Friday, June 3, 2011

Confession Friday - Happy Birthday Eric!

I confess that I have a totally awesome husband.

And I confess that despite being another year older, he will still never match me in age. Ah, well. Women live a year longer anyway, right? We'll even each other out. :)


I love you in ridiculously large amounts. Maybe even in unhealthy "what would I ever do without you" kinds of ways. But I'll save more of the mushy junk for the love note I intend to leave you later. Ooooh....xoxoxo

Of course, it is Confession Friday, so I couldn't let this perfect opportunity slide without showing a couple of toddler pics of my main squeeze that make me giggle. Because isn't that what you're supposed to do on a birthday? :)

Okay, so maybe this one just makes me go "aww" but I had to show it, because, hello??! Is this not the boy version of Evelyn? Seriously. When I showed this picture to Evie yesterday and asked her who it was she said, "That's me! That's Evie!" From the round cheeks to those little chiclet teeth...sigh. Daddy cannot deny his daughter.

My favorite picture EVER is of Eric at his third birthday party. Someone thought it would be funny to give him Barbie clothes as a gift.

I love this picture because a) he's stinkin cute in it, and b) he obviously got the joke. I know plenty of three year old boys who would've thrown those clothes on the floor and had an absolute fit. Eric has always had a sense of humor. :)

Our family has been under a lot of stress lately from just being too busy for our own darn good. I hope for at least one day we'll be able to put responsibilities aside and enjoy ourselves. Eric definitely deserves a day of fun! So we're heading to the lake to soak up some rays and eat some bbq and hang out with family. Eric, I hope you have a really, really great day. :) And I hope we can find a way to transport ice cream cake to the campsite without having a huge melty mess. :D

Even with all that's going on, I still managed to squeak out a few regular confessions this week. Here it goes....

I confess that I'm really sad that in just a little over a week I will no longer be able to say I have "two babies UNDER two."

I confess that I'm hiding Evelyn's gumball machine during her birthday party next weekend. It's the first thing every kid goes for when they come over, and I can only imagine the mess it would cause, haha.

Trust me, it looks bigger in person. :)

I confess that we bought a new TV last weekend for Eric's birthday, thought it was too big, and are now going to return it. In the meantime we've bought TWO MORE slightly smaller TV's to replace the big one. One of the smaller sets, plus the big one, will be returned...but still...we are now in possession of three brand new TV's...all paid for, and we're only keeping one. Are you confused? I think I am a little.

I confess that now I'm worried when we replace our TV which we thought was too big with a slightly smaller set that I'm going to think the new one is too small. Ay yi yi....

I confess that I am totally overwhelmed with everything we have planned for the next ten days. I need a prayer and a miracle to come out in one piece on the other side.

I confess that I'm mortified that one of my confessions last week could have been totally taken the wrong way. When I said I wish we could have gift registries for everything, I didn't mean I wish I could register for Evie's birthday gifts, haha. I meant that it would be easier for ME to buy OTHER PEOPLE gifts if I knew exactly what they wanted. I thought about that confession when friends started asking me what Evelyn would want for her birthday. Yikes, I swear I'm not a gift snob! :)

I confess that I have to get off of blogger right this second to finish Eric's birthday gift! It's not a big thing...cause the big thing is currently sitting in our living room...but it's a "I still have to put it in the frame" kind of thing from the girls. :)

Have a great weekend! Have fun and wear sunscreen. Haha. Yes, mother....


Heather Rahn said... the Barbie picture.

I confess for my birthday one year my aunt and uncle got me a tractor. I have a similar picture as the one above, but I am hysterically crying and all my boy cousins are gathered around oogling my shinny new toy.

Happy Birthday!!!

Cassie said...

awwww, happy birthday eric. You two are so cute!!

i confess that i am at home with stella today and she brought me a pair of shoes about ten minutes after she woke up. i put them on her and she has had them on every since. wth?! lol. i think we need to invest in some slippers.

Sarah said...

Welp, looks like you don't have to wonder what your little boy is going to look like haha :)

It is VERY different saying you have a "TWO year old"...I'm going to have issues with saying a "THREE year old" Sigh....


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