Thursday, June 30, 2011

My June Babies!

My morning yesterday was absolutely terrible. I'm glad to put it in the past. And it was all over one stinkin missing pair of keys.... know, the keys I just bought a keychain for so I wouldn't LOSE them??

I had plans to take Grace and Evie to the park with cute little photo props to shoot some new pictures of the girls together. It's been a long time since I've taken pictures "just because," and since we never go to the professionals, we were overdue. I was totally looking forward to not only getting some new photographs, but also to spending the morning having fun with my babies. I have been super busy lately, and I feel like my daughters have paid for it. So this was going to be a wonderful mommy/daughter day!

I got the girls all dressed up, gathered all of our supplies and loaded them into the car, packed a diaper bag, filled sippy cups, and finally strapped Gracie into her car seat. We were literally heading out the door when I realized that I didn't have my car keys, and when I turned to the spot that they had been laying all morning they were gone. Of course. So I put Gracie down, looked high and low, under couches, in other rooms, opened cabinets...and they were nowhere to be found. I decided to take Grace out of the car seat, because those darn keys were just not showing up.

An HOUR later I was a complete mess. For every upturned cushion and every pile of toys dug through which led me no closer to finding my keys I got a little more hysterical. I called Eric, and I think I scared the poop out of him. I kept asking Evelyn over and over again, "Where did you PUT my KEYS??" I finally resigned myself to the fact that my plans were not going to happen. I undressed the girls, put in a movie, and sulked for the rest of the morning. Bad. Day.

But after I was through feeling sorry for myself, I looked up and saw my babies. The girls had stayed completely sane and normal while mommy was running around like a crazy lady. I couldn't help but smile as I watched them enjoy each other's company side by side on the living room floor. And it was as if all of my frustrations were instantly lifted. We could save pictures for another day - and it was going to be okay.

No people can turn my day around quite like Evelyn and Grace. And so I'd like to present to you: My June Babies!

June has been our biggest month this year for milestones. It was a lovely time. :) We went to the lake, celebrated birthdays, and even watched our youngest Robert member learn to crawl and stand.

Evelyn turned 2 this month!

And it's insane how much of a little lady she is now. 

I'm starting to believe my mom when it comes to the "terrible halves" thing. (That kids are actually the hardest the closer they get to their halfway year marks.) Ever since Evie's birthday I've noticed a bit of a mellowing out from her. Yes, she still has her normal toddler quirks (like learning some not so kind words or deciding that hitting is just fine), but she's less into making giant messes and more content to sit with mommy on the couch and watch a movie or just cuddle. I'm loving this new "big girl" stage.

Eric and I crack up at all of the hilarious things that come out of her mouth. It is so much fun to finally get to hear some of things that bounce around in her brain. :) Her favorite games are making food for mommy and daddy, filling purses with anything she can find, and using her sister as a rocking horse. (Whoops!)

Evelyn has always been easy going and very friendly, and we've seen that even more lately. She LOVES making new friends, and she wants to include everyone when she's playing in a group. I hope she stays that way forever. :)

We are getting closer and closer to potty training, but I refuse to push her. I'm in no rush. And it is the cutest thing when she comes up to me and says, "I'm poopy! I'm poopy" (Even if she's just wet. Hehe.) Oh yes, close indeed. Evelyn has always been and still is a little character. :)

And what can I say about this girl?

Gracie has grown so much in the past month!

Grace went from scooting, to sitting up, to crawling, to standing up all in the month of June! She remains at least two months ahead of where Evelyn was at her age, so if my calculations are correct, within the next two or three months we'll probably have another walker around here. (What in the world am I going to do??) Haha. I can't even imagine the amount of trouble my girls will get into together!

No new teeth this month - still just two little toofers on the bottom. :) But her personality has bloomed, and everyone seems to be noticing! We get comments all.the.time now about the crazy faces she makes, haha. And she does have a full arsenal of expressions. From her big cheesy grin, to the scrunched up bunny face, she keeps us laughing all day long.

Gracie still thinks the world revolves around her big sister, and she gets incredibly frustrated when she can't do everything Evelyn can. Her new favorite thing is sitting on the couch next to Evie, which FREAKS me out, because Grace has been known to take a tumble or two. But far be it for me to deny a Gracie request, haha. This girl has a set of lungs the likes of which I have NEVER heard before. She knows what she wants, and she wants it now! Still, she remains my little sweetheart. :)

Yes, when I looked at my baby girls yesterday and saw their smiling faces all of my problems just melted away. We ended up having a lovely afternoon despite our crazy morning.

As I was standing over the stove that evening browning some hamburger for soup, I felt a little tugging at my side. It was Evelyn...dropping my car keys into my pocket. She looked up at me, smiled, and walked away. I have no idea if she knew where they were the whole time, or if she just happened to stumble upon them. Either way, I still don't know where those darn things were hiding! But leave it to Evie to be the one to make her mommy smile. :)

June was a great jam-packed month for the Robert family! We have an equally fun but *slightly* less busy month of July to look forward to, and I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

*Remember* everything happens for a reason! Maybe there was a reason you needed to stay home yesterday and not go anywhere. I try to remember that when things don't happen as planned. There is a reason it went the way it did!
p.s. Those pics are my FAVORITE of your little girls, oh so cute!

Adrien said...

Yes, that is EXACTLY what Eric and I were talking about last night! Who knows what could've happened!

Cassie said...

Awww, I love these and look foward to them every month!! I just can't believe how fast Gracie is growing, and Evie just melts my heart. YAY!

The Pettijohns said...

Cute post. It seems like yesterday I was tuning in for Graces grand appearence into the world.


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