Friday, July 29, 2011

Confession Friday 7-29!

I confess that I have been told by no less than three people in the last week that I look like I'm 12 years old. I'm not sure what's up with that...but when I'm 40 I'm sure I'll thank you all, haha.

I confess that I'm fairly certain Grace ate poop this week. Fairly certain. I was in the bathroom for ONE minute, and when I came out I saw Evelyn standing in the living room with no diaper on, and there was a mess on the floor. Then I looked and saw that there was some stuff on Gracie's hands. I freaked out, ran to get a paper towel, and when I came back I noticed some of that stuff on Grace's cheek around her mouth. Blech!! I was disgusted; she was happy as a clam.

I confess that when it comes to the natural progression of milestones for our kids we're kind of hands off and we let them do their thing; however, after the poopscapade of 2011 I think I'm seriously going to start a concerted effort for potty training back up soon, haha.

I confess that one day while working in the kitchen, I looked up and saw this:

And it scared the CRAP out of me. 

"Who the heck is Mikey?? Who spelled that on the refrigerator? Evelyn, was that you?" Either my kid is a genius, or some creeper is sending me messages from beyond. Baha. I was seriously perplexed though.  I later learned that Eric's mom Joan was trying to spell "Mickey" for Evelyn but she couldn't find a letter "c." :D

I confess that I cannot WAIT until the day that I can sit down by myself and read a novel again. I need to get lost in fiction....

I confess that it's the end of July and I'm pale as a ghost. How did this happen?

I confess that I got out some Fall leaves to display for the holiday party this week, and I was sorely tempted to leave them out and decorate with them afterwards. :) Hey, it's almost August, which is back to school, which is a Fallish time of year...right? Yeah, yeah...they're going in the basement for another month.

I confess that Eric keeps talking about taking a mini-vacation for just the two of us sometime before we have baby #3, and instead of just dreaming of the beach somewhere I'm already worried about how Grace will do without me for a few nights. Haha...gotta turn that mommy brain off! 

I confess that both of my children can whistle, and I think it's HILARIOUS.

RIP Big Red

I confess the stroller that we love so much BROKE with our kids in it...a piece of plastic that holds the securing latch just broke right off. So the company is shipping us a brand new one. (InStep actually does have really great customer service.) However, our color was out of stock, so from now on you'll be seeing us strolling around in a bright blue stroller built for two. It should be coming in today!

I confess that I cannot wait to see the selection of Halloween costumes from Old Navy this year! We have always gotten our costumes there, so it's sort of a tradition now. (Oh my...those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know how nutso I get about traditions starting in about September, haha.)

I confess that I often wonder what little kids dream about, and yesterday I got a glimpse into Evie's head. She shot up from her nap, looked at me, and said, "Me and John went swimming!" And now I know. (And now I'm realizing that's why she talked about going swimming all day yesterday!)

I confess that I have a sink full of dirty dishes and a load of laundry calling my name. It's time to skidaddle.

Hoping you all have a great weekend! Eric and I have no set-in-stone plans yet, and sometimes that's just the way we like it!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bullet-pointed Life

Yesterday was gloriously lazy. I needed it in a big way. But the curse of a lazy day is that the following day there is nothing to blog about, and it gets exhausting trying to crank out a blog post about absolutely nothing. Haha.

When I can't think of anything else to do, I make lists. Bullet points are so much easier than trying to string together words that don't sound like a 1st grader trying desperately to sound smarter. (I'm exhausted. Grace woke up twice last night bright eyed and bushy tailed, which she NEVER does, and then decided to wake up at 6:30 this morning. I'm running on about three hours of sleep right now. Help me.)

So bullet points it is! These are just a few of the totally random thing happening in our world lately.

* Kamikaze ANTS tried to raid our house last week - those little suckers will brave windex bottle sprayers and crazed stay at home moms to feed their queen, apparently - and they were nearly victorious. I was just about hysterical near the end, but we finally got those little pests for good. I hear we're not the only ones having problems with ants this year, so if those little marchers are driving you mad, we highly recommend this stuff:

I find it hilarious that we're feeding our ants "gourmet" anything, but I'm telling you this junk works and it works FAST. You can find it for about $15, and it will increase your value of life by about 300%. We have professional ant traps to put it in, but those weren't doing the job at first. So Eric used his thinker and just poured some of it into a little plastic bowl, placed a paper towel on top so that the ants could drink without drowning, and WALAH! those suckers took it back to their queen and killed the colony. Done and done.

*I am usually a huge proponent of summer and warm weather, but even I'm sick of it. Taking our family walks have been tough when it stays hot well past sundown. We're thinking about airing up the bike tires and starting bike riding season instead. Grace is finally old enough to sit up in this thing next to her sister:

In fact, Eric, why don't we do this tonight? I'm all in. :)

*I'm about to get a great birthday present thanks to many of my friends and family! The girls night we had on Tuesday was a success! Thanks again to everyone who came. I loved holding babies, getting to talk, and just seeing so many of you in one place. If you want more information on how to get free pretties for YOUR home, here's my friend Connie's website: 

Random thought alert:

*Nickelodeon is a tease. So apparently they're "bringing back" the 90's with all of their old programming. But it's only on Mondays. It's on Teen Nick. And it doesn't start until most of us are asleep at night. Yes, I want to watch "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" "Pete and Pete,"" Clarissa Explains it All," and "Double Dare" but please make it more accessible. Pretty please. We would SO be a Nickelodeon family if that were the case, but for now we're sticking with the Disney Channel.  <-- This is my attempt to scare the execs over there into doing what I want. Are you reading this, Nickelodeon? :)

*The girls are now obsessed with this movie:

We watch it at least three times a day, and we're already on round two this morning. Evelyn runs around the house singing, "Everybody want's to be a cat!" It's cute, but man I can't wait for cooler temps so we can get out more!

*I'm realizing more and more how incredibly blessed I am to have Eric for a husband, best friend, and partner in crime. :) Our marriage is infinitely better when we aren't both running on empty. 

And now I have to wrap this up, because my kids are literally tearing my house apart. Starting today I get to turn on my creative juices and have fun with my babies, just like the old days. I'm excited for my "mom" role to take up the most of my time again! I'm teeming with ideas, so stay tuned. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh, yes, it's ladies night...

...and I'm feeling right! Woohoo! Oh my GOODNESS you do not know how much I need this night. :) I'm so excited to see you guys and to hold Sarah's baby Logan (you are going to let me hold him, right Sarah?) and do a little shopping on my tooshie without a toddler squirming out of a cart or a baby howling the "it's time to go home" siren.

If you don't know what I'm talking about then obviously I've missed you, and I'm beyond sorry about that! We're having a Fall/Holiday in July Candle party at my place tonight at 6:30. Actually, many of you were meant to get a personal invitation in the mail, but our consultant was busy with the annual PartyLite conference and totally forgot about it. It's okay, she's been forgiven. :)  So even though it's really late notice it's not too late to jump in and join us if you're just hearing about it. You can even bring a friend!

So what will you do as a guest at this party? I'm glad you asked. :) I can tell you one thing is for sure: you can fill your belly with pumpkin bread, and snicker doodles, and fruit, and taco dip. That sounds like enough of a party to me! I cheated and bought Arby's sweet tea for this evening. Ever since Kim told me it was the best there is I knew I had to buy a gallon for myself. I sampled. She's right. I think cheating was a good move on my part. Haha.

And aside from food and fun, we will get to be among the very first people to check out the brand new products in the Fall and Holiday 2011 collection. I wait all year for this darn catalog to come out. We are especially lucky, because there is only one week out of the entire year that all of PartyLite's catalogs are active (which means more to choose from!) and this just happens to be that week. I may have done that on purpose. ;)

I'm a nerd so of course there are little gifts for everyone who comes. I rarely get to host get togethers that don't center around children, so this time I made party favors for adults, haha. And because I big time love my friends, I've decided that at the party we're going to do a drawing for $10 off of someone's order on me! Free money adds to the fun, right? Combined with the other guest specials, someone could be getting a really sweet deal!

Above everything, I just really need a time to chat with adults, unwind from a busy month, and have a good time. Don't let lack of babysitter (bring those babies if you have to!) or getting a shower or whatever stop you from coming. It will be fun and informal...and if everyone promises not to kill me...I might be playing some festive music to get us in the holiday spirit. :) It may be SCORCHING outside, but inside we'll be dreaming of cooler days and candlelight!

Just for fun, here are the goodies I have my eye on for tonight!

I love whimsical holiday decor, and this little guy is on sale for $6. He WILL be mine, haha. Love the purple sparkly hat! 

Back in the day (when I sold candles) this was a super popular item, but I never nabbed him for myself. The jolly man used to be $49.95, and now he's $12 so I might not be able to pass him up. His toy sack is actually a tealight holder, and this comes packaged in a really nice box with two scroll parchments for kids to write their Christmas wish lists on. If nothing else this will be a great budget friendly gift for someone this Christmas!

The apothecary collection is my FAVORITE. I love the 3-wick holder, because it's so versatile. I might fill my with fruit! It even comes with a lid. Love it!

I adore Christmas villages, so this votive holder is right up my alley!

The "Enchanted Woodland" votive holder really is enchanting. It's gorgeous! I can already picture it in a Fall or Winter candlescape

So have a great day, and I hope to see you ladies tonight! Now I've got to dash around and make sure I don't have anything totally embarrassing laying around the house. :)

*Oh, I almost forgot! If you're reading this blog and you live far away or can't make it tonight, you can still get in on our party! Just go to and type in "Adrien Robert" as your host! You'll see the exclusive sale items and guest specials on the left hand column that only show up if you're affiliated with a party. First person to place an online order will get a DOZEN FREE tealights from me!  I'll ship anywhere in the U.S. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm having a hallelujah moment over here....

Eric and I have decided that last week was the longest week of our marriage thus far. We were constantly in and out, barely seeing each other, and both crazy busy. I don't know if either of us got more than a few hours of real sleep each night. We may or may not have been all out avoiding each other by the end of it for fear that we'd verbally snap each other's heads off for the littlest things.

But sitting in church yesterday was a HUGE reward for a week of sacrifice. :)

The purpose of ministries like Vacation Bible School are to reach out to our community and work in the lives of families we might not otherwise get to meet. It shouldn't matter how many kids show up, because if we can minister to just one family then it's completely worth it. But I have a confession: When Ellen and I began work on VBS this year, there was an unspoken understanding that this could be a make it or break it year for us. We've seen our attendance dwindle slowly down each summer for the past several years, and it was HARD finding people to fill positions this year. So we prayed. We prayed that we wouldn't get caught up in numbers and that God would send the children and families our way whom He wanted us to serve. 

We started the week last week having no clue what VBS would look like this year. For all of our work and hours put in, we might have 5 kids show up. We were experimenting in a new building - in uncharted territories - and we were relying on God to use us to do His will. 

I'm learning that when your heart is in the right place, and you're really honest with the Lord, that he will bless your efforts in bigger ways than you can even imagine. After spending the week with dozens of kids I had NEVER seen in my life (even in this small town, haha) we had the opportunity to spend time with their families on Friday evening.

We played games with them and watched their kids get their faces painted and blow bubbles. 

We cooled off together with lemonade and snow cones, and we had super yummy hotdogs and popcorn. 

We dunked people, which is always a good thing for Baptists to do. (Ba-dunk ching!) Haha.

And we had a really great time.

But our church service on Sunday was where it was AT this week. Because after getting to spend time with these precious kids and their moms and dads, I nearly lost it in my pew when I started seeing families roll into the sanctuary to worship with us. First, it was a girl from my class with her mom...I was ECSTATIC to see one of the kiddos I had the opportunity to love on last week that I thought I might never see again. And then another little girl from my class came in and sat next to them. And then a dad and his son that I recognized from our preschool class came in and sat right in front me. And when I looked up I saw ANOTHER girl and her mom sitting in the front. I'm seriously about to have a hallelujah moment right here right now, so watch out! Haha.

All I can say is praise God! We promised that we'd give HIM the glory, and so it's His alone. I can't wait to get to know these families better, to work with their kids in Christmas programs and have fish fries and family meals together. I feel like we've added to our family, and everyone is welcome to be a part of that. My heart is swollen to four times it's normal size. :)

But do you want to know the KICKER? Guess who literally rolled into church on a walker and sat right behind me?


ACK! Praise the Lord again! I hear he's five months ahead of where he's supposed to be. Our church loves Tyler so much, and we had been praying for him like crazy since his accident. Needless to say, when he showed up it was kind of a big deal. :)

God is working in the lives of families in our community. I've seen it with my own eyes this week. He's answering prayers, and he's healing the sick. God is softening hearts that have become calloused with time. My own little brother who is too cool for school worked with kids in recreation at VBS, and guess what his facebook status was by the end of the week? "I love Jesus!" One of the things Ellen and I prayed about this week was for specific people working with us to come back into the fold and rekindle their own relationship with God. I'm sitting here bawling my eyes out at this huge answer to prayer.

So was one week of craziness totally worth it? Absolutely! I feel so blessed to be a part of God's plan. I'm so thankful for new friends, great memories, and for advancing the kingdom of God.

I'm also thankful for yummy snow cones. :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Confession Friday 7-22!

Partners in crime already....

Notice how my daughters are hiding under a table as they pick apart mommy's vase. Little stinkers. :)

I confess that the only time I get to myself is at night after everyone else is in bed. Suffice it to say, I'm drinking Dr. Pepper for breakfast to survive this morning.

I confess that facebook reminded me that my child turned 9 months old this week. Thank you, facebook. I totally forgot.

I confess that Grace fell and bloodied her mouth on Wednesday, and I think I cried as much as she did. :( Her poor gums are a little bruised, but she bounced back fast! So did I. Ha.

I confess that I already miss my VBS kids.

I confess that I'm REALLY EXCITED about our candle party/girls night in on Tuesday, but I have no clue where I'm going to put everyone, haha. I've been mentally rearranging furniture for two weeks. It's a good problem to have. :) Hope to see you there!

I confess that one of Grace's top teeth poked through this week, and I want it to go back in! I'm not ready for her to start looking like a big girl yet. :(

Evelyn went from this:

July 4, 2010

To this:

Sept. 4, 2010

In two months!! It's the teeth...they make big girls out of my babies. :(

I confess that I can sleep at night now knowing that Eric and I have agreed on the names of ALL of our future children, girls and boys. Whew! I was sweating that one. :)

^^I confess that I'd tell you what they are, but then 20 people will end up with the names somehow and I'd be sad.

I confess that Evelyn is going through an ornery streak, and I feel like I'm failing as a parent. We got a report that she was pushing kids in the church nursery last Sunday. EEK! Someone help me!

I confess that I have several online carts full at several stores, with no hopes of pressing "place order" on any of them any time soon. Gosh darn frugality!

I confess that Evie just handed me her juice cup and said with a smile, "It's diet coke!" She listens very intently to what her daddy orders in restaurants, haha.

I confess that my plan for next week (after I host a party on Tuesday) is to do absolutely NOTHING, and I pity the fool who tries to stand in the way of my plans. :)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

And You're Invited to a Beach Blast Funfair!

Tonight: 6:30-8:00

FBC Red Bud (Our old church at 1010 Locust St.)

I have no idea what all we be there, but I know there will be free hotdogs, lemonade, snow cones, and popcorn! It's a community event, so maybe we'll see you there. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meet the Borings

Evelyn took her very first picture with the big girl camera:

"Say cheese!" she said. It's a priceless photo. :)

So it's decided: I am not a fan of the unexpected. I'm a planner, and I need to know the things that are going on in my world - even the smallest of things. It's the reason why I'm usually not ready for unexpected visitors when they drop by and why my whole day gets turned entirely upside when our schedule is even a little bit different. 

Yesterday was the culmination of two months worth of a cabbobled schedule, and all I could do was laugh at the end of the day. Eric failed to mention two visitors that we were supposed to have yesterday, and while I was going about my business cleaning and baking and trying to get ready for a night of VBS the doorbell rang for the first time. I wasn't dressed for company, and my hand was COVERED in butter and brown sugar from hand-mixing apple crisp topping.

I ran like a wild person into our bedroom holding up my gooked up hand while Evelyn peeked out of the window and made faces at two FedEx guys. With one hand I raced to get dressed, and when I finally got to the door looking sticky and frazzled these two strange men instantly realized that I had no clue what they were doing on my front porch. 

"Oh, did we interrupt some baking?" asked one with a smile.
"Yes!" I said out of breath. "Can I help you with something?"

Apparently they were supposed to be picking up a package. I had no idea what they were talking about. I'm sure I looked like an idiot, but they thanked me and left with a promise to be back, and I shut the door cursing my husband, haha.

A couple of hours later after I had just gotten out of the shower and was in the middle of doing my hair, the doorbell rang again. It was getting close to VBS time, so I thought it was my mother-in-law coming to watch the girls. Nope. It was our landlord. I flung open the door, half of my hair in a braid, half of it down, and imagine my shock when a man was standing there - not Eric's mom. He wanted to come inside. Um, I haven't been home for the past four evenings. I've spent all day everyday busy and house is NOT ready for my LANDLORD to come in to poke around. But in he came. 

Something as little as unexpected visitors may not mean a thing to most people, but they completely rock my world. With two itty bitties at home and a very rigid schedule during the day, little blips like these throw me off big time. Our family is like a television sitcom - we're on at the same time everyday, we handle every situation and problem thrown at us with the same predictable formula, and there's no such thing as acting out of character. We are who we are.

In fact, we are the most quintessentially traditional people you will ever meet, and we laugh at our plain Jane-ness all the time. From our tastes and our politics to our interests and morals, we are as traditional as they come. Eric and I once had to play a newlywed game at our church's valentine's banquet, and I think we lost by default, haha. We got every single answer right, but our answers weren't what anyone wanted to hear, so we actually came in last place.

Question: What is one article of your husband's clothing that you wish you could throw away?

Well, hmm..Eric wears two things: A suit and tie or jeans and a polo. If he's mowing grass or just hanging out around the house then he'll wear a t-shirt. Nothing he owns is stained or ripped. Apparently this isn't normal. So when I was asked what I would throw away, my answer was that there is nothing in his closet that I would throw away. That wasn't a good answer (I don't think anyone believed me) so I made something up! When Eric came out his answer was exactly the same:

Answer: I wear jeans and polos - there's nothing to throw away.

But that wasn't acceptable, so he made something up. And we got that question wrong.

Next Question: Who is your husband's celebrity crush?

My answer: He doesn't have one.

"Yeah right!" I heard. Again, no one believed me. 

So I said: I guarantee you that he won't even be able to name a celebrity, much less tell you who he thinks is cute. (Eric watches the nightly news, not Entertainment Tonight, haha.)

But of course I had to make something up. The guys came out, and it was Eric's turn to answer the question.

His answer: I can't even think of a female celebrity right now. 

We got that question wrong, too. :)

And finally there was the question about what our husbands' dream job would be.

My answer: He already has his dream job.


Me: Okay, a politician.

Eric's answer: I already have my dream job.


Eric: Okay, then a professor, I guess.

We got the question wrong. Haha.

I guess it's a bad idea to ask the most boring couple on the face of the planet to play the newlywed game. 

Q: What would you throw away?
A: Nothing.
Q: Who is his celebrity crush?
A: No one.
Q: What is his dream job?
A: Got it.

The world has a hard time believing that we can be so predictable, but it's true. We are an open book, and we are exceptionally plain. :) We are Dick and Jane. Eric carries his briefcase off to work in the morning, and I stay home with the kids during the day. I cook dinner. Eric comes home. We eat. We have family time. And we go to bed. The end.

All of this is to say that after a long summer of upturned schedules and busy days and nights, I am SO READY to get back to normal. We are about to reach the end of the tunnel. I can see the light! The Borings can get back to being boring, and this introvert really needs it. So thanks for hanging in here with me for the past little while. The blog isn't exactly what I love it to be. I'd prefer to be writing about all of the fun things I've done with the girls and about the family memories we've been making, but those posts have been few and far between. So come on August! Let's make a date for a little R&R. :)

What about you? Do you need a predictable pattern, or do you thrive on change? I have a feeling we're just weirdos, haha.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Unconventional Wisdom

Whoa, crazy morning ahead. I left my teaching materials in my classroom last night along with my PHONE, which means someway somehow I've gotta get to the church this morning. And I have to write something up lickety split to be put in the paper today, which means I don't have time to do a full blog post. Instead, I thought I'd share a few things I've been learning this week at VBS. :)

*The wild hair I had to go back to school to finish my teaching degree is completely gone. Not that I'm not enjoying myself thoroughly this week, but I'm wiped after two hours with 11 kids every night. I can't imagine 7 hours with 25 kids. No thanks. I'll keep my two at home. :)

*Kids will do just about anything you ask if you say you're going to video tape them.

*The grass sometimes appears greener, but it rarely ever is. In other words, I thought my bunch was a little rambunctious until I saw the preschool class last night, haha.

*Mischief makers just really want lots of attention - give them a little, and they will quiet down.

*I am not above bribery for good behavior. :)

*Snack time is extremely important. Don't mess with snack time. Don't even joke about it. And definitely don't change the time of snack time.

*Saying thank you really does earn brownie points.

*Seeing my babies after being away from them for over two hours every evening is the most welcoming site in the world! I feel like we've been separated for a week when I see them each night.

*Sleep is underrated.

*Air conditioning is a godsend. Lack of air conditioning causes hairstyles to go willy nilly.

*Children should be sent to the bathroom one at a time. Even if it takes longer. Otherwise, someone WILL get soap in their eyeballs. Ay yi yi.

*Showing the love of Christ is not always easy, but it is always rewarding. :)

And that's it! We're only two nights in and I feel like I could write a manual on this stuff, haha. I've been dreading tonight for a while now...we are going to be down several workers, yet as far as I can tell I'm going to have THE MOST kids ever in my class. We had two new children in our class last night, and several kids who couldn't be there last night will be back again tonight. That means my numbers could increase even more, and that doesn't even include any brand new kiddos who show up this evening! We might just be busting at the seams in our classroom. Pray for me. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

It's gonna be a beach blast!

Whew! One night down and five more to go...I'm whooped already, haha. But vacation bible school is shaping up quite nicely if I do say so myself. It has been a LONG journey to get here, and last night we finally kicked off the first evening of our beach blast! Here are a couple of pictures I tried to snap of our classroom as kiddos were showing up.

The first night of VBS is always a little crazy, with making sure everyone is registered and learning new names and explaining how things work to the newbies. (I only had ONE child in my class that actually attends our church. The rest were all visitors!) And this year there was a lot to explain to 1st and 2nd graders about not leaning on the walls and staying with the group when we walk around the church. Because you see, our church building isn't exactly finished, haha. We are using the finished office space on one side of the building for classrooms, and then on the other side of the church we are using the multi-purpose building for games, snacks, crafts, and music. In between is still an unfinished space filled with tools and drywall and all sorts of other things little hands need to stay away from. :) (Don't worry, we don't come close to going near any of that stuff!)

My class starts the evening in our classroom where we hear our bible story and learn practical ways to apply the message to our lives. Last night we talked all about God's promises and how he always keeps them. Through the story of Jesus' birth, we learned that God kept his promise to send a savior to the world. It was a great lesson!

We pray together and then head over to begin our night of rotating activities. Our first stop: Crafts!

Last night the kiddos began working on a two night project - treasure chests!

They were super cute!

They get to decorate them tonight, and I can't wait to see how they turn out. :)

After crafts we march upstairs to music class, where the children will learn all of the cool new songs and actions that go with them.

Watching Ms. Kimberly teach them the motions. :)

I think the kids were a little lost at first, because normally we're in a big auditorium with words up on the screen and all that jazz. But since we're working with what we have this year, it was just Ms. Kimberly and a boom box. (Okay, I have to tell you this, because it's cracking me up. I accidentally typed boob box. Sorry, I'm in junior high. Moving on....)

Still, they caught on quickly, and now that darn theme song is stuck in my head!

They really are sweet, those 1st and 2nd graders. 

After music we rotate to games and snacks. Last night we had "sea foam" for a treat. It was 7-up poured over green sherbet - super yummy and refreshing! 

My kiddos are already well aware of my picture taking obsession. "Please Mrs. Adrien, no more pictures!" Hehe.

My little brother Roger is leading games this year. Last night we played a good old fashioned game of beach volleyball.

I am SO THANKFUL for our multi-purpose building when it comes to recreation! We usually have games outside, but as most of you are aware it's been hot, hot, hot around here lately, and it was really nice to be able to keep the kids cool and contained indoors.

We end each evening with "worship rally" where all the classes come together to sing, watch a video, and get the latest news from our VBS director Ellen Burk. Once again we are working with what we have and we traded in our normal projection screen for a sheet between two decorated foam boards, haha. Hey, it works!

Worship rally ties everything we've done throughout the evening together. The hope is that our kiddos will have learned something new that they can tuck in their hearts and carry with them forever. And if they have loads of fun along the way, that's a huge benefit. :)

Ellen and I had been meeting every Thursday morning to pray and plan for our kids this year, and we really struggled with one issue: where to have VBS. It would have been so much easier and convenient to just have one last VBS in our current church building. We didn't even know if we'd have a working toilet or air conditioning in our classrooms at the new property when the decision had to be made!

We met at the new church property and walked around trying to map out where we could put everything, and it just wasn't coming together. We knew that our church really wanted to start using the new facility, but we simply didn't see how it was going to happen. The thing was, I knew we were supposed to have VBS at the new church all along. It just didn't feel right to say that we were going to throw in the towel and take the easy way - where's the faith in taking the easy way? So we stopped and prayed together one last time.

Ellen and I decided that we would walk around the new church building just one more time to see if it was possible to use for this ministry. And it was as if a lightbulb was turned on in our heads. Suddenly what we once couldn't figure out just started falling into place. We had just enough office space for every classroom. We could put music here, and crafts can go there! And there was an unexplainable peace where there was once uncertainty. We started our meeting that day convinced that we were going to host VBS at our current church, and we left that meeting even more convinced that we should have VBS at the new church. The power of prayer is REAL and God is working in our lives in wonderful ways. :)

Hey, hearing and answering prayers is just one more promise that God makes to us, and it is beyond evident to me that he keeps that promise every single day. Looks like adults can learn something at vacation bible school, too. :)

Oh, and that air conditioning was just put in a few days ago. Talk about keeping the faith! Haha.


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