Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Picnic Rides and Parade Floats!

Evelyn confirmed quite a few things about her personality this weekend. 

1.) She is a total motor head.
2.) She thrives on being a social butterfly.
3.) When she feels very passionately about something she breaks out the "I'm totally devastated" cry, which is rarely heard and works on mommy and daddy every.single.time.

We weren't at the Fireman's Picnic more than five minutes this year before Evelyn spotted the cars, and after that we were pretty much stuck for the evening.

She wanted out of the stroller sooo bad. :)

Evelyn was too small to ride anything last year, and so I wondered how she would do riding carnival rides for the very first time. She certainly seemed eager to get on!

Eric was the official ride getter oner and offer. :) 

There were several blogging mama's kids on the same ride!

There's Kim and Landon! (Sarah B, are those your boys??)

Evelyn managed to squeeze into the backseat of a metallic purple police car with her Uncle John and cousin Jesalyn.  *Message to future Evelyn (if you ever happen to read this): That's the last time I ever want to see you in the back of a cop car with John John! :)

They waited for quite a while for all the kiddos to get on and buckled in, and I was worried that Ev would get tired of sitting and try to hightail it out of there. But she didn't! She sat very patiently and waited for the ride to begin. And when it did....

...she loved it! Well, of course she did. Why did I have any doubts? 

Evie loved the cars so much that she had to ride them again! (And again, and again...) I love the next few pictures of her ride with John and two boys that we didn't know. <-- Which to Evelyn means two new potential friends. :)

Evelyn loved chatting with every kid she saw that night....

Landon was on this time, too! Kim, I tried to get some good pictures for you, but most of them were super blurry!

He was too cute!

Of course, all good things must come to an end. Eric and I wanted to explore a little more and try to get Evelyn to ride something else for a while. And this was what Evelyn thought about that:

Poor kid! She just wanted to ride those darn cars. Eventually we were able to distract her and venture into other parts of the picnic....

We found something else we thought Evie would enjoy: the UFO ride. I was worried once again, because this ride goes up and down pretty high for a two year old, but there was no need to worry about my adventure seeking daughter! (I have serious doubts about Gracie next year, haha. I hope she proves me wrong!)

We decided to exhaust our tickets on this ride, because we knew if we tried the cars again we'd never get home! It was a really great night. Evelyn had a blast (which is the whole point, right?) and we laughed a lot. I'm so thankful that a town of our size can pull off events like these. I've been to a lot of picnics/carnivals/fairs, and the Red Bud Fireman's Picnic usually rivals towns that are much bigger than ours. (And if you go early you can leave before anyone has too much to drink, haha. So no worries for families with small kids!)

But our weekend was far from over! We skipped the picnic on Saturday, but on Sunday we had the annual Fireman's Parade which is HUGE...and of course, we were in it! If the picnic is impressive for our tiny town, then the parade is EPIC. It's jam-packed and nearly two hours long. A kid could get enough candy to last a lifetime at our parade, haha. Folks from all over come to line the streets of Red Bud for this event, and I have to say, from my bird's eye view, there were more people than ever this year! I've been in my share of parades, and I have NEVER seen crowds like I did on Sunday. It was kind of ridiculous!

Our float before we drove it to get in line!

I think it turned out just fine! The main thing is that we were able to get the message out about our Vacation Bible School. We threw out:


...flip flop erasers (which I made tags and hand tied to every single one. THAT was a late night, haha)....


...and beach balls!

Everything had our information attached in some way, and we should've had more than enough...but there were SO MANY PEOPLE. I made a concerted effort to save things for the end of the parade, which we sorta did...but then once we got to the end there were literally three times as many people lined up as usual. Needless to say, we were among the dorks at the end of the parade route who had to tell the poor kids that we were out of stuff!

Note to future parade goers: If you don't want disappointed kiddos, I wouldn't recommend sitting at the square. :/

Still, we had a GREAT time!

My brother (who had JUST gotten back from several weeks of Army training the day before - what a sport!), his girlfriend Kayla (love her!), and Nelly Willy Jonah the whale. (Don't ask.)

Here's my little sister Shannon. :)

My parents - our drivers! 

And a rare shot of myself. :) Don't look at my grossness, we had already been out in the hot sun for several hours at this point!

I only wish I could've been with my girls during the parade to see their reactions. I hear they both really enjoyed themselves. :) I need to give a HUGE THANKS to my parents who helped me put the float together. My dad built the frame, otherwise I would've had absolutely nothing to attach things to. So glad I have a handy dad!

It was a long weekend, but a great one! The Fireman's Picnic and parade was a success I would say, and our family really enjoyed the festivities. I think that if we moved hundreds of miles away from our hometown someday, we would make it a point to come back and visit family during this weekend each year. :) Love that small town living!


Sarah said...

I love all Evie's facial expressions!!! And don't even get me started on the pigtails. OMG!!

BTW: Luke LOOOOVES all the beach balls that were thrown his way :)

Cassie said...

beach balls were a hit this year. we have two at our house that are lpayed with constantly. lol. kim and i were sitting along the route and i told her, remember we have to yell that's the best float ever when adrien goes by. lol. however stella needed a diaper change like something fierce and i missed it. sorry!!
and ptl your camera didn't get ruined. i thought about it all day yesterday!!

Adrien said...

Sarah - Evie is the queen of expressions...she has us cracking up all the time!

Cassie - I would've laughed hysterically if someone actually would have yelled that, haha. We were at the end of the parade, so I don't blame ya! (I was glad the camera was okay, too! I would have been in BIG trouble!)

Jackie said...

We just watched the cars...I think maybe next year we will try them out. I was by myself and didn't know if I could handle it all!

Kim Luke said...

aww LOVE the pictures of Landon!! Thanks for sharing! I forgot my camera at home, so I'm glad someone got a few pictures of him! :)

And yes, the balls were a hit in the parade!! Landon loves his!!!


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