Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Evie's Lagoon - The Party!

After all of the preparation and planning and time, 3:00 on Sunday afternoon came and went faster than the snap of a finger. I've now learned after doing this a couple of times that my kid's birthday parties are sort of like my wedding day. :) There's a lot of build up, and then once the day comes and goes all of the memories are sort of a blur. Praise God for cameras!

Today's post might as well be a facebook album. (Which I'm sure it will be by the end of the day.) But I wanted to make sure all of my blogging friends got to see everything first - cause I love ya, of course. I'm fairly certain there are even more pictures today than yesterday... boy do I hope you're on a fast loading computer. :)

First, a little explanation. When I made the time of Evelyn's birthday party at 3:00 (like I did last year) I thought that it would be perfect. Evelyn usually takes her afternoon nap around12:30 - 1:00 and sleeps for over an hour. Anyone with a toddler knows that if a child is used to taking a nap at a certain time, you DO NOT want to mess with nap time! However, over the past few weeks Evelyn had mysteriously been bumping her nap time back by a few minutes each day... and about a week before her party she would be falling asleep as late as 2:00-2:30. Needless to say, I was terrified that either a) I'd have to wake her up prematurely from her nap and have a crabby kid or b) she wouldn't get a nap at all and I'd have a crabby kid. 

So our plan was that after church Eric would take the girls over to his parent's house for lunch, and then Evie's grandma would drive her around to get her to fall asleep sooner and be nice and refreshed for her birthday party. Did it work? Yes! And the reason I'm telling you this is because the first pictures of the party are not in fact of the birthday girl, but of the birthday girl's little sister...because we were waiting for Evelyn to show up at home! (She made it about 15 minutes before showtime and after a few guests had already arrived!) So here ya go...the birthday party pictures. :)

Gracie was the first official "little" guest of the day! She decided to dress up for the occasion. :)

John made it to the party before Evelyn did!

Ah, here's the birthday girl!

Yes, darling, you look marvelous. 

Our early arrivers sat down to watch Evelyn's 2nd Year slideshow. Evie loved seeing pictures of herself on the big screen!

And then she discovered some of her first presents, including the picnic table from her mommy and daddy.

Our child is more than aware of what a present is, and we caught her on a couple of occasions trying to sneak a package early. :)

More little friends began to arrive, including baby Noelle and cousin Ezrie! 

They were dancing to the slideshow music, haha.

Grace tries to dance, too. She's quite good, actually. :)

More and more guests began to file in, and Evelyn retreated to "Bubble Bay" to have some soapy wet fun. I was so thankful that we set up a place for people to go outside, because at one point I'm pretty sure that everyone was packed like sardines in our house!

John and his "jellyfish."

Evelyn kept trying to take her clothes off so she could jump in the pool. (Which I'm pretty sure she did at one point when I wasn't looking.)

Wyatt came to join the fun!

And even the adults got in on the action. Haha.

Hooray for Bubble Bay!

Eventually we needed to come back inside and greet the rest of the guests who had arrived!
Look, baby Jay (who is about to turn one!) came to the party. :)

Hehe...Wyatt loved the balloons. 

After about an hour of fun and mingling, it was cake time!

And I have to stop here to explain that last year this was my absolute favorite moment of Evelyn's entire birthday. She LOVES the Happy Birthday song almost as much as she LOVES being the center of attention...so put them together and you get one happy kid. This year's "Happy Birthday" did not disappoint. :)

It was the loudest Happy Birthday song I've ever heard...and Ev was drinking it up!

And she knew exactly what to do when the song was over....

Yay!! She loved it so much...that we sang to her two more times. What the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets. :)

And after the cake, the presents!

She found a crown in one of her bags, and HAD to put it on immediately. 

Evie got a card from Minnie Mouse that sang the birthday song...

...she loved it. She's been walking around the house with it ever since.

I could show a million more present opening photos, but we'll save those for facebook, haha. 

Yes, it was a great day, indeed. After present opening guests slowly began to trickle out, and by 5:30 our house was pretty much empty. Was everything worth it? Mhmm. It sure was. Evelyn had a blast!

Once everyone was gone, Evelyn piled up a bunch of her presents and insisted on taking her new baby doll car seat for a test run with grandma and grandpa. 

It was super cute.

I love her. My brand new 2 year old. Happy Birthday to my firstborn baby!

And now...only 127 days until Gracie turns one! :) Haha, I think I'm going to take a couple of months off before the craziness starts again!


Anonymous said...

sooooo precious! LOVE the pics!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Love the photos! Wyatt for sure loved the balloons. Thanks again for the invite we had a geat time.

Heather Rahn said...

Awww...great party!! Looks like she enjoyed every minute of it.

Jackie said...

So cute....that just makes your day when your babies are happy!

Sarah said...


You did a great job Mama!! And both girls looked adorable, as usual :)

Ahhh, our babies are growing up way.too.fast!

Mirella said...

Wow amazing, Evie looks so adorable.
I think you did a great job!

Meagan said...

You seriously need to become a party planner!! Everything looked great!!


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