Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby you're a firework - my July girls!

My legs are covered in itchy bug bites which are taking their turns annoying the poop out of me, but for every itch I have to scratch I'm reminded of a simply lovely day at the park with my girls. Swinging, running, sliding, coloring...we did it all. I think we were making up for lost time....

The month of July was long and hot, and we spent most of it stuck inside. As a result, Evelyn can now quote movie lines from every Disney/Pixar film made since 2005. And while that might not be something to be totally proud of, I have to admit that there is nothing cuter in this world than when my child raises her arms, throws back her head, and belts out her favorite cartoon ballads. Or when she dramatically acts out her favorite movie scenes with perfect intonation. This girl is destined for the stage. :)

Evie is now 25 months old, and she's a little unpredictable. Sweet and cuddly one minute, and completely rambunctious the next, it's ridiculously hard to gauge just what kind of mood you're going to find her in at any given moment. She's so smart and knows what's going on, which is why it's even more frustrating when she pushes her little sister off of the couch or spits on the coffee table. We know she knows better...ugh. She's testing her boundaries and our patience every day. 

But knowing that every parent and child goes through this puts my mind at ease. And for all the naughty shenanigans I catch her doing there are moments that fill up my bucket and send it spilling over...like a few days ago when she came up to me and said, "Mama, I love you," out of the blue. And I know it's true. 

Evelyn is a wonderful helper around the house. She loves to sweep the floor and to help load the dryer next to me. And every time without fail, a smirky sideways smile spreads across her face as she looks up at me and says, "I helpin' you, mama."  And then I forget all of the headaches she gave me earlier. Well played, my dear.  :)

Deciding maybe she's not ready to do the big slide by herself. :)

One of the funniest things Evelyn does now is to fake things to try to trick us. Coughing, sneezing, crying, snoring...you name it, she does it. She also likes to touch things and pretend that they hurt her somehow. Usually I hear an "Ow! You pinched me!" coming from another room, and when I peek in to see what's going on, I see her finger poking a stuffed animal. Crazy kid. :) If there's one thing I can say about Evelyn, it's that she definitely keeps us on our toes. We never know what she's going to say or do next, and while sometimes that makes me more than a little nervous, for the most part we're loving this totally adorable time with our two year old.

Grace is now 9 months old, and she is growing by leaps and bounds! Our little chubster only weighs 2 pounds less than her two year old sister. I know that eventually she'll even out more once she gets her little legs a walking, and I have a feeling we're not too far off from that.

Since we spent so much of our July indoors, Grace has been getting plenty of practice pulling herself up on tables and couches and pretty much anything else she can find. Just this week she has started getting brave enough to try to move from one object to another. Yes, I imagine in a couple of updates from now I'll be talking about her first steps. (Crazy!) 

I try my very hardest to get Grace to say "mama." Just say it, you know you want to. But she has yet to belt out those sacred syllables. On the day she does, there will be much rejoicing throughout the land, haha. Grace marches to the beat of her own drum, and in a much different way than her big sister. Even at 9 months old, we can tell Grace is more of an inward person. She's not as openly affectionate as Evelyn was at her age, and she often gives more quizzical looks than smiles. She's super observant, and rather than reacting to situations around her, it's as if she studies them and is trying to truly understand what's going on.

Everyone thinks of Gracie as a mama's girl, but the truth is she's only a mama's girl when someone else is holding her. When we're at home alone, just the girls and I, she's really independent...not attached to my hip like some would think. Unless she's hungry or bored, she's content to crawl around the house and get into things all by her lonesome. There has already been more than one occasion where she has disappeared in just a few seconds, leaving me to scurry around the house calling out her name. I believe she's inherited both mine and Eric's introversion. :)

Grace loves music. While Evelyn will sing her heart out to the loudest and fastest songs, Grace stops in her tracks for the pretty slow ones. Her favorite song at the moment is Jessie's song in Toy Story 2. She's mesmerized from the time the first note plays until the very end. 

I have been blessed with two very beautiful and very different little girls. I wonder constantly about why these two souls were sent to be in my care. What is it about them that makes me the best fit as their mother? I learn new things about them, and consequently, about myself each and every day. I wouldn't hand over this job to anyone. Being Evelyn and Grace's mom is the best gift I have ever been given...I feel as if God himself has entrusted me to care after two children of His very own. What a reward...what a blessing. 

So as long as this responsibility has been handed to me, I will try my best every day to do these girls some justice. To hold their hands when they need it, and let them wander a little...because they need that, too. To provide not just their basic needs, but to give them a childhood full of carefree fun.  It's been a pretty good ride so far, so I think we're just going to keep on keeping on. We can't wait to see what August brings!


Sarah said...

I'm head over heels in love with your girls!! I love Evie's charm & Grace's well...grace. You are a lucky mama :)

PS Luke has been doing the "faking" thing as well. Fake snoring ALWAYS. It's halirious. And amazes me of how they know to do it an the right times lol.

Anonymous said...

tooooo precious :)

Cassie said...

yay! i look foward to these every month. no joke yesterday i was like ummm where is her july babies post!!? lol. i can't wait to watch all of these kids grow up!! makes my heart feel good.

Heather said...

I love it when you do these updates. I feel like I know the personalities of your girls as well as I do my own niece and nephew.

Adrien said...

Well thank you, everyone! I keep telling myself that there are little things I don't want to forget, so this is the best way I know how to write everything down.

Cassie- Eric said the same thing yesterday. :)

Joyce said...

Yes, you are blessed. Being a parent is of of the hardest but rewarding jobs God has given us, and you do it so well. I have always said our children are just on loan to us from God. I am so proud of you.

Meagan said...

You seriously have two of the cutest girls ever!!

I'm not going to lie, I'm kinda jealous of your monthly updates, it's such a good idea to remember everything that they do!

Sarah@everydayeasy said...

beautiful pictures of your girls!

Katie said...

I love the part about God specifically giving you these two souls. So true. It definitely changes my view of having kids and makes me even more excited to have my own some day and see what gifts God blesses me with!

Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW what a beautiful pictures, and your little girls are so sweet


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