Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rendezvous, Eric's through with you....

I asked my hubby to guest blog for me today, because I just have so much stuff to do. This is what he came up with:

The Rendezvous is every year in June. I didn't want to go, but Adrien made me. It costs $7 to park. It was really hot. I wanted Adrien to take a picture of an Indian in a butt flap, but she wouldn't.

Nice, huh? :) That was his input. So, about the Rendezvous....

How do I describe Rendezvous to someone who has never experienced the event for themselves? How about this: "Rendezvous is a re-creation of the traditional French fur trapper’s holiday of the Eighteenth Century, and is one of the oldest and largest events of its kind in the United States."  There you go, taken straight from Fort de Chartres' website. :) In other words, it's a historical festival where folks dress up in eighteenth century garb and participate in time appropriate activities. 

From the food, to the performances, to the unusual mix of people walking around...some in butt flaps, as Eric so thoroughly is definitely a site to behold. And as I'm sure you could tell, Eric isn't a huge fan. Not because there's anything wrong with this wonderful event, but because Rendezvous always fell on his birthday weekend as a kid, so guess where he spent a lot of long, hot, days for his birthday? As we walked through the crowd and he pointed out things to me, Eric said things like, "And that's where I used to pace back and forth for hours waiting to go home." Poor guy, haha.

Consequently, I hadn't been to a Rendezvous since Eric and I started dating, so I told him that we had to go this year. I wanted to take the girls, because I thought Evelyn would get a real kick out of it. But it was so hot outside that she pretty much slept the whole time in the stroller. Well, poop! I did get quite a few pictures though. So, for your viewing pleasure here is the Robert family walking tour of the 41st annual Rendezvous at Fort de Chartres in Prairie du Rocher, IL.

Watch out for steamy poo piles! Haha. We were dodging them with our stroller.

There are lots of crafts and wares to buy in tents set up all over the fort. Unfortunately, I don't think it would be historically accurate for the vendors to take credit cards, haha. We didn't have a lot of cash on us, so we didn't go home with trinkets of any kind. I don't think Eric was that eaten up inside about it. :)

In all fairness, Eric didn't complain much at all. I think it made a difference that the car keys were in his pocket, and he had full say in when it was time to go home. In fact, when we were leaving he even said, "Well, that wasn't as bad as I remember it."

Look who it is! Our friends Dan and Kim Miller, selling lemonade! 

I really like this picture of them. Feel free to swipe it, Kim. :)

There is so much to see around every corner.

There were definitely a few moments that I felt like we had just been transported in a time machine and that we were going to stick out like sore thumbs in our modern day attire. At one point I seriously considered ducking behind a tree so that a passing pirate wouldn't see me.

We were able to see pretty much everything in about an hour, but we could have easily spent an entire day there listening to performers, touring the museum, watching craftsmen, and of course, eating yummy food. I think everyone that has children needs to visit events like these, because there is no better way to learn history than to be fully immersed  in it. And since our kids are so little, and because they slept half of the time, I think we're going to have to go back again! And next time Eric, let's remember to bring mouth was watering for some cold lemonade and colorful rock candy. :)

As we were leaving we caught a reenactment. Not gonna lie, I have no idea what they were reenacting, but it was neat!

We retreated into the wonderful modern day invention of an air conditioned car. I don't know how some of those men and women dressed in layers can stand it! But I am very thankful for their willingness to put on such an event. And even though I have absolutely nothing to do with it, there was a sense of pride in knowing that a teeny little town in our area can boast "one of the oldest and largest events of it's kind in the United States." Just another one of those quaint things that comes with living in a small town. Stars Hollow ain't got nothin' on us. ;)


Cassie said...

ahhh yes, i LOVE the Rendezvous!!
and you even caught jeff from country kitchen rolling up that flag. i think it's a pretty cool picture. might be stealing it and giving it to him. he LOVES the rendezvous!!

i agree every kid needs to go, even it's their birthday week and hot as hell. but i remember when the parking used to be free, $7 is CRAZY!! and ahhh, that lemonade, the millers make some good lemonade! and the firemen sell buffalo burgers, oh em gee, amazing!!
kinda kicking myself now that we didn't go this year. but man oh man that heat. yikes! you guys are troopers!!
thanks for sharing.

and ps - totally have that song, "rendezvous and i'm through with you" stuck in my head. lol.

Heather Rahn said...

I honestly can't believe you got all of those pictures and didn't actually get a bare butt cheek or two. Nicely done.

Adrien said...

Cassie - that's my FAVORITE picture! Yes, steal it! (The song is in my head, too, haha.)

Anonymous said...

I am with Eric. I HATED Rendevous as a kid! Seriously my parents DRAGGED me out there bright and early in the morning and we stayed ALL.DAY! Ugh, I will have to search for a picture of us when me and my brother were little, looking pretty mad and ready to go home. I remember it being SO hot EVERY year! I will have to scan it and make a Rendevous post in my new blog.....Yay Me! I started one...nothing too exciting yet, but I did give you a shout out yesterday :) I will get better at this, I promise.

ANYWAY, back to the subject at hand. About hmmm, I dont know 8 years ago, my parents actually started camping down at Rendevous and now I fully enjoy it. I can go spend the day down there, walk around enjoy the day and the festivities then go back to to their camp for some free lemonade, a chair and some wonderful shade. They are usually the first in line to go set up their tent- actually sleep in their car the night before set up day to get the best spot in the whole fort area. Hmmm...I will have to make Rendevous my official first post I think on my blog! Yay what fun!

Meagan said...

This may shock some people but I've NEVER been to the rendevous and now that I've seen all of those pictures I don't think I ever need to go because honestly I don't think I would really like it!

Adrien said...

Angie, I didn't know you started a blog! I tried to click on your profile to find it, but it says your profile isn't public. Hmmm...

Meagan, that's hilarious. At least your honest! You can live vicariously through everyone else. :) It's honestly not that bad, but the loud canon thing that they shoot off every hour does scare the crap out of me every time. I could do without that. :)

Jackie said...

We went on Sunday and I will say that is it not my favorite thing but I do agree that every kid should go. You know I have a Rocher boy on my hands and every year we go and I get to hear the same old story when he was a kid and they did this and set up camp there. Yes, dear I know! YOU TELL ME EVERY YEAR!!!! This year wasn't to bad because we went down to eat some bufflo burgers...yes Cassie amazing and talk to Jeff. It was short and sweet and thats the way I like it! We didn't even take the grand tour of Rocher this year (I think its because we had Loreli in the jeep, thank you Lord) not that I have anything against Rocher I just don't need the story everytime we go!

Anonymous said...

I think I have it figured out :)Should be public now.

mirella said...

It looks great.

Hugs Mirella


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