Thursday, June 30, 2011

My June Babies!

My morning yesterday was absolutely terrible. I'm glad to put it in the past. And it was all over one stinkin missing pair of keys.... know, the keys I just bought a keychain for so I wouldn't LOSE them??

I had plans to take Grace and Evie to the park with cute little photo props to shoot some new pictures of the girls together. It's been a long time since I've taken pictures "just because," and since we never go to the professionals, we were overdue. I was totally looking forward to not only getting some new photographs, but also to spending the morning having fun with my babies. I have been super busy lately, and I feel like my daughters have paid for it. So this was going to be a wonderful mommy/daughter day!

I got the girls all dressed up, gathered all of our supplies and loaded them into the car, packed a diaper bag, filled sippy cups, and finally strapped Gracie into her car seat. We were literally heading out the door when I realized that I didn't have my car keys, and when I turned to the spot that they had been laying all morning they were gone. Of course. So I put Gracie down, looked high and low, under couches, in other rooms, opened cabinets...and they were nowhere to be found. I decided to take Grace out of the car seat, because those darn keys were just not showing up.

An HOUR later I was a complete mess. For every upturned cushion and every pile of toys dug through which led me no closer to finding my keys I got a little more hysterical. I called Eric, and I think I scared the poop out of him. I kept asking Evelyn over and over again, "Where did you PUT my KEYS??" I finally resigned myself to the fact that my plans were not going to happen. I undressed the girls, put in a movie, and sulked for the rest of the morning. Bad. Day.

But after I was through feeling sorry for myself, I looked up and saw my babies. The girls had stayed completely sane and normal while mommy was running around like a crazy lady. I couldn't help but smile as I watched them enjoy each other's company side by side on the living room floor. And it was as if all of my frustrations were instantly lifted. We could save pictures for another day - and it was going to be okay.

No people can turn my day around quite like Evelyn and Grace. And so I'd like to present to you: My June Babies!

June has been our biggest month this year for milestones. It was a lovely time. :) We went to the lake, celebrated birthdays, and even watched our youngest Robert member learn to crawl and stand.

Evelyn turned 2 this month!

And it's insane how much of a little lady she is now. 

I'm starting to believe my mom when it comes to the "terrible halves" thing. (That kids are actually the hardest the closer they get to their halfway year marks.) Ever since Evie's birthday I've noticed a bit of a mellowing out from her. Yes, she still has her normal toddler quirks (like learning some not so kind words or deciding that hitting is just fine), but she's less into making giant messes and more content to sit with mommy on the couch and watch a movie or just cuddle. I'm loving this new "big girl" stage.

Eric and I crack up at all of the hilarious things that come out of her mouth. It is so much fun to finally get to hear some of things that bounce around in her brain. :) Her favorite games are making food for mommy and daddy, filling purses with anything she can find, and using her sister as a rocking horse. (Whoops!)

Evelyn has always been easy going and very friendly, and we've seen that even more lately. She LOVES making new friends, and she wants to include everyone when she's playing in a group. I hope she stays that way forever. :)

We are getting closer and closer to potty training, but I refuse to push her. I'm in no rush. And it is the cutest thing when she comes up to me and says, "I'm poopy! I'm poopy" (Even if she's just wet. Hehe.) Oh yes, close indeed. Evelyn has always been and still is a little character. :)

And what can I say about this girl?

Gracie has grown so much in the past month!

Grace went from scooting, to sitting up, to crawling, to standing up all in the month of June! She remains at least two months ahead of where Evelyn was at her age, so if my calculations are correct, within the next two or three months we'll probably have another walker around here. (What in the world am I going to do??) Haha. I can't even imagine the amount of trouble my girls will get into together!

No new teeth this month - still just two little toofers on the bottom. :) But her personality has bloomed, and everyone seems to be noticing! We get comments all.the.time now about the crazy faces she makes, haha. And she does have a full arsenal of expressions. From her big cheesy grin, to the scrunched up bunny face, she keeps us laughing all day long.

Gracie still thinks the world revolves around her big sister, and she gets incredibly frustrated when she can't do everything Evelyn can. Her new favorite thing is sitting on the couch next to Evie, which FREAKS me out, because Grace has been known to take a tumble or two. But far be it for me to deny a Gracie request, haha. This girl has a set of lungs the likes of which I have NEVER heard before. She knows what she wants, and she wants it now! Still, she remains my little sweetheart. :)

Yes, when I looked at my baby girls yesterday and saw their smiling faces all of my problems just melted away. We ended up having a lovely afternoon despite our crazy morning.

As I was standing over the stove that evening browning some hamburger for soup, I felt a little tugging at my side. It was Evelyn...dropping my car keys into my pocket. She looked up at me, smiled, and walked away. I have no idea if she knew where they were the whole time, or if she just happened to stumble upon them. Either way, I still don't know where those darn things were hiding! But leave it to Evie to be the one to make her mommy smile. :)

June was a great jam-packed month for the Robert family! We have an equally fun but *slightly* less busy month of July to look forward to, and I can't wait!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Would You Rather Wednesday

We had a great day yesterday on our weekly Ericless Tuesday. :) The kids got to splash around in the pool at my parent's house, we played at the playground, ate a YUMMY spaghetti dinner with all the fixings, and as we were walking home I got a call from Eric - he was at home waiting for us already! To top it off, he brought home a bag of oreo truffles, and I'm pretty sure I've eaten most of them. Shh....

I didn't get a picture of any of it, haha. So I decided it was time for another "Would You Rather Wednesday!" I hope you'll play along!

Would you rather...
Only watch children's movies for the rest of your life OR Only watch horror films for the rest of your life

Would you rather....
Only be able to buy items that you had a coupon for OR Never be able to use a coupon again

Would you rather...
Be able to overhear any conversation OR Be able to take back anything you say

Would you rather...
Get even OR Get over it

Would you rather...
Never sleep with blankets on OR Always sleep with shoes on

Would you rather...
Age only from the neck up OR Age only from the neck down

Would you rather...
Spend every moment of the rest of your life outdoors OR Spend every moment of the rest of your life indoors

Would you rather...
Live in a home without electricity OR Live in a home without running water

Would you rather...
Lick a public handrail OR Lick a dollar bill 

Would you rather...
Suffer from unpredictable fainting spells OR Suffer from random bouts of shouting

My answers:

*I'd only watch children's movies.
*Gah, this one is tough! I couldn't imagine having to find coupons for every single thing I bought before I bought it. Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and say I'd rather never use a coupon again. (Eek!)
*I would want to be able to take back anything I've said. A lot of stuff I say comes out sounding all wrong, but once it's out the damage is done!
*I WISH I had the ability to instantly "get over it." Life is too short to try to ruin someone else's day.
*Boo, neither of these! But since I have to pick one, I'd sleep with shoes on.
*I would age only from the neck up. I'm thinking there are less potential health issues if my body never aged. (Though I also want to have a sound mind.) This one is actually really tough if you think about it too long!
*Hmm...I say indoors...but I don't know. I only choose that one because of inclement weather. But to never take a scenic walk again??
*I'd live without running water. I like air conditioning too much! I can do laundry by hand...right?
*Yuck! I'd lick a dollar bill.
*I guess I'd shout. I couldn't imagine not being able to drive or being paranoid to do much of anything for fear of falling off things or causing accidents.  

These were tough for me this time around! What would you do?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Picnic Rides and Parade Floats!

Evelyn confirmed quite a few things about her personality this weekend. 

1.) She is a total motor head.
2.) She thrives on being a social butterfly.
3.) When she feels very passionately about something she breaks out the "I'm totally devastated" cry, which is rarely heard and works on mommy and daddy every.single.time.

We weren't at the Fireman's Picnic more than five minutes this year before Evelyn spotted the cars, and after that we were pretty much stuck for the evening.

She wanted out of the stroller sooo bad. :)

Evelyn was too small to ride anything last year, and so I wondered how she would do riding carnival rides for the very first time. She certainly seemed eager to get on!

Eric was the official ride getter oner and offer. :) 

There were several blogging mama's kids on the same ride!

There's Kim and Landon! (Sarah B, are those your boys??)

Evelyn managed to squeeze into the backseat of a metallic purple police car with her Uncle John and cousin Jesalyn.  *Message to future Evelyn (if you ever happen to read this): That's the last time I ever want to see you in the back of a cop car with John John! :)

They waited for quite a while for all the kiddos to get on and buckled in, and I was worried that Ev would get tired of sitting and try to hightail it out of there. But she didn't! She sat very patiently and waited for the ride to begin. And when it did....

...she loved it! Well, of course she did. Why did I have any doubts? 

Evie loved the cars so much that she had to ride them again! (And again, and again...) I love the next few pictures of her ride with John and two boys that we didn't know. <-- Which to Evelyn means two new potential friends. :)

Evelyn loved chatting with every kid she saw that night....

Landon was on this time, too! Kim, I tried to get some good pictures for you, but most of them were super blurry!

He was too cute!

Of course, all good things must come to an end. Eric and I wanted to explore a little more and try to get Evelyn to ride something else for a while. And this was what Evelyn thought about that:

Poor kid! She just wanted to ride those darn cars. Eventually we were able to distract her and venture into other parts of the picnic....

We found something else we thought Evie would enjoy: the UFO ride. I was worried once again, because this ride goes up and down pretty high for a two year old, but there was no need to worry about my adventure seeking daughter! (I have serious doubts about Gracie next year, haha. I hope she proves me wrong!)

We decided to exhaust our tickets on this ride, because we knew if we tried the cars again we'd never get home! It was a really great night. Evelyn had a blast (which is the whole point, right?) and we laughed a lot. I'm so thankful that a town of our size can pull off events like these. I've been to a lot of picnics/carnivals/fairs, and the Red Bud Fireman's Picnic usually rivals towns that are much bigger than ours. (And if you go early you can leave before anyone has too much to drink, haha. So no worries for families with small kids!)

But our weekend was far from over! We skipped the picnic on Saturday, but on Sunday we had the annual Fireman's Parade which is HUGE...and of course, we were in it! If the picnic is impressive for our tiny town, then the parade is EPIC. It's jam-packed and nearly two hours long. A kid could get enough candy to last a lifetime at our parade, haha. Folks from all over come to line the streets of Red Bud for this event, and I have to say, from my bird's eye view, there were more people than ever this year! I've been in my share of parades, and I have NEVER seen crowds like I did on Sunday. It was kind of ridiculous!

Our float before we drove it to get in line!

I think it turned out just fine! The main thing is that we were able to get the message out about our Vacation Bible School. We threw out:


...flip flop erasers (which I made tags and hand tied to every single one. THAT was a late night, haha)....


...and beach balls!

Everything had our information attached in some way, and we should've had more than enough...but there were SO MANY PEOPLE. I made a concerted effort to save things for the end of the parade, which we sorta did...but then once we got to the end there were literally three times as many people lined up as usual. Needless to say, we were among the dorks at the end of the parade route who had to tell the poor kids that we were out of stuff!

Note to future parade goers: If you don't want disappointed kiddos, I wouldn't recommend sitting at the square. :/

Still, we had a GREAT time!

My brother (who had JUST gotten back from several weeks of Army training the day before - what a sport!), his girlfriend Kayla (love her!), and Nelly Willy Jonah the whale. (Don't ask.)

Here's my little sister Shannon. :)

My parents - our drivers! 

And a rare shot of myself. :) Don't look at my grossness, we had already been out in the hot sun for several hours at this point!

I only wish I could've been with my girls during the parade to see their reactions. I hear they both really enjoyed themselves. :) I need to give a HUGE THANKS to my parents who helped me put the float together. My dad built the frame, otherwise I would've had absolutely nothing to attach things to. So glad I have a handy dad!

It was a long weekend, but a great one! The Fireman's Picnic and parade was a success I would say, and our family really enjoyed the festivities. I think that if we moved hundreds of miles away from our hometown someday, we would make it a point to come back and visit family during this weekend each year. :) Love that small town living!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Poop! I woke up all excited to blog about our weekend, and then I realized that I don't have our camera here. It's on the parade my parent's house. And I'm praying that they parked it in the garage after the parade, because it's been raining cats and dogs. Eric was NOT happy with me when I told him this morning. :/

We had a great weekend, though. Like, really really good. And I'm so glad that we got to see so many cute kids! For those of you who don't live in our area, this weekend was our annual Fireman's Picnic and parade, and there were rides ridden, candy tossed, and funnel cakes devoured. :) I'm kicking myself that I can't blog all about it today. I hope you'll check back tomorrow to see all the fun we had!

In the meantime, I'll make a Monday confession. I confess that seeing all of the blogging mama's kiddos this weekend was like seeing little reality TV stars! I felt like I knew them already, but not. Haha. I'd be lying if I didn't say that for a brief second I felt compelled to ask for autographs. :) I think a play date is definitely in order!

Now that the parade is over I'm on to my next challenge. I'm not only helping our Vacation Bible School director, but I'm actually teaching a class now. The first and second graders are all mine, and I'm really excited about it! It's been way too long since I've gotten to teach anything, and I think Grace is just old enough to be away from me for a couple of hours (without eating) for me to do that. So I've got lesson plans to study and things to make for "my" kids. I hope you'll send any littles who have completed first or second grade my way!

So that's it, friends. I can't really share a lot without pictures from the weekend. I haven't even seen them myself, so I need to get scooting over to my parent's house to rescue our camera... which I hope and pray has been in a dry garage all night! Can't wait to hear how YOUR weekend was.  If you don't have a blog of your own, share what you did in the comments! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Confession Friday 6-24!

Bath time became "The Evie Show" the other night...

...I'm glad she allows us to use her for our own personal entertainment. :)

I confess that after this bath time we took the girls into the living room to properly pajama them, and there was a mysterious "chocolate cookie" in the middle of the rug. We joked that "wouldn't it be funny if that wasn't a chocolate cookie?" I picked it up with a paper towel and took a BIG whiff. It was not a chocolate cookie!

I confess that I cannot stand Spongebob Squarepants.

I confess that I don't know why everyone is so shocked by the icky weather we've been having. I tried to warn the world weeks and weeks ago about what the Farmer's Almanac said, haha. I've been waiting for it come...the Farmer's Almanac is eerily almost never wrong.

I confess that there is still a random birthday decoration hanging above the couch that I'm too lazy to get down. But hey, we're just keeping it classy around here.

Evelyn keeps slipping her baby sister cookies....

These are the chocolate cookies I thought were on the carpet. :)

Yummy. Baha.

I confess that I've felt out of the loop in blogland this week, and I DON'T LIKE IT. Not one bit. I think a break from projects is in order after VBS! Oh wait, I'm hosting a party the week after. But after THAT, I'm done! (For a few weeks, until it's time for Gracie's party planning to begin!)

^^ I confess that all the stuff I'm doing makes me feel guilty that I don't have the same time for my girls as I usually do. (And they're beginning to revolt against me.)

I confess that I'm still unsure how our little parade float is going to turn out this weekend, because we didn't get it even close to finished last night. I just hope it doesn't look silly when it's all said and done. So for those of you reading this who are going to be at the parade on Sunday, I'm just going to ask you right now to go ahead and yell these words as I'm passing by: "Oh my GOSH, that is the BEST float I've EVER seen in my entire LIFE!" < Even if it looks like a hot mess on wheels, k? > Thanks for your kind words, in advance. :D

I confess that Evelyn is cracking up in her sleep as I'm typing this, and it's hilarious!

I confess that the moon was freaking me out the other night...

It was HUGE...and I tried to get a picture, but this is the best I could do with a cell phone while riding in the car. It looked like a disproportioned cartoon moon. I was completely mesmerized.

I confess that I NEVER remember to put sunblock on the girls when we go out to play. I always think about it after the fact. Um...durr.

I confess that I lost my keys three times this week. So I finally bought a keychain, and I know you're all going to be totally jealous of it.

Oh yeah...who doesn't want a neon "I <3 Eric" piece of rubber swinging from their ignition? I actually really like it, and I definitely haven't misplaced my keys since. :)

Those are all of my confessions for the day! What are YOU going to confess? I've decided that this morning is going to be totally dedicated to my babies - they deserve it! Then it's more parade float putting together this afternoon and the Fireman's Picnic tonight! (If we don't get rained out.) Maybe I'll see some of you there!

Have a great and safe weekend!


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