Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My May Flowers

Happy June!! What a truly wonderful month...probably my second favorite month of the year. Both Eric and Evie celebrate their birthdays in June. The kids are out of school. The temperatures are rising. Summer businesses are up and running. Hooray! But I don't want to get ahead of myself, because there's still a little bit of May business to take care of. :)

This is the very last report I can do on my baby girls, because by this time next month, I'm not so sure I can still call them both my babies. :( Evelyn will be two years old - an official toddler. I have 11 more days to soak in Evie's babyhood. The next time I'm reporting about all of the things the girls have done over the past month, it'll be a baby and big girl report. I can't believe it. So here it goes. The very last report on my TWO baby girls.

Gracie Girl
7 months old

Grace is a little roly poly these days! She can get pretty much anywhere she wants to go...rolling, scooting, crawling backwards, turning...the only thing she hasn't mastered yet is actually crawling forward. :) I have a feeling it won't take her very long to figure it out! She even surprised the heck out of me one day when she pulled herself up on her crib rails and peeked over the top with a smile. She's getting so big!

Actually, I had that exact thought the other day as Grace was stretched out on her belly on the floor. She looked HUGE. No longer can I picture her as a tiny newborn small enough to have fit in my stomach. I seriously have to look at pictures now to remember how tiny she once was. And her's starting to flip out over her ears. Praise the Lord she didn't get anymore new teeth, or I'd be having a nervous breakdown right now. :)

Grace is starting to master the whole eating thing. She can actually keep food in her mouth and swallow it. Progress! And she's DANCING. Oh my goodness, it is the cutest thing. If you start singing or if she hears a song on TV, she'll get on her belly, lift up her upper body, and rock back and forth with a big grin. I love it! And probably my MOST favorite thing Grace does now...she smiles for the camera!

No longer does Grace freeze up when the lens is in her face. She puts on a show just like her big sister. Hallelujah! Now the rest of the world can know that she really really does have a personality. She's had one all along, but I was hard pressed to prove it, haha. 

Evelyn Lily
23 months old

What can I say about Evelyn? Really. She has SO MUCH personality it's hard to try to box it up and share every crazy thing she says or does day in and day out. I will say this: I think she's starting to chill out a little bit. My mom has always said that all of her kids were higher maintenance at their 1/2 marks...1 1/2, 2 1/2, 3 1/2, etc. I think that's holding true for Evelyn. As we approach her 2nd birthday, she's really becoming much easier to manage.

Evie is more content to sit and watch a movie than she is to empty out a kitchen cabinet. (Yesss!) She's also just generally more mellow and lovey. I've been enjoying lots of cuddles for the past week or so. That's not to say she doesn't still give me a few gray hairs a day, but at least we're down to a few, and not one every five minutes! I wonder how long this stage will linger before life is crazy again. :)

I won't even try to list all of the words Evelyn can say, because I'm pretty sure she has the ability to say just about every word she hears now. It's what she decides to string together sometimes that has us rolling. I've sat here for five minutes trying to give you a good example, but I can't think of one, haha. Trust me, she says some funny junk. :D

The twin questions have already begun, can you believe it? I was told this was going to would be inevitable with having two girls so close in age. But I had no clue it would be so soon. Just this past week we've had three people ask if our girls were twins while they were in the stroller. I suppose the matching outfits confuse people, haha. Still, they aren't super close in size yet, and I imagine in the months to come it's going to go from cute to annoying to constantly answer the same question over again. If they were twins we could smile with a "Yes," and move on. But since they're not, of course there are always follow up questions. "How far apart are they?" "So do they always dress the same?" "Are you having any more?" Not that I mind answering these questions, but if we're stopped this much now, I can't imagine six months from now! 

Okay, I have to show you more of Evelyn with the hose, because it was oh so cute.

So we're gearing up for a fun summer. I've been dreaming of things to do with the girls for months now, and I can't believe it's finally time to do all of those things! Now I'm struggling with what to do first. :) 

 Have a happy June, everyone! Um, Grace just beat herself in the head with a hair brush. Gotta run. :D


Heather Rahn said...

Awww...Evelyn is starting to look so much like you. Very cute post.

Jackie said...

Look at that belly....Loreli's is the same way and I just love it! So cute! They grow up so fast!

Anonymous said...

I am totally getting out the hose for Megan to play with...I bet that gives hours of entertainment!


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