Monday, June 13, 2011

Evie's Lagoon - The Elements

My baby is 2!! Oh my. Still can't believe that. :) We had a wonderful birthday party yesterday, and I took almost 700 pictures. (That's a lot. Haha.) There's just so much to share that there's no way I can do  it all in one post. So today we'll take a look at all of the party "stuff" and tomorrow I'll blog about the actual party. Awesome. So, get ready to be inundated with a million pictures and very little writing. I think most of it speaks for itself. 

I made 99% of the decorations myself, and most of it was done with the Cricut! (If you don't have one yet, what in the world are you waiting for? Hehe.) It was so much fun putting it all together! Let's start outside:

I always try to put something out on the front porch. I didn't take pictures of all of it. Imagine some seaweed and a streamer wrapped pole. :)

Well, hello there. I made cupcakes....

...and I was pretty proud of my piping job, since I had never piped a thing in my life and was working with a makeshift Ziploc bag. :)


Our drink fountain. Sea lemonade, anyone?

It was a splashy mess, but totally worth it. 

There was a "Whirlpool Lounge" where folks could sit and watch a 19 minute slideshow of Evie's second year. I'd share the slideshow with you,'s 19 minutes. :)

Our ceiling fan was the whirlpool....

Get it? :)

We had favors for the littles. Tropical water lily headbands and flower clips for the girls, and pirate masks for the boys.

The girls wore turquoise beads, and the boys wore gold. 

I tried forever to get a good picture of our underwater canopy, but it was hard. They're not great pictures, but you'll get the gist. 

In between the streamers there were glittery hanging garlands (which I looove.) I wish I would've gotten close ups, but I didn't. I made the canopy by screwing hooks into the ceiling and stringing fishing line in a square around the dining room. The streamers draped over the string and were attached to the ceiling above the ceiling fan. I tried for a month to explain this idea to Eric and he couldn't catch the vision. After I finally had it up he said, "Ohh, I get it now.":)

Our back patio was transformed into "Bubble Bay."

There was a table set up for blowing bubbles...

...and a pool of jellyfish for the kids to feel!

Okay, so they weren't real jellyfish. :) They were squishy little ball things that feel similar to a jellyfish. Evelyn's great grandma Robert gave these to us, and I knew I had to use them!

The kids loved it! (But more on that tomorrow.)

I didn't take many food shots this time, but here are a couple...

Love the "ocean dipped" strawberries! Did you know you can get colored dipping chocolate now? I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby. 

Excuse Eric's guitar amp. This was taken out of the way AFTER I snapped these pictures. 

My friend Monica made this cake for Evelyn!

There were even more elements to our little shindig, but I forgot to take pictures of everything! I woke up this morning and the first thought in my mind was, Oh my gosh, I didn't get a picture of this or that or that.... But that's alright; I think we have more than enough memories made from Evelyn's 2nd birthday party!

Putting together this day took hours of time over the course of two months and over a week of actually constructing and hanging. Being a stay at home mom makes a HUGE difference, and this is one of the biggest reasons I LOVE getting to stay home. I really enjoy doing these kinds of things for my babies. :) Most of the signs and things that I was able to make myself can be customized and purchased from websites like etsy, so anyone can have a fun customized party without the hours of prep involved! I make my own cupcakes, because it's cost effective, but obviously those can be purchased too. And I am a HUGE fan of the dollar store! The TOTAL for decor, favors, food, invitations, and cake was under $250 - probably closer to $200. 

I used The Basics Paper Stack by The Paper Studio for every single sign and paper decoration. I picked it up for half price at Hobby Lobby. (Hobby Lobby sells paper packs for half off quite often.) So for almost every single item of decor you see that isn't a streamer, I paid about $10 total for it. And I have PLENTY of paper left to do Grace's party in the Fall. :)

Thanks for looking! I'm excited to share Evelyn's party with you tomorrow!


Kim Luke said...

holy amazing party!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure there will be NO pictures posted on my blog of Landon's party because you're going to put mine to shame!!!!
How much do you charge to decorate??? (I'm serious) haha
Happy Birthday Evelyn! Looks like you had an amazing birthday party!!!!

sblind2 said...

WOW, so impressive!! =) Everything looked great....I love the detail!

Anonymous said...

I agree, wow! Amazing! You are so talented! You should look into being a party planner. SERIOUSLY! I would pay you! :)

Christine Pettijohn said...

You did an awesome job and Vince and I had fun. Wyatt was pretty mad when he had to leave. Lol. If you could not tell.

Adrien said...

Thank you, everyone! If I didn't have to dedicate SO MUCH TIME with two little babies, I would so do parties for other people. One day when mine are in school maybe. :)

Christine - I was so glad you guys could make it! I hope you don't mind if I post a picture or two of Wyatt tomorrow. :)

Mirella said...

Wow the birthday party looks amazing , you really did our best on it, can you give a party here on june 27th???
The decoration is perfect, do you all do that in America for a birthday?


Jackie said...

Awesome.....Everything looks so good! Yes I would have to agree the Circut is awesome and everyone should own one!

Sarah@everydayeasy said...

WOW! You seriously thought of every detail - what a fun party!!!

SoBlessed81 said...

Awesome! You said you used your Cricut what was the name of the cartridge that you used??? I'm having a difficult time finding it.

Adrien said...

Hey there! I used the original "Create A Critter" cartridge! :)


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