Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Somebody Pinch Me!

I am simply in a tizzy this morning trying to get things together for a last minute day of family fun! Eric surprised me when he ACTUALLY TOOK A DAY OFF OF WORK simply because I asked him to. Sure, he needed a good 24 hours notice, but the day is here...the time has come! And since THIS is our weather forecast for the day:

...i'd say we're going to have a pretty stinkin awesome day. Who knows where our Tuesday will take us, but I know where we're starting out. Lions, and tigers, and bears...oh, my! My favorite place in the St. Louis area. The zoo. Yes, we're going. I know that to most people taking a zoo trip is just another ritualistic family outing...no biggie...but not to me. I love the zoo. I eat, sleep, and breath it, almost as much as I obsess over Disney stuff. So I am super excited to be taking Grace for her very first zoo experience (and Evelyn's fourth - cant forget about her!)

Sorry that I can't hang out for long today. There are diaper bags to be packed and water bottles to be filled. I need to track down our spray fan mister thingy, because I'm pretty sure 90 degrees qualifies as a hot day here in the good ole midwest. And I have two babies who have been hearing nothing else but how we're going to see the animals for the past 12 hours to dress and get ready.

So I'm posting up this bad boy:

I'm out. O-U-T for the day. For a day with my family. A Tuesday WITH Eric...I can hardly believe it.


Sarah said...

Yay, Have FUUUUN :)

Heather Rahn said...

Awww so jealous! Have a great day!

Cassie said...

Woo hoo!! Awesome. i work like 2 minutes from the zoo and I haven't been in forever, HORRIBLE!! have a great family day!!

Mr. and Mrs. W +1 said...

Have fun! I love the zoo as much as you do and had such a ball taking little man.


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