Thursday, August 11, 2011

Candles and Eric's Weight Loss Plan

Um, ladies...I think we enjoyed ourselves a little too much at girls night, haha. 

Candles are in! And 9 packages later everything is unpacked and ready to go for you! Don't worry - I didn't actually "unpack" your stuff! Just mine. :) (Our UPS man saw us walking last night and pulled over to let us know he had more boxes for me, haha. He must think I have a REAL shopping addiction!)

So if one of these bags are for you, then there are a few ways I can go about getting your goodies to you. If you're going to be at my Aunt Jamie's party tonight I can bring your order to you this evening. If you're going to be at Bunco tomorrow night (woot!) then I can bring yours to you there. And if I'll see you in church on Sunday I'll bring your order along with me. Otherwise, you can stop by this week and pick it up or wait until Monday evening when I will have time to make deliveries! Please let me know which arrangement you prefer!

And I thought I'd share with you what I picked out for my birthday! Most of this I got for FREE for hosting the party - hooray!

Now let's completely shift gears with no transition at all. Ready? Go! So many people around me seem to be trying to lose weight at the moment. Many of you are experiencing success, and a few of you are little discouraged. So I thought I'd share with you the tips Eric has picked up along the way to help him lose weight - which he always does. If you know my husband, you know he's a bit nerdy and enjoys researching things to death. Hehe. So this plan was formulated after a lot of reading, comparing, and trial and error.

Eric has always been good about losing weight when he feels like he needs to, and this "diet" works really well for him every.single.time. I asked him what he would recommend a girl eat to lose weight, and he said "I would recommend this to a human trying to lose weight." So I just thought I'd share with you the basic rules of what he does which has brought him so much success.

There aren't a ton of restrictions (well, if you count no bread or sugar not a lot of restrictions, haha). Just:

*Eat a lean protein and non-starchy vegetable with every meal
*Avoid too much sugar
*Low carbs
*Eat every 2-3 hours
*Work out pretty much every day. :)

Breakfast ideas:

Eric usually drinks a protein shake out of convenience, but when he has time he does scrambled eggs with cheese, green peppers, and sausage. We usually buy leaner turkey sausage. You could prepare eggs over easy with sausage or a couple of peices of turkey bacon to change it up.

Lunch and dinner ideas:

Get used to preparing extras for dinner so you can have a yummy lunch the next day!

On Eric's plan there is no such thing as too much salad! We usually do lettuce (but spinach would be great!) with tomatoes, any kind of cheese, and occasionally green peppers or cucumber. You could also hard boil eggs to put on top. Add grilled chicken for lean protein! Eric likes light ranch dressing.

We do A LOT of taco salad around here - it's Eric's favorite. Just prepare the taco meat, and put it on top of a plate of lettuce. Add cheese, tomato, salsa, and a dollop of sour cream. No chips.

Tuna salad is a quick and easy lunch.

The crock pot is your BEST FRIEND. I prepare chicken breasts and all kinds of beef roasts inside with half a bottle of Italian dressing. Set on low for 6-8 hours or high for 4-6 hours. Yummy!

Baked ham is a seasonal favorite here. We find them easier and cheaper in the Fall. We usually buy half of a ham for our family and it is PLENTY to feed us plus lots of left overs.

^^ Same thing with turkey breasts - a Fall and Winter favorite.

Steak is always a nice treat! We grill ours along with chicken breasts and bratwurst. No barbecue sauce, though - too much sugar. Eric will do steak sauce, and with the bratwurst he eats mustard.

Brats and sauerkraut is another of Eric's favorites.

We bake chicken breasts and top with cheese and spaghetti or alfredo sauce, occasionally.

And if you want a "cheat treat" every once in a while, there IS an alternative to regular pasta. At Schnucks you can buy "Dreamfields Pasta" which doesn't have carbs. So we'll do spaghetti or chicken alfredo with that. (Dreamfields pasta comes in all forms - we buy spaghetti and penne the most.) Eric rarely chooses this as a meal, but doesn't feel like he's crashing his diet when he eats it.

Sides and Snacks:

Avoid starchy veggies like corn or potatoes. Eric eats a lot of green beans, broccoli, asparagus, and cauliflower.

Avoid too much fruit. (Weird, I know! But it contains a TON of sugar.) Green apples are the best option.

No starchy beans. (So no baked beans or chili.)

Eric's favorite savory snacks are beef jerky, peanuts, and pork rinds. You can also have sunflower seeds, celery, or other non-starchy raw veggies.

Eric's favorite sweet snacks are sugar-free jello, sugar-free pudding, and sugar-free low carb ice cream (he buys Breyers.)

Eric does drink diet soda (usually with dinner) but it's MOSTLY water for him.

Eating out:

....Can be a pain in the rump roast, haha. Usually Eric will eat a salad at whichever fast food restaurant we're at. Believe it or not, McDonalds has the healthiest fast food grilled chicken salad for you that we have found if you have to hit the drive-through. But the best of all are Subway salads. They are the freshest, yummiest, and best value for the price.

At sit down diners Eric likes hot wings and salad, grilled pork chops, or steak. Nothing can be breaded.

It doesn't seem so bad when you focus on the things you can eat and not the things you can't. Eric absolutely adores Oreos and chocolate chip cookies and Blizzards from DQ...but when he's really focusing on weight loss he doesn't eat ANY of that stuff. Along with this diet, Eric works out pretty much daily, rotating between cardio and weight training each day. The YMCA in Columbia is a great value - Eric gushes about it. Check out your local YMCA. :)

I'm always amazed by how easily Eric is able to drop weight when he follows this plan; however, I've never met anyone quite as disciplined as my husband. He rarely strays from this plan. Ever. (Forget about the post I wrote on Monday, haha.) And when he does for a good length of time, he soon complains about needing to lose weight again. [Eric, I think you're super cute, and you don't need to lose another pound. Thought I should throw that in here, cause it's true. :)]

Follow this weight loss plan, and you'll look like Mr. Bones! :)

So if you're bored with bland meals or don't seem to be losing weight no matter what you do, I encourage you to try this out. Just do it for a couple of weeks, and if it doesn't work, then forget about it. :) But I'm pretty sure it WILL work. I've seen it with my own eyes. Hope this helps someone!

Don't forget to let me know how you'd like to get your candle goodies, girls!


Emily said...

The only thing I would add to this is control your portion size. Otherwise Eric is right, it is a plan for any human wanting to lose weight. However, women usually lose weight slower than men, so don't get discouraged if you don't see results as quickly as Eric does. My personal trainer also told me the reason why weight trainer is so important to mix into your workouts (instead of just doing all cardio) is because muscle burns more calories than fat.

Adrien said...

Yes, great tips, Emily! And yeah, Eric mentioned that the one mistake most women make is that they don't do any weight training. Weight training doesn't equal big ugly burns the fat away!

Katie said...

I've also heard you can replace pasta with spinach. Just cook the spinach and then prepare your favorite pasta dish but use spinach instead to avoid the carbs but still get a similar taste. I haven't tried it yet but it could be worth a shot!

Adrien said...

Spaghetti squash is another great pasta alternative, and actually really yummy! I've never heard of using spinach. I'll have to let Eric know; thanks!

Cassie said...

I honestly can't tell the difference with the sugar free stuff. I am a lover of the sugar free jello and pudding.

And if you don't mind brining my candle stuff to bunco on Friday that would be GREAT!! thanks!!

Sarah said...

Ha, I was on my way to my mom's last night & saw the UPS guy at your house. It didn't look like you were there so I was NOT going to stop by like a creep lol.

Thanks for the tips!! You are just like my grandma. Well not really but... Ask her for something and she has it in her basement. ANYTHING! Ask you about anything & you will find answers! Haha. Love it!!

Jackie said...

Great ideas... I will have to take some of them tips!
Cassie I can't tell the diffrance!

Pastor Nick said...

Hey, I have a question for you...What qualifies as a "starchy vegetable?" What's good and what's not so good here? I have somewhat of a diet (meaning foods that I eat) that I follow (when I can), and I wasn't sure what you meant by this. Could you let me know?




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