Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Would You Rather Wednesday

We had a great day yesterday on our weekly Ericless Tuesday. :) The kids got to splash around in the pool at my parent's house, we played at the playground, ate a YUMMY spaghetti dinner with all the fixings, and as we were walking home I got a call from Eric - he was at home waiting for us already! To top it off, he brought home a bag of oreo truffles, and I'm pretty sure I've eaten most of them. Shh....

I didn't get a picture of any of it, haha. So I decided it was time for another "Would You Rather Wednesday!" I hope you'll play along!

Would you rather...
Only watch children's movies for the rest of your life OR Only watch horror films for the rest of your life

Would you rather....
Only be able to buy items that you had a coupon for OR Never be able to use a coupon again

Would you rather...
Be able to overhear any conversation OR Be able to take back anything you say

Would you rather...
Get even OR Get over it

Would you rather...
Never sleep with blankets on OR Always sleep with shoes on

Would you rather...
Age only from the neck up OR Age only from the neck down

Would you rather...
Spend every moment of the rest of your life outdoors OR Spend every moment of the rest of your life indoors

Would you rather...
Live in a home without electricity OR Live in a home without running water

Would you rather...
Lick a public handrail OR Lick a dollar bill 

Would you rather...
Suffer from unpredictable fainting spells OR Suffer from random bouts of shouting

My answers:

*I'd only watch children's movies.
*Gah, this one is tough! I couldn't imagine having to find coupons for every single thing I bought before I bought it. Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and say I'd rather never use a coupon again. (Eek!)
*I would want to be able to take back anything I've said. A lot of stuff I say comes out sounding all wrong, but once it's out the damage is done!
*I WISH I had the ability to instantly "get over it." Life is too short to try to ruin someone else's day.
*Boo, neither of these! But since I have to pick one, I'd sleep with shoes on.
*I would age only from the neck up. I'm thinking there are less potential health issues if my body never aged. (Though I also want to have a sound mind.) This one is actually really tough if you think about it too long!
*Hmm...I say indoors...but I don't know. I only choose that one because of inclement weather. But to never take a scenic walk again??
*I'd live without running water. I like air conditioning too much! I can do laundry by hand...right?
*Yuck! I'd lick a dollar bill.
*I guess I'd shout. I couldn't imagine not being able to drive or being paranoid to do much of anything for fear of falling off things or causing accidents.  

These were tough for me this time around! What would you do?


Kim Luke said...

*Definitely childrens movies!!!!
*Never use a coupon again!
*Over hear every conversation. I'm hella nosey!
*Get over it. I can definitely get even already! lol
*I'd have to sleep with shoes on, I can't sleep without a blanket!
*ahh. this one is hard. Probably only age neck down
*outdoors, for sure!!
*without water. no electric = no internet! lol
*ewww! I guess a dollar bill, If I had to choose one! lol
*oooooh i'd love the shout one!! baha, you can yell at the people you've always wanted to--at least now you had an excuse! LOL

Stefanie said...

Only watch children's movies for the rest of your life - children's movies are awesome I'm a big fan of disney/pixar!

Never be able to use a coupon again- I'd hate to have to hunt them down and go through the hassle honestly.

Be able to take back anything you say- my brain sometimes doesn't process before I speak...I'd love to take back those moments...

Get over it-I hate having stuff weigh on me.

Never sleep with blankets- I love to have'd be weird without them.

this one weirds me out completely...the mental image I have is pretty creepy haha!
Age only from the neck up- less stuff to go down hill, right?

Spend every moment of the rest of your life outdoors- I would be extremely sad if I was stuck inside for the rest of my life

Would you rather...
Live in a home without electricity- I could settle for no indoor toilet, it's the heat, air, and lights that I'd miss!

both options are incredibly gross but I'd go with Lick a dollar bill if I had to

Suffer from random bouts of shouting- like you said, you can still function just with a little more awkwardness in your life!

Christine Pettijohn said...

I would rather:
*Watch childrens movies
*Never use a coupon again
*Overhear any conversation-People are entertaining
*Get Even
*Never sleep with blankets-I hate wearing shoes
*Age from the neck down
*Always be outdoors
*No water
*Lick a handrail
*Random bouts of shouting

Heather Rahn said...

Oh this one is easy!

*Only watch childrens movies...that's all I watch anyways.
*Never use a coupon again. I always forget to use them anyways.
*Take back anything I say. I have wanted to do that soooo many times. 3am drunk dial? REWIND!
*Get over it. Used to be a vindictive person, but I've grown out of it.
*Always sleep with shoes on. I NEED blankets. Even in the summer.
*Age from the neck up! My boobs are already creeping down to my waist and I don't like it.
*I hate the outdoors (mostly heat and bitter cold) so I'm going with spend every moment indoors.
*Live in a home without running water. I can buy bottled water...I cannot go without my reality TV.
*Lick a dollar bill. I've probably done that before anyways.
*Random bouts of shouting!! How entertaining would that be?

Mirella said...

Ok here are my answers

I would rather

*Only watch children movies...since I have children I'm affraid for horrors
*I never use a coupon again... wehn I find them again I can't use it anymore LOL
*Take back anything I say...but sometime I think we are all people and we make mistakes, you can't keep on living in the past.
*Get over it...
*Always sleep with shoes on...I can't sleep without a blanket
*I would age only from the neck up...
*Live in a home without running water...I can't live without my laptop and friends dvd's
*Lick a dollar bill...


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