Thursday, June 23, 2011

One great thing about storms... that when they knock your power out, you get to light candles you don't ordinarily light. :)

I've been a little candle crazy lately, which I realize is weird considering we're officially into summer now and the rest of the world is thinking of sheets on the clothesline and light and cool things in the house - not the warm glow of a candle. I'm an odd duck, what can I say? My name is Adrien Robert, and I am a candleholic. 

I used to sell candles, and so I have boxes and boxes (and boxes) of candle accessories and wax stored in our basement...and it's sort of all willy nilly. <-- This drives me nuts, because I big-time dislike not remembering what I have and if I'm running low on tealights or 3-wicks and all that jazz. Before I was married my bedroom at home was literally stacked floor to ceiling with PartyLite candles and accessories for the future home I couldn't wait to have. We've yet to live in a place that allows me to unpack everything and find a place for it. :)

Then of course I got pregnant...and my baby learned to walk...and then I had another baby...and well, you just can't have a lot of FIRE hanging out around the house, ya know. Not a great plan. So once again, my boxes have sat and collected dust and cobwebs below ground. But the candle bug has bitten. Bitten in a way that it hasn't bitten since before I gave birth to Evelyn. I need to sort and organize and evaluate and prepare ahead of time for my favorite season...Fall. The best, yummiest, candle burning season of all.

And because I am my father's daughter, I decided at 11:30 pm last night that I had to do my organizing right then - while the house was quiet and I didn't have kids weaving in and out of my path. When my mind wasn't totally focused on cutting out letters for parade float signs and making sure my children had eaten something. When I get an idea, I just have to do it. So I did. :)

WARNING: What you are about to see is not for the feint of heart.

Told ya. We need to have a garage sale or something. :) So anyway, those blue boxes are what I was on the hunt for. I dug through piles and sorted out the wax from the candle holders, the every day from the holiday...and after about an hour I had a few piles of stuff. This is what I learned: I'm missing a ton. Like, at least a whole big box worth of stuff isn't anywhere in our basement, and I also learned that my holiday pile is a bit pathetic. I have just a handful of Fall decor and ONE Christmas pretty. One! That has to change.

Unfortunately after two different basement floodings in two different homes, most of the boxes are warped and damaged. There are a few things I don't have need for anymore, but I don't know if I would give something away in a damaged box. Hmm...Still, I might have to do a giveaway sometime soon. Anyone like candles as much as I do??

I ended up pooping out and just putting things into piles, haha.

My pathetic holiday pile. :)

As luck would have it, about a week after the bug bit me, my old PartyLite leader found me on facebook! We knew that a reunion needed to be in order, haha. The brand spankin new Fall/Holiday and Halloween goodies roll out at the end of July, and I am going to be THE FIRST person my old friend has a show with. Woohoo!! I'm so excited to see the awesome goods. Eric has already agreed to let me pick out a few new things for my birthday, which makes me even more excited! So save the date for me, will ya? I'm going to be hosting a "holiday in July" party on Tuesday, July 26th. It'll be like old times...or new times if you've never partied with me before :)

Stuff doesn't mean a whole lot to me. You could take half of my possessions outside and burn them, and I wouldn't be heartbroken. But it's so much fun to make my house into a home! I love beautiful, well made things, and I imagine my children will remember certain items from their childhood the same way I remember things that were in my house as a kid.  I can't wait to get a few new blue boxes for my birthday!  I love it!

And now I have to get the REST of my house in order.  The storms burst out the glass in our neighbor's back patio door (yikes!) and he's out of town today, so the guy coming to measure the doors may have to come into our place to do take some measurements. Guess I need to get these ground up chocolate chip cookies out of the rug, haha. Have a great Thursday! We're almost there. :)


Cassie said...

HOLY CANDLES! When you said you had a few boxes I was thinking like 10 or so. Not 37! Good grief. I would NOT be offened if you sold me a box of candles that were in a damaged box. As long as the candles are fine, who cares!! And you can always buy those clear plastic "party" type bags, some ribbon and wa-la, a "Happy Whatever" present!!

The Pettijohn's said...

Holy Crap! My name is Christine and I have the same addiction ask my husband. Step one of the program done. Lol! I love when my house smells good.

Adrien said...

Good idea, Cassie! I'll just repackage some things before I give them away. :) I'm thinking I'm going to be feeling generous next week, haha.

Christine - I'm the same way! That's why I'm obsessed with Scentsy! But nothing beats the glow of candlelight for ambiance. That's what I miss the most!

Kim Luke said...

Holy candles is right! My birthday is in august you know, and I love candles!!!!! Lol :)


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