Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tyler Tuesday :)

I feel like a veil of despair is just hovering over our lives right now, and I can't WAIT for a big breeze to shift our way and blow that sucker outta here. Nothing terrible is happening to US, per say, but to everyone around us. It feels like a dark time...and I WISH I could shake all of the weird dreams I've been having.

Last night I dreamt that several friends and I were trying to run to get to a late night baseball game. (?) A girl in our group, who nobody really knew, told us she knew a short cut to get there if only we would follow her through a particular building to come out on the other side. (Actually, I'm pretty sure the girl was Miley Cyrus. Um...yeah...) So about a dozen of my friends and I find ourselves running up and down staircases in an old building and finally stepping outside into what looks like an abandoned apartment complex. There was no sign of a baseball stadium anywhere.

"Don't worry, we just have to cross this bridge," said freaky Miley Cyrus girl. Only the bridge is actually monkey bars and we're all afraid that if we try to cross them our hands will slip and we'll surely meet our doom. Miley girl is now annoyed by our unwillingness to follow her. She quickly changes. "Don't you know where we are?" She says mysteriously.

And suddenly, my dream-self does know where we are. Because apparently in my dream world, this old abandoned apartment complex was the scene of a mysterious massacre not long ago. An eery howl pierces the night air, my friends' freeze in terror. Soon everyone begins running in different directions. The only problem for me is that everyone else seems to know where they're going, and I don't. And in "this could only happen in your dreams" form, several members of our party seem to have their cars parked conveniently in this abandoned parking lot.

People start piling into vehicles, but I don't know what's going on. All I can see are taillights as my friends are driving away to safety and I'm the only one stuck outside with this mysterious howling beast thing. I'm about to hyperventilate when a big truck rolls up in front of me, the door opens, and someone is offering me a hand to get in. And it's this guy:

Tyler. :) 

Or Uncle Ty Ty as the members of my family affectionately call him. Tyler has been one of Eric's closest friends since they were kids. Tyler is the friend I was referring to yesterday who was hit by a car over the weekend. Boy am I glad he saved me from the mutilating monster in my dreams! :)

For those of you reading this from my area, I'm sure you've heard Tyler's story 20 times by now, but I realize not everyone who checks in with us everyday gets the latest small town information that's been circulating. I sort of left you hanging, because to be quite honest, I just didn't feel like talking about it anymore. Eric and I spent all day on Sunday fielding questions and taking phone calls and going to the hospital, and I was wiped. 

So here are a few more details.... In the wee hours of Sunday morning, Tyler found himself watching a fight happening in the middle of a HIGHWAY between a friend and someone that no one from his group really knew. A car was coming in their direction, but the two fighting didn't see it. Tyler ran towards the highway to get these two guys out of harms way. He threw his friend off of the road, and was in the process of dragging the unknown guy off of the street when the fast moving SUV hit both Tyler and the guy he was pulling. Unfortunately, the other guy didn't make it, and Tyler was left pretty battered and bruised. He was rushed to the hospital right away, and it wasn't long after that when Eric would get the text message from Tyler's mom, starting the longest Sunday in the history of Sundays for us.

Tyler being mauled by my parent's dogs, haha.

It was even longer for Tyler, of course. We knew that he had a broken pelvis and hips, but since then we've also learned that Tyler's arm and ankle are broken. When we were visiting with Tyler on Sunday afternoon he was complaining about his arm hurting...we just thought his "road rash" was bothering him...um, nope. Broken. Yesterday morning Tyler underwent surgery, and found out he will be in the hospital for AT LEAST seven weeks. Um...seven weeks! 

Tyler cannot bend or move at all...the metal rod in his pelvis will prevent him from doing so until it is removed. He has had a steady stream of visitors for the past two days, but seven weeks is a really long time. The road to recovery will be long and hard, and I encourage anyone reading this who knows Tyler to stop in and visit even weeks from now, when he's still in the hospital and the rest of are living as usual.

Bahaha...we have an entire iPhoto album labeled "Best Buy Tyler."

Lucky for Tyler, his social circle is WIDE. He's had everyone from high school buddies to pastors coming in to check on him. (His MOM will finally be in today to see her son for the first time. She's been trying to get home from Texas since Sunday.) So a few friends would like to start organizing some sort of fundraiser to help Tyler out. We're thinking something along the lines of a dinner and dance for the big guy. But we need to plan FAST, so that we have time to get the word out and hold the event as soon as possible.

Aside from the big fundraiser, we would really like to get Tyler a special gift to help him pass the time while he's in the hospital for two months. Tyler if you're reading this...STOP NOW!! Haha. I mean it! Don't you dare peak!!

Okay, is he gone? If you are friends of Tyler's be watching Facebook for an opportunity to give to the "iPad for Tyler" fund. Tyler has been wanting one of these handy gadgets for quite a while now. Aside from brightening his day, this is actually a really practical gift for him. Tyler's arm is now in a cast, so he needs things that can be easily handled with one hand. We took our old dinosaur laptop up to him so that he could get on the internet, but he's quickly getting frustrated with it. The sooner we can get him something to pass the time, the better! He may be in pain, but he's still very much alert...and bored. :)

Of course Tyler will know the name of every single person who gives! If you would like more information on this, or if you would like to help plan the dinner and dance for Tyler, let me know! We'll keep everyone updated on both.

Tyler attacking my husband with rubber bands at a youth conference. :)

I realize this isn't a normal "Getting There" blog post, but...well...life isn't exactly normal around here at the moment. Haha. In the midst of all of this, my mom hasn't been feeling well lately, either. Please keep both Tyler and my mom in your prayers. I'm sure they would really, really appreciate it. Tomorrow, I PROMISE we'll get things back to normal. 

I hope! Hehe. Have a great day, friends. 


The Pettijohn's said...

Hey Adrien, Vince was wanting to go up and see him this week. Do you know a room number and it is St. Anthony's right? I would help do a fundraiser.

Cassie said...

AWWW, i love ty! and that last picture and that shirt, TOTALLY tyler! lol. i think a benefit is perfect!! i know he went to the "v" a lot so maybe someone could see if they would be willing to donate the upstairs for the benefit?!!? let me know if you need help with anything and i would LOVE to contribute to the ipad fund!!

Sarah said...

I have a feeling Ty Ty & I will be at St. Anthony's together very very soon :)

I think the I-Pad Fund is a GREAT idea!!! We would be happy to contribute!!!

Let me know if The Office can help in anyway for a benefit. Whether it's catering or donating. Whatever!! We all love him there & would love to help out in anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Really terrible, I wish everyone all the best

Adrien said...

Sorry for the delay in responses, I'm just now getting a hold of a real computer today.

Christine - I believe Tyler's room number is 3312. :)

Cassie- Thanks for the suggestion, Eric is going to call the V tomorrow!

Sarah- I'm sure Eric will be calling The Office! You were the first person I thought of when Eric said food, haha.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. As more details get ironed out I'm sure there will be areas where we can use help. Of course, I also know most of you are PREGNANT, haha...so just showing up would be fantastic. :)


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