Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Would You Rather Wednesday

First, let me clear up a little something. The dream that I wrote about yesterday...yes, it was real...yes, I have weird, I don't always remember them, but when I do they're as vivid as a movie to me. Eric had to clarify, because he thought I may have made it up just to fit with my blog post. Nope...Tyler really did save me from the monsters. And look what Uncle Ty Ty sent over just for YOU guys.

Hehehe. It's his little shout out to blogland. :) (Eric insists that Tyler has sworn not to read these blog posts any time soon, so if you're wanting to donate to the "iPad for Tyler fund" you can do so right here.) We already have at least $175 towards our goal. Woohoo! Only $625 more to go! We can do it. :) And we're definitely keeping track of everyone's names so that Tyler will know who all of you little boredom buster angels are.

*P.S - Just so there's no confusion later... The doctors told Tyler he would need to be in the hospital for 7 weeks on Monday. Then on Tuesday they told him he might be released next week for insurance purposes. (Erm - not cool.) So if you happen to see that Tyler is out of the hospital sooner than expected, it wasn't because anyone lied to you, haha. He will STILL be on strict bed rest at home, regardless.*

And with that said, I thought it would be fun to do another Would You Rather Wednesday! I need a lighthearted post. :)

Would you rather...
Vacation at the same spot every year for the rest of your life OR Only be able to take a vacation every other year?

Would you rather...
Surf in the ocean OR Surf on the internet?

Would you rather...
Have a nosy next door neighbor OR Have a noisy next door neighbor?

Would you rather...
See your favorite retired show go for one more season OR Star in a new TV show that replaces it?

Would you rather...
Live in the same house for the rest of your adult life OR Move every year of your adult life?

Would you rather...
Always feel a little too hot OR Always feel little too cold?

Would you rather...
Be the best player on a team that always loses OR Be the worst player on a team that always wins?

Would you rather...
Be able to control the weather OR Be able to talk to animals?

Would you rather...
Receive $10,000 right now Or Receive $100 a month for the rest of your life?

Would you rather...
Never show up in photographs Or Have no reflection in mirrors?

Alrighty! My answers:

*I'd vacation in the same spot every year - one guess where it would be. :)
*I would surf in the ocean...but sharks better stay the heck away from me.
*I'd take a nosy next door neighbor over a noisy one.
*I'd love to see Gilmore Girls run for another season!
*Once I actually BUY a home, I don't think I'd mind staying there forever. Of course, that might make the selection process a bit harder, haha.
*I think I'd prefer to feel a little too hot. Both would be awful, though.
*I'd be the best player on the losing team. Selfish? Maybe. But I've been the worst on the winning team, and it's no fun, haha. 
*I think I'd talk to animals, only because if I controlled the weather I don't think it would be great for our ecosystem. :)
*I would take $10,000 now. 
*Yuck, the last one is hard. I guess I'd never show up in photographs. But I don't know....

Your turn!! I need to hear your reasoning on some of these, because they were tough! :)


Kim Luke said...

I'd vacation the same spot every year.. everyone deserves to get away at least once a year!

I would definitely choose to surf in the ocean!! (maybe on my yearly vacation haha)

I already have a nosey next door neighbor...she isn't too bad so I guess i'll keep her over the noise.

My favorite show for one more season... Laguna Beach or The Hills, Please!

Stay in the same house.. I hate moving!!!!!!

I'm always a little cold. I hate being hot!

Best player on a losing team. At least I'd shine right? haha!

I'd like to talk to animals. so when I ask my dogs what they are they thinking, they can answer me and I understand them. lol

Definitely $10,000 now. Shopping spree and CC bills PAID!

No reflection in mirror. The mirror already makes me depressed, so if I never had to look in one again, I would be OK with that!!!

love these. lol I specially got out of bed to come get on the computer when I seen you posted this! hahah lame, right.
PS. love the picture of Tyler. So glad to see he is in good spirits!!!

Anonymous said...

*Vacation in the same spot every year
*I only can surf on the internet, so it will be internet LOL
*Oh we have had a noisy neighbour, and now we have a nosy neighbour, I want a detached house
*I love friends, I want it back on tv
*I want to live her the rest of my life, we bought this house so
*Always be a little hot, because you can yump in a swimmingpoll if you are to hot
*The worst player LOL
*I would love it if I can talk to animals
*10.000 NOW!!!!
*Oh that is a difficult one, I think never show up in photographs

The Pettijohn's said...

I would rather:

*Vacation every other year in a different spot. That way I can go all over and see new things.
*Surf in the ocean. Whats life if you do not live a little.
*Noisy neighbor.
*Star in a new show. That way I can get into something new.
*Live in the same house over moving every year. I hate moving as it is.
*Always feel a little to cold.
*Be the worst player on the team. I would hate being the center of attention.
*Talk to animals that way when I get those weird looks from my dog and I know what she is thinking.
*10,000 right now. Then my student loans would be paid and I would have some left.
*No reflection in the mirror. I am my worst enemy. I can always find something wrong.

Heather Rahn said...

*I would take a vacation every other year. I won't even tell you how many years its been since I've actually gone on one.
*Surf on the internet. I NEED it.
*Nosy neighbor. Definitely. I've had both and I have no patience for the noise.
*Um, star in a new show! Mama needs a new pair of shoes!
*Haha...move every year of my adult life. Absolutely never a doubt.
*A little too cold. I HATE heat.
*Worst player on a good team. There is no I in team!
*Control the weather. 70 and overcast every day!
*$10,000 right now. I could definitely do my vacation right!
*Never show up in photos. No baby whale face for the rest of my life? Bring it on.

Stefanie said...

I would vacation every other year. I love to explore so the same place every year would get old.
Surf the ocean. I looooove beaches :)
nosey neighbor for sure- the noise would drive me nuts!
one more season of gilmore girls too! I LOVE that show! unless the show was about my life in stars hallow- I'd be okay with that too :) I miss Kirk!
I'd stay in the same house- (either the one we're in with a few changes or one that we built ourselves)
A little too cold- I hate being hot!
worst player on a good team- I'd be too nervous about being the best!
talk to animals- I'd love to know what my dogs are thinking!
100 over time- that would seriously add up to a lot more then 10,000 and I'm pretty patient most of the time!
Never see my reflection in mirrors- if I wasn't in pictures I'd feel like I never existed- does that sound weird?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted this..Glad to see Tyler is in good spirits and looking a lot better than I expected. I dont know him really, but I know of him....if that makes sense. Like I have seen him places I have been, etc. So I am glad to see that he is doing okay, despite the horrific accident. AND I am glad you cleared up what actually happened in your other hear SO many things of what happens, rumors, etc....and you never know what is true! Glad to hear the truth! Thanks for that!

OKAY, now onto what I would rather:
* Take a vacation every other year in a different spot....there are only SO many times this lady can go to Branson....really!
*Surf in the ocean....if someone would kindly teach me :)
*nosy next door neighbor- cause let me tell YOU, I have some NOISY ones that I cannot STAND! loud trucks, loud music, in and out all the time about to drive me NUTS!!!!!! oh BTW, their house is for sale if anyone here is looking and is NOSY not NOISY. lol
*retired season go one more time....I dont know what I will do without my "Jersey Shore"
*Live in the same house, and I cannot WAIT to find that house. I am ready to move for the LAST time!
*I am already always cold....but with that just put on extra clothes, it takes care of it.
*best player on the team....cause you would be the shining star :)
*Talk to animals, I would love to know what my dog is barking at all-the-time!
*$10,000 right step closer to owning that home I just talked about.
*the last one is undecided....I just dont know. hmpf.

Sarah said...

Vacation every other year!! It's a lot of work!!

Suff the internet. Salt water is not a friend of mine!

Not that I really have to answer this, but yes! Give me the loudest neighbor in the world!!!

One more season of my favorite show!! Puuuhlease Oprah :)

Live in the same house! Moving is so not fun.

A little too cold, I'm a little too hot the passed few months & that is enough for a lifetime!

Best player. Winning isn't everything. But being the best is haha.

Able to control the weather!! Sometimes thats why I love my dogs, because they don't talk :)

$100 a month. $10,000 goes REAL fast!

No reflection. Pictures last forever.

LOVE the picture of Tyler, too funny!! I have some I-Tune giftcards for him too. Can I drop them off at your house?? :)

Adrien said...

I'm loving your answers, haha. I just realized what I'd do with $10,000...invest it! Then I'd end up with lots more! :)

Angie - That's exactly why I wanted to put out some more information...things get sooo twisted in a small town!

Sarah - Yes, you can drop them by! That is AWESOME! If we're not home you can leave them under the rug or in the mailbox and we'll be sure to find them. Just facebook me or something if you leave them. Thank you so much!

And I just saw that one of you lovely bloggers who does not even know Tyler personally just made a donation for him. You better believe you're getting a shout out tomorrow! :D Woot!


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