Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A day at the lake

Sorry for being MIA yesterday, but you just WOULDN'T believe it. Gymboree's summer RBS sale came three weeks early this month, and when my girlfriend Laura texted to see if I wanted to go I said heck yes. I was tipped off on Sunday that RBS was starting on Monday, and since I buy the vast majority of the girls' clothes at the summer sale for the entire Fall/Winter season...well...I couldn't NOT go. It would be devastating to our budget and our closets if we missed it. (Everything is $6.99 and under!) Yes, the sale usually runs for a week or more, but I have to go the first day to get the best selection. :) Needless to say, it was another thing to do in an already busy week. I definitely hadn't anticipated our bi-annual clothes shopping extravaganza to take place during the same week that everything else in my world seems to be blowing up.

Long story short, I was gone for six hours yesterday morning. So no blog. :) And a big HUGE thank you to Laura for driving and being my shopping buddy! Eric thanks you for saving him the agony of clothes shopping, haha.

So about our weekend. :) It was Eric's birthday last Friday, and we headed to the lake.

My parents always take a ten day camping trip at the beginning of June...the only year they missed was when Evelyn was due to be born around June 3 in 2009. And while our little family will probably never join them in the exciting camping experience (I would love it, Eric...not so much...) we do like to make an attempt to visit them for at least a day and spend some time in the outdoors. Did I mention Eric is not a fan of the outdoors?

We started our day off at the beach.

We sprayed our babies with sunscreen, and plopped floppy bonnets on their heads to keep the sun out of their eyes. Too bad Evelyn wasn't a fan of the sun hat and wouldn't be bothered to keep it on. :) Eric was doing good...the attitude-o-meter was hovering at about a nine out of ten. I knew this probably wasn't his first choice of activities to be doing on his birthday, but he was being a good sport.

Evelyn is pretty much fearless when it comes to most things, and we discovered that water is no exception. And that is code for: we have to watch the kid like a hawk. Two seconds and she is gone. We let her wade out in the shallow waters with one of us right next to her, but after she went under a few times I eventually buckled her in a life jacket for my sanity. I know it's totally NOT funny, but I had to  laugh after she went down for the third time and Eric said, "I keep forgetting she can't swim." Oh boy...leave it to the daddies.... :)

Love her!

While Evelyn definitely takes after my family with a love of all things nature...Grace favors her daddy in this department.

She didn't like sitting in the water. She didn't like when I held her and put her feet in the water. She didn't really like being in the sand either, but at least she didn't squeal too loudly. :) Poor Grace. For the entire hour and half or so that we were there, she had this constant little under-her-breath moan going on that said, get me the heck out of here.

Eric's tolerance level began to wane about forty-five minutes in. I'd say we were at about a 6 by now. I could tell he was getting antsy. But Evie was having a ball....

Eric has this little phrase he uses when his time doing a certain activity needs to come to an abrupt end. He says he "hits his wall." And once he hits his wall, there is no turning his attitude towards said activity around. I knew that Eric was driving dangerously close to wall territory when he approached me in the water and said, "Hey, if we leave now I can get us free tickets to go see Weird Al. "

Really? Not that I don't love a good song parody now and then, but Weird Al tickets? I knew we were in trouble. And since the rest of the family seemed to have had their share of the beach, too, I told Eric that we just needed to get one picture of our entire family together by the water and then we could pack our stuff up and head back to the campsite. And this was Eric's face after I told him that:

Not joking. Happy as a clam.

And we were just about ready to take that family photo when something really bad happened....

I was waiting in the water with the girls, and Eric was getting ready to hand the camera off to my sister to take the picture. He snapped a few photos of the girls and me first, and then gave the camera to Shannon. And that is when a football came barreling towards the camera and smacked right into the lens. Um, yikes. Everybody freaked out for a second while Eric ran over to see what damage had been done. Seconds later all I heard was, "Yeah, it's broken. It won't focus." Followed by some colorful language that will not be shared here today. Baha.

Needless to say, Eric's tolerance level plummeted to zero. It was time.to.go. We packed up and drove back to camp where we could change into dry clothes and regroup for a while. I was praying...praying reeeally hard...the whole way that our camera would be miraculously saved and that Eric's birthday wasn't going to be completely ruined. 

We changed and waited for the rest of the family to get back from the beach, and my mom gave the kids some bomb pops for a yummy, cool treat. I decided to get the camera out and get a few shots of Evie's vampire-red drippy face. And - HALLELUJAH- the lens was magically working again! Woot! Woot! The day was saved.

Eric was happier for a little while. :)

My parents reserve the BEST campsite at Rend Lake when they can. They get all of the space you see here and then some to themselves, and it goes all the way back to the lake. I was impressed when we pulled up and saw all of the room they had! They had to reserve this spot in JANUARY to get it.

 Die hard campers, I tell you.

We chilled out for a while and my parent's were just throwing some pork steaks on the grill for dinner when I saw this:

...and I knew the time had come. My dreams of BBQ and campfire s'mores were soon dashed. Eric was totally over it. And since it was his special day, I let him pull the birthday card. We packed up the girls, said our goodbyes, and drove home - far away from anything and everything resembling semi-rustic nature. I may have married a man with a great mind, a wonderful work ethic, and deep love for his family...but I did not marry a happy camper. And that is just something I'm going to have to learn to love about him. :)

There was much more fabulous fun had over the weekend after that. Some we took pictures of, and some we didn't. If I'm still alive after all I have to do by this time tomorrow, maybe I'll post some pictures from Rendezvous. :) Oooh, is the suspense killing you yet? Haha. Happy Tuesday!


Stephanie said...

I so feel your lens panic! I had a moment like that myself not that long ago. I was switching lenses and dropped my brand new, never used wide angle lens. I splirged and spent way more than I ever had on a lens and was freaking out! Lucily in the end there was no major damage! It sure was scary though!! :)

Heather Rahn said...

Glad to see your back. You had us in a panic yesterday! Looks like a fun weekend but I'm with your husband on this one...the outdoors suck.

Meagan said...

I have to say I can totally relae to Eric on this....I'm not the outdoorsy/camping type either....especially when it is hot out!!

Oh...and graces chuuby little legs are adorable in her yellow polk a dotted swimsuit!

Sarah said...

I don't know which pictures I said a louder "awwwww" to..Evie & Grace's or Eric's :)

Kim Luke said...

love the pictures! love the girls swimsuits and the floppy hats are just too cute!!!!
I want to take a day and go to the lake!!
And I'm jealous how fantastic you look in a bikini after 2 kids in the past 2 years!!!!


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