Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tyler's iPad Surprise!

What a weekend! I am happy to report that it was GREAT and drama free. I have lots I could update you on, but today is reserved for our buddy Tyler. As promised, we wanted to share with you the video of Tyler receiving his iPad surprise this weekend. :)

At first Eric tried to trick Tyler by telling him several people got together to get him a book that he and Eric were going to read through and study. Tyler was like, "Alright! Awesome." Hehe. Of course, it wasn't a lie. Eric had the book preloaded onto the iPad all along. :) The more Tyler held the iPad in his hands and realized all that he could do with it, the more excited he became. All we heard over and over for an entire hour after he opened it was, "Oh my gosh, this is so awesome," and there were a TON of "Thank you's!" At one point Tyler was completely speechless. I think the realization that so many people came together to make him smile eventually hit him. It was very sweet.

Let me preface this video by apologizing for my shaky recording...I was super excited and trying to balance a baby on my hip half the time, haha. And also, just to make you all aware, we received MORE than enough money to purchase the iPad and case, plus a few apps. So the rest of the money was cashed and put into the card for Tyler to use how he saw fit. (We told him to spend it on something to treat himself with, but so far he's INSISTING on paying bills with it. :) We let Tyler know that there are plans in the works to help him in that way as well, but he still wants to be responsible. Oh, Tyler....)

Make the video full screen by clicking on the arrows.

Once again, Tyler wanted me to convey to all of you how VERY THANKFUL he is for this gift. We shared stories of all of you and your generosity over the past couple of weeks, and he was blown away. Tyler also wanted us to thank everyone for their continued prayers. He can feel them, and he definitely needs them! 

And if any of you are wondering whether or not Tyler will actually get a lot of use out of his iPad, haha, let me tell ya first hand, he already is! Eric and Tyler have been playing games with each other all weekend long! And the coolest thing ever: FaceTime. We can talk to Tyler whenever we want and see his smiling face at the same time. Awe.Some. If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can get some "face time" with Tyler too, and it's free. Woot!

I hope you all have a really great week. Do something fun, and enjoy the nice weather! 

UPDATE: The day after Tyler opened his iPad and received over $350 in donations, his phone broke! Eric is heading to the store this morning to pick up a new one. Guess Tyler gets to treat himself after all. :)


Anonymous said...

Adrien,Eric & To All,
Thanks to all the caring people helping Tyler. Joan & I were present when Eric & Adrien presented Tyler with his gifts. It was a blessing to see him try to comprehend all the caring people that prayed & generously donateed their money to help him.

Greg & Joan Robert

Cassie said...

Awwww yay! I love how giddy you are while recording Adrien, the little laughs and bursts of excitement are too cute!!
I'm glad he liked it. Thanks for sharing!!

Get well soon Ty!! Love ya big guy!!

Christine Pettijohn said...

So exciting!! Happy he liked it and as I said I will be dropping a check off this week in your mailbox.


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