Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fun Must-Have Kid Items for Summer!

I think at some point almost every person has come up with an invention that was super simple and clever, only to discover soon after that someone had "stolen" their idea and marketed it to the masses already. Drat! In just this past week this has happened to me TWICE...and I am actually over the moon about it. You mean that thing actually exists?? Awesome!

Once I discovered that my ideas had already seen the light of day, I started researching other items I've thought of that would make life with a toddler easier for the summer time. I found several little inventions that I think are must haves, or are just way too cool, so of course I have to share them all with you!

First up, my FAVORITE:

HALLELUJAH! My child can drink a juice box or pouch without squirting sticky fruity liquid everywhere? Yes, please! Almost every child loves to drink through a straw, and everything tastes better when it comes in a super cool individual container (right?) But pudgy little fingers just don't seem to know how to keep from squeezing those blasted boxes when they are taking a drink. I am getting some of these ASAP for Evelyn. Evie can finally drink straight from the juice box, and I can be saved a huge mess - it's a win/win! There are even cheaper versions of these on amazon. :)

Trips to the zoo, parades, amusement parks, walks, picnics, you name it...there is so much to do outside in the summer time, but the heat can become unbearable...especially for the little ones stuck inside of a stuffy stroller. I HAD to add this to a list of must haves, because it will definitely cut down on meltdowns which will keep everyone much happier. :) I chose the Dreambaby because at $9.99 it was the cheapest clip on fan I could find for the value.  Honestly, I'd like to buy three! One for each girl, plus one to clip onto the stroller handle for mom and dad! Hands free fan? Sounds good to me! (Amazon Prime members can get this shipped for free.)

Earlier this Spring I read an incredible tip for ice cream bars on the Dis boards (a message board for obsessed Disney fans...don't make fun.) One lady mentioned that a great way to keep hands from getting sticky from ice cream bars was to save lids from soft drink cups and slide them over the sticks to catch the melting ice cream. Ingenious! But then I got to thinking...wouldn't it be awesome if there was something a little less ghetto fabulous  makeshift to use? Something that could be reused over and over? Well, looky here. The Dripstik Ice Cream and Popsicle Holder does just that. On one side there is a slot just big enough to slip an ice cream bar or popsicle stick, and if you flip it over there is a slot to hold a waffle cone. We are definitely picking up a few of these before we go to Disney next year! Mickey bar, anyone?

This is just one of those inventions that I think is too cool. Summer time = dirt. There's a lot more hand and face washing going on than usual, and since many of us have children who are beginning to step into some independence, clever gadgets like these can help us teach our kids the difference between "hot" and "cold." It's simple really, the light is blue when the water is first turned on, and then the color changes according to the temperature. No need to feel the water and risk scorching little toddler fingers...the lights will do all the work. Plus, isn't it just fun to have lit up water? Yes, I know children have survived for years without this thing, but it's like $3.99, and I love it. :)

When I began my must-haves research, I could not escape this next item no matter how hard I tried. Everywhere I turned there were mothers everywhere GUSHING about this darn "Snack-Trap" thing. It's a cup with a rubber lid that holds snacks in. Hmm. But apparently it is the bees knees and we all must run out immediately and buy a few! So simple, yet so practical. Now that the weather is warmer we're venturing out more and more and for longer periods of time. So of course it's essential to carry snacks for the little ones. If this means I can give Evelyn a whole snack to herself without having to turn around every five seconds to hand her another cheerio in the car, well...maybe there's something to this Snack-Trap thing after all. :)

I know these have been around forever, but I have always thought these were the neatest things...and they're just so handy! I love that you can keep a beverage cold without having to worry about ice melting and watering down your drink on a hot day. These fun ice cubes are a hit with kids, and they can easily be slipped into a sippy cup on the go. Reusable Ice Cubes can be rinsed and refrozen over and over again!

And other FAVORITE must-have kid item for the summer:

I can remember as a kid loving push up popsicles in the summer, but hating the way they made my hands freeze. I would wrap paper towels or whatever I could find around them to keep my fingers from turning numb, but even as a child I remember thinking there has to be another way.  Last year Evelyn wouldn't even touch push up popsicles for this very reason, but that's all about to change. I'm so excited that someone thought to mass produce these things! And shh...don't tell...but I may end up using them myself! They'll keep hands from freezing and getting sticky, and make cool treats on a hot summers day that much more enjoyable! 

So there you have it! My list of items that will be making their way to our house very soon this season! I can't wait to test a few of these out and get back to you. Do you have any must-have items to share? Or do you already own any of these things? I bet most of you have thought of at least one of these inventions on your own, haven't you? Haha.

Let us know!


Anonymous said...

Not only are you a creative writer, your very good in promotional work. Keep up the good work!!!

Your Father-In-Law

Anonymous said...

I literally placed an Amazon order not 2 minutes before you posted this. And now thanks to you, I have 4 new items in my future cart of things to buy on Amazon :) Thanks for this post. Super cute! :)

Cassie said...

I always see things like this and think "someone is RICH because of this!!"
And had to laugh out loud at your DIS board confession. Too cute. You sure do love that place. lol.


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