Friday, July 8, 2011

Confession Friday 7-8!

First of all, please do not leave negative comments anonymously on this blog anymore. I don't care if you disagree with me, but own your opinions.  Edited to add: Since some people don't seem to get it, all negative anonymous comments are now being marked as spam. So no need to waste your time.  :)

I confess that not only do I believe that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, but I also believe in INTELLIGENT DESIGN. Oooh, she's gone off the deep end now! Baha. P.S. I received high honors for that "extensive research" thankyouverymuch. :p

I confess that I hope everyone who read my blog post yesterday knows that I don't think people who do wrong things should get away with it. My heart breaks for the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. My point was that I would never wish Hell on ANYONE, and I'm glad that despite all of the crap I've done, I can be forgiven. If I can, anyone can. But if you have not spent your whole life in church I can understand if you didn't understand a word I said. For that I apologize, and I should have used layman's terms, not churchy words. I'll revisit this issue when everyone isn't so charged up about it.

Evelyn likes to "wash" her own hair these days...

And her baby sister's. :)

I confess that Evelyn now calls herself "Evie" instead of "Ebby" and it makes me sad. Who would've thought I'd be disappointed when my kid learned to pronounce letters correctly!

I confess that I STILL plan to do a candle giveaway for all of my lovely friends, but I have to find my missing box of stuff first! I think I know where it is now, so hopefully next week I can spread the love.

I confess that I just got off of the phone with Eric and I feel the need to say he is the BEST husband in the world. Score!

I confess that the loud toys in our house seem to magically disappear after they're played with for five minutes. Wonder where those things go? :)

I confess that I made Eric his oreo truffles this week, and it was an epic fail. Alas, I am not a truffle connoisseur. But they still tasted okay; that counts for something, right?

I confess that my little sister spent the night at our house last night, and according to her facebook page this morning she pulled an all nighter. She is currently asleep on our couch, and I'm so tempted to bust out some shaving cream and have a little fun with the girls.

I confess that while I showed you all Evie having fun with a spray bottle at Grant's Farm on Tuesday, I failed to mention what was happening on the other side of the stroller:

Poor Gracie. :) This was the reason we ended up in the Busch's apartment!

I confess that I have a lot more I could confess today, but my kids are tearing my house apart as I type! So I have to cut this one short. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend with those that you love! 

Oh wait, I confess I have a new favorite word. "Preposterous!" Try to use it in a sentence today. :D (Rawr!)


Meagan said...

I confess that I'm going to try to make cake pops for a "family" get together & I really hope they turn out good because I secretly want to impress my grandpas girlfriends family!

Sarah said...

Your kids have the most halirious facial expressions. Love it!!!

I confess that you make having 2 kids look like a piece of cake. It is AS amazing as you said it was going to be, but you didn't inform me of how hard it was going to be lol.

Adrien said...

Meagan - totally get that!

Haha, Sarah...that's probably because it only gets easier! Seriously, I think the first three months are always the hardest, but you forget those parts so fast. Every new stage that Grace hits just makes juggling two easier and easier. Let me know if I can help you with anything!

Sarah said...

Well this is good news!! Ahhh :)

Cassie said...

Adrien and Sarah I think you post need to do a post on how to juggle two babies. I am SCARED!! It's a good scared, but just the thought of it sometimes is crazy. And it's sinking in that my days of just Stella and I are few and far between. The other day we were driving home from the sitter and I looked back at her dancing away and thought ahhh, it won't be like this for long. Tear.

Meagan said...

I'm with cassie....whenever I actually think about having two I freak out a little!!

Adrien said...

Oh yes, we will have to do that! Cassie, I bawled my eyes out at the end of my pregnancy. I was scared that my precious moments with Evie were over. Of course that wasn't the case. :) The good new about having two kids is that when you're out as a family you're still at a 1:1 ratio, and when you're by yourself you have two arms and two hands, haha. It's having a third kid that terrifies me!


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