Monday, July 18, 2011

It's gonna be a beach blast!

Whew! One night down and five more to go...I'm whooped already, haha. But vacation bible school is shaping up quite nicely if I do say so myself. It has been a LONG journey to get here, and last night we finally kicked off the first evening of our beach blast! Here are a couple of pictures I tried to snap of our classroom as kiddos were showing up.

The first night of VBS is always a little crazy, with making sure everyone is registered and learning new names and explaining how things work to the newbies. (I only had ONE child in my class that actually attends our church. The rest were all visitors!) And this year there was a lot to explain to 1st and 2nd graders about not leaning on the walls and staying with the group when we walk around the church. Because you see, our church building isn't exactly finished, haha. We are using the finished office space on one side of the building for classrooms, and then on the other side of the church we are using the multi-purpose building for games, snacks, crafts, and music. In between is still an unfinished space filled with tools and drywall and all sorts of other things little hands need to stay away from. :) (Don't worry, we don't come close to going near any of that stuff!)

My class starts the evening in our classroom where we hear our bible story and learn practical ways to apply the message to our lives. Last night we talked all about God's promises and how he always keeps them. Through the story of Jesus' birth, we learned that God kept his promise to send a savior to the world. It was a great lesson!

We pray together and then head over to begin our night of rotating activities. Our first stop: Crafts!

Last night the kiddos began working on a two night project - treasure chests!

They were super cute!

They get to decorate them tonight, and I can't wait to see how they turn out. :)

After crafts we march upstairs to music class, where the children will learn all of the cool new songs and actions that go with them.

Watching Ms. Kimberly teach them the motions. :)

I think the kids were a little lost at first, because normally we're in a big auditorium with words up on the screen and all that jazz. But since we're working with what we have this year, it was just Ms. Kimberly and a boom box. (Okay, I have to tell you this, because it's cracking me up. I accidentally typed boob box. Sorry, I'm in junior high. Moving on....)

Still, they caught on quickly, and now that darn theme song is stuck in my head!

They really are sweet, those 1st and 2nd graders. 

After music we rotate to games and snacks. Last night we had "sea foam" for a treat. It was 7-up poured over green sherbet - super yummy and refreshing! 

My kiddos are already well aware of my picture taking obsession. "Please Mrs. Adrien, no more pictures!" Hehe.

My little brother Roger is leading games this year. Last night we played a good old fashioned game of beach volleyball.

I am SO THANKFUL for our multi-purpose building when it comes to recreation! We usually have games outside, but as most of you are aware it's been hot, hot, hot around here lately, and it was really nice to be able to keep the kids cool and contained indoors.

We end each evening with "worship rally" where all the classes come together to sing, watch a video, and get the latest news from our VBS director Ellen Burk. Once again we are working with what we have and we traded in our normal projection screen for a sheet between two decorated foam boards, haha. Hey, it works!

Worship rally ties everything we've done throughout the evening together. The hope is that our kiddos will have learned something new that they can tuck in their hearts and carry with them forever. And if they have loads of fun along the way, that's a huge benefit. :)

Ellen and I had been meeting every Thursday morning to pray and plan for our kids this year, and we really struggled with one issue: where to have VBS. It would have been so much easier and convenient to just have one last VBS in our current church building. We didn't even know if we'd have a working toilet or air conditioning in our classrooms at the new property when the decision had to be made!

We met at the new church property and walked around trying to map out where we could put everything, and it just wasn't coming together. We knew that our church really wanted to start using the new facility, but we simply didn't see how it was going to happen. The thing was, I knew we were supposed to have VBS at the new church all along. It just didn't feel right to say that we were going to throw in the towel and take the easy way - where's the faith in taking the easy way? So we stopped and prayed together one last time.

Ellen and I decided that we would walk around the new church building just one more time to see if it was possible to use for this ministry. And it was as if a lightbulb was turned on in our heads. Suddenly what we once couldn't figure out just started falling into place. We had just enough office space for every classroom. We could put music here, and crafts can go there! And there was an unexplainable peace where there was once uncertainty. We started our meeting that day convinced that we were going to host VBS at our current church, and we left that meeting even more convinced that we should have VBS at the new church. The power of prayer is REAL and God is working in our lives in wonderful ways. :)

Hey, hearing and answering prayers is just one more promise that God makes to us, and it is beyond evident to me that he keeps that promise every single day. Looks like adults can learn something at vacation bible school, too. :)

Oh, and that air conditioning was just put in a few days ago. Talk about keeping the faith! Haha.


Heather said...

I spotted my ex-fiances son in your class. Totally forgot you guys go to the same church.

Cassie said...

awwww, a huge PTL!! looks great and super fun. way to go!!

Adrien said...

Seriously, Heather?? Chances are he doesn't actually go to our church, because I didn't know any of the boys in my class. That's crazy!

Adrien said...

Oh, wait, I did recognize one! But they aren't regular attenders. Just stuff like VBS. I don't know if we're thinking of the same little boy, though.

Heather said...

I don't think they are regulars...just when he's trying to play the good son/good father part. I think he helped with the construction quite a bit. I used to see his truck there a lot on my way to work.

Katie said...

Looks like it got off to a good start! That's awesome that you had so many visitors!


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