Thursday, May 12, 2011

Updates From Under the Sea!

Sorry for the poopy night time pictures, but seriously, there's no way this stuff is coming out while Evelyn is awake! I've been busy collecting odds and ends for Evelyn's 2nd birthday party, and since today marks exactly ONE MONTH until her big day, I thought it was about time to give an update on the planning progress. :)

First of all, the party has been changed from Saturday the 11th to Sunday the 12th, which is her actual birthday. And as previously mentioned in Confession Friday, I'm pretty much rolling out the same guest list as last year. The whole "family only" thing just got completely thrown out the window once I really dove in and started planning. The more the merrier! If you haven't already, check out this early post of theme ideas when this party was just a baby idea brewing in my brain. 

I know it doesn't look like much in this photo, but there are a ton of trinkets and decor crammed into this trunk, and they are all dollar store finds. (Yay for Deals!) I like to pick up whatever I can find to fit the party theme to sort of fill in the gaps when I'm decorating. I have yet to buy a single table covering or streamer...which is quite honestly the most important part of my design plan, haha...but I keep trying to shop around for the best prices. claims to have the lowest prices of anyone, and so far I've found that to be true. I need to make my final decision within the next week and place my order to ensure that everything gets here in time! (Let me know if you've found a cheap party supply place, pretty please.)

Last Saturday night Eric and I had a really fun time hanging out with our friends Zach and Andrea Ingles. Our mission was to scarf down dinner (thanks for the coupons, Kim, we used them!) and then Andrea and I would shop til we dropped for birthday party supplies for our kiddos. I will not tell a lie...neither of us ended up with what we originally intended. I, however, did find a lot of stuff that I didn't know I needed at all. Haha.

Check out some of my fun finds!

I love these flower garlands! They're not actually flowery in any way as far as I can tell, but they are shiny and sparkly and fun. When I saw these in the store aisle in my exact color scheme I knew I had to have a few. I haven't decided yet where exactly they will go, but they WILL be used!

Hehe. These gold coins are a total useless impulse buy, but of course I had to have them. They'll find a home somewhere in all of the decor. :) Hey, 36 gold coins for a buck. Not bad, eh? I wonder if Gymboree will accept Pirate Money at the next RBS Sale....?

No, I will NOT be wearing a shell bra at the matter what Eric says. ;) But I did think that once disassembled these could be used for something. And once again, I'm not sure exactly what they'll be used for. Okay, I'm beginning to think that dollar stores aren't really saving me money after all. Will that stop me from going in them? Noooo. Of course not. I love this junk!

I picked up these paper cutouts, because they obviously they fit the theme. But...I think they're kinda...butt ugly. Haha. I may try to bust out some sparkly Stickles glitter glue and glam these babies up a bit. If nothing else, I can donate them to our church's VBS this year...which just happens to have a Beach Blast theme. Well, how convenient. 

Here are the images up close. What do you think? 

Yay? Nay? Maybe I'll just use the dolphin, haha.

I was a little disappointed with the pirate masks once I got them out of the packaging. Many of them look a little dirty - as you can see in this picture. And I'm not sure if I'm just having a blonde moment, but I'm fairly certain that the strings threaded onto the masks are on backwards. I dunno. They're just weird. But there will be boys at this birthday party, and I don't think that they would want to wear the Mermaid head gear that the girls will be donning. :) 

I was not expecting to stumble on party invitations while out and about, but I sure did. Usually I design my own, but for one dollah per pack I can definitely make these work. Who am I kidding? By the time I'm done with them they'll probably be loaded with glitter and the entire inside will be completely overhauled. I don't think I'll be able to keep my mitts off. Generic is not in my vocabulary, ifyouknowwhatImean.

Oh, and one last thing. Curling ribbon in the shades of Teal and Sea Green, respectively. I'll use this ribbon everywhere from stringing signs, to creating dangling seaweed, to adorning Evie's birthday presents. How I love me some good curling ribbon. :)

So there you go. A little taste. A niblet. A morsel of things to come. Eric and I are taking a trip to Hobby Lobby tonight so that I can finally get the things I need to start making decorations myself. That's where the REAL fun begins, and hopefully I'll be able to share some more progress as we get closer and closer to B-Day!

Sometimes in all of the birthday party hub-bub, I forget to stop and think about the fact that my child, my firstborn baby girl, is turning two. TWO! I just can't wrap my mind around it. And she's been looking so big lately. Sigh. I'm going to blink and it'll be her birthday. Since I can stop the inevitable I guess I should make the best of it. :) The fun party of party planning is just getting started. Hopefully I'll be sharing some more updates soon!


Heather Rahn said...

Loving the party decor!! Looks like she is going to have one memorable birthday!

Adrien said...

Thank you! :) I sure hope so. Even if no one showed up it is still kind of fun doing this stuff!

Anonymous said...

Awww this looks amazing, I think this will be a fantastic party for her.


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