Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rub a dub dub!

Wow, what a difference a little rain makes! Two hours after I wrote this post yesterday, I stepped outside and realized we had been granted a reprieve from the heat. Hallelujah! I knew we had to have a little water fun outside to celebrate. The girls also needed a bath. Bath time...pool time. Eh - what's the difference? So I filled up the baby pool with some warm water and we took our bath goodies outside for a little pre-nap scrub down.

And I'm pretty sure my kids think I'm mega awesome now. (Yes, mega.) Score one for the mommy scouts,  I think I've earned myself a shiny new badge; the "mommy needs to kill two birds with one stone" badge. Thankyouverymuch. The girls were so excited when they saw me setting up outside that Gracie thumped on her hands and knees all the way across the house and escaped out of the patio door to see what was going on, haha.

We pulled on our Little Swimmers and jumped into the baby pool bath tub. (It took me about three minutes to transfer water in bowls from the kitchen sink to the pool. Maybe 10-12 bowls full. Not a pain at all!)

I let them splash around and do their thing for a bit before sudsing them up. :)

Scrunch face alert. I barely caught it!

My mom told me a story that one of her little brothers started making that scrunch face when he was a baby, and then one day he sneezed a big wad of junk out of his nose. I'm still waiting for the wad. I swear Grace has something up there, and try as I might the aspirator isn't enough to get it out. If she's still scrunchin' at halloween, I'm so dressing her up as a bunny rabbit. :)

I was shocked that bath time was actually easier this way! The sides were shallower, I could reach the girls all the way around, and for the first time EVER Grace wasn't sitting in a special seat to hold her up. Once I toweled the girls off and brought them into a cool house, they were more than ready to take a nice long snooze. I'm tempted to give every summertime bath outside. :) 

Of course you can't keep an eight month old with new found freedom contained for very long. Gracie quickly figured out that she could easily make a great escape....

I was laughing so hard and trying to take a quick picture before my child nose dived onto the patio. Don't worry, no Gracie's were harmed in the making of this photograph.

Baby pool bath time earns a big 5 stars from the Robert girls. We are definitely doing this little activity again! And any time I can combine parental responsibilities with playtime...well...that's just dandy. I may be setting back humankind by over a hundred years or so, but outdoor bathing is going to make a comeback, just wait and see. :)

And now it's late, and I'm going to hit the sack. By the time some of you are reading this I'll be getting ready to head out to the new church property to start decorating for Vacation Bible School. This next week is going to be NUTS, and I'm extremely excited and extremely stressed at the same time. I have no idea how Grace is going to do without me for a few hours each evening. She is a total mama's girl, and she is not a happy camper when she has to spend an evening away from me. I've got news: She's going to be spending 6 nights in a row away from me. Ay yi's not going be good. Pray for my child. This could be wonderful for her, but I don't think it's going to be so good for whoever is watching her at any given moment, haha. Guess that means I'll have to give the girls lots of extra attention during the day next week....

I think I can handle it. :)


Cassie said...

adorable!! that one picture it looks like evie is trying to help her out of the pool. hilarious.

Heather said...

Awwww...jealous!!! I want to take my baths outside in a pool!!

ps...check your email Adrien.

Adrien said...

I just did! Eeee, I'm excited!


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