the end of the service. The wonderful thing about a mom is that it doesn't matter what small token you give her, it's enough to be remembered and honored for who she is that puffs up her heart and puts a smile on her face. I'm so thankful to be a part of a family of God who remembers the little things. And I'm totally digging my cute magnetic note pad.

After church we met a TON of family for lunch, and I'm not gonna was nuts. Juggling two kids in a crowded Red Bud restaurant for a buffet brunch (during nap time) is just not an easily manageable task. I sat slumped in a chair with a sweaty sleeping baby on my chest most of the time, and I was able to finally take my first bite of food about ten minutes before we left. According to aunt Susie, next year we're going to Golden Corral. :)

But the afternoon was totally redeemed by family fun at Eric's parent's house. It was just a simple and rare chance to catch up with Eric's family and let the kids run free after being pent up in a congested restaurant for way too long.

While the adults chatted outside, Evelyn decided that she was going to bestow great grandma Zada with gifts of weeds and sticks and rocks. :) She didn't give a single thing to anyone else. It was a little act of love...and it was too sweet.

I had to share a picture of this classic Grace face:


We don't get to see grandma Zada as often as we'd like, so when we're all together we try to get a group photo of our family. This, of course, is easier said than done. We had two babies who were D.O.N.E with the festivities and four adults trying to wrangle them into position while grandma sat patiently for us to get it together.



This is as good as it gets:

Sure, I could have cropped out Eric tossing his sunglasses to the side...but it makes me giggle every time, so I'm leaving it.

We officially ended our Mother's Day with a visit to MY mother's house. It was the cherry on top of our day, and I only wish our stinkin camera hadn't been filled to max capacity already. If I had been able to take pictures, you'd be seeing a lot of kids playing in the yard, John and Evie swinging, and Eric sitting on a picnic table drinking diet root beer. :) The weather was absolutely glorious. I could have stayed there all evening.

But we knew we had to grab dinner and take a family walk, so that's exactly what we did. We loaded up the stroller and headed into the sunset for the longest walk of the year yet. We popped into Subway for some grub (cause I sure as heck wasn't cooking) and that's when we ran into a very sweet friend. I couldn't possibly wrap this post up without giving a shout out to Mary (and yes, I so know who you are, haha.) Thank you so much for your kind words about our little blog - they definitely made me smile!

I am beyond blessed to be the mother of two adorable baby girls. I am even more blessed to be surrounded by other mothers and grandmothers who lead by their amazing examples. It is so right, and so necessary, that there is a day devoted to the people who keep our lives moving along in ways that we don't even realize. Here's to moms!

Oh, and one more thing...Eric, don't think I didn't notice your extra effort yesterday. :) All day long I could tell that my darling husband was carefully choosing his words and doing small things to make my day super special. I usually say that I'm easy to please....but maybe that's because I have a husband who does such a great job at making me feel great. I had an absolutely wonderful Mother's Day, and I hope that all of my friends did, too. :)


Cassie said...

too cute! ps - did grandma zada get peed on? i'm questioning that wet spot on her knee/pants. lol.
and i want a name like zada. pretty jealous.

Adrien said... spilled her bottle of water on her while trying to wiggle out of my arms. I felt bad - whoopsies!

And I always forget to mention for those who are wondering...Zada's name is pronounced Zay-duh. I know it's hard to tell from the spelling! I think her name is awesome. :)

Mary Salovich said...

oh my gosh! I never dreamed I would get mentioned in your blog! I feel honored! And I truely mean that! I just love reading you blog! Thanks Adrien!

ps -- I'm a little jealous of The Shark, I've been wanting one myself. Tell Eric he did good! haha

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family, I love the picture from grandma with Grace.
And you with your little girl WOW you re very beautiful.

I still have to make pictures from my house, I'm so busy sorry I promiss you pictures tomorrow

sblind2 said...

Hey Adrien....we do have pretty many peeps in common! Your girls are adorable...I love the matching outfits!!


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