Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap up!

The girls' cousin Austin has a bounce house. :)

And you'll never believe how much his parent's paid for it. $50 on craigslist. It's like brand new! Great find, Amy. :)

All of the kids had a great time hanging out and bouncing around, but do you know who I think enjoyed it the most? Gracie! She was on cloud nine getting to sit in a sea of brightly colored plastic balls. And while I was busy keeping an eye on Grace having fun, Evelyn and Austin were busy making mischief in Great Grandma and Grandpa Robert's house. They learned how to get outside by themselves - through the doggy door! Now that they've made this little discovery we're going to have to watch them like hawks at family get togethers, haha.


We had a very low-key sort of weekend. On Friday we spent some time swinging on the swing set at my parent's house - a favorite activity, for sure. And then that evening we met up with Eric's parents for our weekly Friday night dinner. At the last minute we decided to make a run to Hobby Lobby for some VBS supplies - I have a TON of signs to make this week! It doesn't matter what I'm shopping for, if I'm shopping I'm happy. :)

Saturday was the Catholic church's picnic, and we stopped in for a yummy chicken dinner. Seriously, I don't know what's in the gravy, but our hats are off to the Catholic gravy makers, haha. It's always delicious! We had planned to walk around for a while with the girls, but when we stepped outside we realized there wasn't much for the little ones. Someone clarify this for me, because I'm beginning to think I'm crazy: Didn't the catholic picnic used to have rides? I swear there were rides when I was a kid.

And since it was super sunny and the girls were restless, we decided to turn around with our stroller and just start walking. Eric's parents were with us, and I bet we ended up walking two miles around town just leisurely strolling and chatting. It was lovely. Much better than a creaky old carnival ride, anyway. :)

Sundays are usually jam-packed for us, and even though we thought we didn't have any plans, we ended up keeping pretty busy. After church and lunch we left Evelyn with her grandparents and we went furniture shopping! Okay, so it really wasn't that exciting. :) We're on the hunt for a new desk or writing table for a makeshift desktop computer Eric is going to put together from one of our macbooks. So we made a few stops in South County pricing things out and finding what we like. (Sometimes it's worth checking out brand new when people want brand new prices on Craigslist for used stuff!) It actually turned out to be a really fun afternoon, and of course we looked at more furniture than just desks, hehe. Someday, my friends. Someday.

Sunday evening we walked (and saw Cassie and Stella - twice!) and just hung out as a family. See? Low key from beginning to end. And I LOVED it. Seriously. We often try to do way too much, and since next weekend and week will be absolutely nuts with VBS stuff going on I was glad for the relaxing family time we were able to get in!

So I'm sorry there is nothing super exciting to report. There were no parties to throw, and I didn't get VIP privileges anywhere. Shucks! :) Just some good quality family time, and there's no better time than that.

Oh yeah, and check out this Grace face.

Classic. :)

*All of our pictures today were taken with the iPhone. You know, in case you were wondering if I carry our big honkin' camera everywhere. Nope! Haha.


Cassie said...

yes the picnic did used to have rides!!
i think about two years ago they stopped having them. there were like two games stella could actually play. however the games were only 50 cents so i couldn't complain.

and yes - man oh man that gravey was awesome!!

ps - you looked uber cute last night walking in your little sundress!!

Meagan said...

Terrill was telling Ryan about the bounce house yesterday! I can't believe Amy got it for so cheap!!

Adrien said...

Thanks, Cassie - I thought there were! Haha, maybe I was subconsciously making up for Evelyn who was covered in spaghetti sauce from dinner and looking pretty darn scrubby. :) Okay, so really that's what I wore to church that morning and I was too lazy to change!

Meagan -Oh my, small world! :) I know, I think a lot of people would have snatched that up if they would've known about it! I think they said they found it right in Waterloo.

Jackie said...

Love the new pictures you put up! And isn't it so nice to have a relaxing weekend! We loved it!

Heather Rahn said...

Looks like you had a great weekend.

Oh and if you are all wondering, my blog is private again. You have to go directly here to read it.


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