Thursday, June 16, 2011

A peek in my brain....

This doesn't happen very often, but today is one of those days where I just don't have anything in particular to blog about. I've been taking this week off after the craziness of last week, so there isn't a whole lot going on in our world. However, I can share the things bouncing around in my brain lately. :)

* I need to get my hair cut and colored, and this is what i want:

I tried this style once before when I was pregnant with Evelyn, and my pregnancy hormones turned my hair orange. Do I dare try again? Maybe just get extra blonde highlights? Not sure, but I like the cut and I love the length. It's not too short, so if I decide I want my hair longer again it won't take long to get there. :)

* I heard a rumor yesterday that this might be Gymboree's LAST EVER RBS sale, and I wanted to cry. So of course Eric and I loaded the girls into the car last night, and we scored some more great deals! If you haven't gone yet, mamas, what are you waiting for? (Local friends - go to West County! They have the best stuff.)

*I need to get to the store ASAP to get Thank You cards for Evelyn's party. If I wait too long I'll forget...I'm bad about that.

*If you need new bedding, search for "hotel bedding" on ebay. Seriously...great stuff for cheap. When we FINALLY get new furniture, this is where I'm going to get our bedding from. But I can't decide between these two designs:

The Sara

or The Stephanie

I'm leaning toward The Sara today. 

Eric and I have incredibly traditional tastes, if you can't tell. We are all about the two story colonial, white columns, wainscoting, and crown molding. We want a long tree lined driveway with a flag in the front yard. We want the 2.5 children (we'll settle for three, haha) with a dog and a pool in the backyard. You get it. :)

*Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is HILARIOUS and Evelyn and I throughly enjoyed watching it together yesterday. You should definitely pick up a copy if you've never seen it. Or, check out The Muny this season! Seven Brides is playing August 1-7. If you're broke, get in line early for FREE seats!

*Swedish fish are red sour patch kids without the sour, and they are delicious. I had a love affair with these things in college, and the romance has been rekindled this week.

*Pizza Hut's pasta deal on Tuesdays is totally worth it! For ten bucks we had dinner, lunch the next day, and dinner again. And I didn't get sick of it - delicious! We like the white sauce. :)

Our party won't look anything like this. :)

*I want to plan an "inside outside" dinner party on our back patio for just a few friends. (You bring the dining room furniture outside!) We'll eat spaghetti and fire up the outdoor fireplace that we haven't taken out of the box yet. Hmm...yes, this must happen soon.

*I need to trek to the party store and buy things for a parade float. I have a feeling I'm going to be doing this project all by myself. I'm sure my sister will help. :)

And I better stop there or I'm going to be creeping into Confession Friday's territory! So those are the things in my brain. Scary place, isn't it? :) Hope you have a great day, friends. I've got some diapers to change. Over and out!


Heather Rahn said...

I think you would look adorable with that hair style. Never hurts to try!!

Kim Luke said...

love the hair style! def try the color again. hormones really screw with hair color so i think it will forsure turn out the way your hoping for!!!

ps. The Sara is my favorite too! love it!!!

Cassie said...

LOVE the hair! go for it! you DESERVE it!!

Kelly Muench said...

I LOVE that picture!! Great hairstyle!! That was one of my choices when I wanted a new hairstyle! Change is good, GO for IT!! :) :)

JamiP said...

You will totally rock that hairstyle! Go for it! And I have to admit I was leaning toward the Stephanie... but only because I like pops of color :). Both styles you picked out are gorgeous though. Getting new bedding is so much fun, thanks for the tip on ebay's "hotel bedding"! And your party picture made me want to go buy new dining room furniture too... lol. Must hold myself back!!


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