Thursday, May 5, 2011

We love our house, but...

I really, really love where we live. From the moment Eric and I moved into this place we instantly felt at home. That comforting feeling hasn't come with every single space we've rented since we've been married, but this 1300 sq. ft duplex on the edge of town is just perfect for our little family of four.

Our lease is up next month, and we have absolutely no desire to leave whatsoever. If we didn't plan on having more kids in the future I think we'd just stay here indefinitely...until it was time to buy our first place, that is. :) But like all homes, this one has a few quirks - a few things that simply drive me bonkers. I was reminded of a couple of those things while cleaning yesterday, so I grabbed my camera and began documenting all of the annoyances that plague me each day. Not everything is the house's fault. Some things are our own. Like this first conundrum:

I am constantly fighting a battle with my countertops and all of the junk that seems to pile up on them. There is no other area in my kitchen that drives me more nuts then Eric's nutrition corner chilling at the intersection of microwave and plate rack. I don't know if anyone else's significant other is obsessed with protein shakes, but let me tell you...those containers are HUGE. This picture doesn't do them justice. There is no convenient or logical place to put them except out in the open for the whole wide world to see. 

And then there's the mountains of enzymes and fish oil and every other kind of pill on the planet that keeps my busy husband chugging along every day. Help me! I love Eric dearly, but I need to find a solution for all of this stuff. I'm about to lose it.

Evelyn decided the other day that she wanted to expand her canvas beyond the pages of a coloring book. I like to call this work, "Mommy and Daddy aren't getting their deposit back."

What makes this even more wonderful are the cheap gritty generic rental property walls that chew up sponges and suck up every single little bit of grit and grime that dares to brush against them. In other words, they are literally impossible to clean. WHY anyone would choose this finish for a RENTAL property is beyond me, but whatever. So now until we're willing to repaint the entire wall, we get to live with electric blue scribbles right in the middle of our living space. I'm seriously considering framing it.

One of the very first flaws that I noticed in our humble abode when we moved in were the broken blinds in the girls' room. They stick out like a cowboy at a death metal concert and make me cringe every single time I have to walk into their room.

I'm convinced that if someone were going to stalk our family, they would peep right through this little spot at night.  It's like our home's weak spot, and it creeps me out.

Here's the lovely view from the outside. Not only do these darn blinds cause me to constantly arrange the curtains to ward away any potential peepers, but aren't they simply gorgeous from the front our house? I'm sure they cost next to nothing to replace, but 1) We're lazy, and 2) We don't own this place, so there's little incentive to fix things we didn't break ourselves.

If there's one thing that makes me scratch my head more than anything else about this home, it's the design of the shower in our second bathroom. It's a corner unit with the shower head placed in the exact right spot to blast me with an icy cold wake up call every time I turn the water on. 

I kid you not, every single day I have to open the shower door, muster up some courage, turn the handle, and run like heck to get out of the way. The water shoots straight out into the bathroom, completely soaking the floor. It's a big 'ole pain in the rear that I will NOT miss whenever we move someday. 

Take a cruise down Country Club Drive, and you won't be able to avoid the ghetto fabulous mailbox that's missing it's front. We hadn't lived here more than a couple of months when a storm rolled through and blew the cover right off of this thing. 

Ever since then our mail has been exposed to the elements. Rain, sleet, snow... neighborhood hoodlums. Luckily, as far as I know, nothing has ever been taken from us. But I won't lie...I rarely check the mail for fear that a passerby will see the owner of this beauty taking the walk of shame to the end of the driveway. Instead, I let Eric do the honors. Haha.

Moving closer to the front of our home, one will see our gorgeous empty death bed flower bed. When we moved in, this little patch of earth surrounded by slabs of concrete was nothing more than an overgrown jungle of weeds. Trust me, having nothing here at all is a huge improvement.

However, it still looks awful, and it's totally uninviting to all of our guests. Eventually we're going to do something with this little space, but for now we'll just continue sending the message that "Hey! We live here, but we just don't care!" (What makes this even more pathetic - we just finished designing a website for LANDSCAPERS who are FRIENDS of Eric's.)

And finally, we have the big fat unused space right in the center of it all. One thing that attracted us to this place when we were looking for a potential home to rent was the openness and the surprising amount of space, especially for a duplex. However, the configuration of the living room is...erm...a little awkward. It's one really long and skinny room with the cable hook ups way down at one end. 

We were able to create a cozy living area, but we were left with a big empty spot behind our couches which is completely useless as it is. If we had need for it I guess we could turn this space into a little office area...but we don't have a desk, and we only use laptops. I wish we had nice bookshelves or SOMETHING just to make it look like our furniture configuration makes sense...but we don't. If you have any creative suggestions for this spot let me know, cause I'm stumped!

Please tell me I'm not the only one that lives in a loved but quirky home. Whether your place is old or new, rented or owned, is there something that drives you crazy or leaves you clueless about where you live? I'd love to hear what it is!


Anonymous said...

you crack me up! I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

oh btw, I must know of what camera you have! I love it! It takes amazing pictures!

Emily said...

For the flower bed: get a Vinca (or two if there is space). They are FANTASTIC plants that come back every year, bloom early, and stay green all winter. I've had mine for 2 years and this year they are starting to vine out which is really cool! (Hastas are also good, but I'm just a Vinca fan!)

For the living room: we also have a long, skinny room with cable hook-ups on one end. We just put the TV in the corner and spread the furniture out to fill up the space. (Our couch is on the side so there is a walkway behind it... since the entry way is very close... and the love seat is catty corner facing directly at the TV scooted back a bit to fill that area.)

For the wall drawings: have you tried a Magic Eraser? They are pretty much the best ever... just don't use it on your child (like my friend did)... it left her face a little red.

The Pettijohn's said...

Yes, we have a bathtub and no shower in our house. The previous owners put an air vent right in the middle of the wall. Which leaves us with if we want a shower we have to tear into the walls to move the vent and then put the shower in. So in that case the bathroom would need a total remodel. Other then that I love our house.

Adrien said...

Thanks, Angie! We have a Canon Rebel something or other, haha...I'm going to ask Eric about the logistics of our camera, lens, and flash and post it for all who are asking tonight!

Hi, Emily! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely let Eric know about the Vinca. You are actually the second friend today to suggest the magic eraser. I LOVE those darn things, but our sandpaper walls literally disintegrate them. It is BEYOND annoying!

Christine- I grew up in a house with no shower. I don't think I could do that again! That's definitely a quirk worth mentioning!

Anonymous said...

Whaaaaaaa it looks like our house!

When we were in France, my father in law painted our house down.
Tristan and Inge also had beautiful drawings made ​​on the wall, and on the door!
Once Tristan was so mad he made a hole in the livingroom door.
I think our bathroom looks worse than yours.
Ok I will take pictures tomorrow and than you will see, I think you will feel much better LOL.
Ok our livingroom looks nice now but the rest!!!

Sara said...

My husband built our house, it is well built and I love it, but it definitely has quirks, possibly enough for an entire post, so you'll have to watch for it one day soon!

We have that wall texture too and it drives me crazy! I need to ask him if those walls have a point. (no pun intended haha)


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