Friday, August 19, 2011

Confession Friday 8-19!

I've recently discovered "Zombie Mom Comics: Where nap time is your happy hour!" And I adore them. This one is SO Evelyn:

**I confess that this Confession Friday was typed up late last night and early this morning. It's all over the place. You have been warned. :)

I confess that I know this is going to make me sound crazy, but I SWEAR Grace grew like an inch taller during nap time yesterday. She went down for an hour long nap (which she never does) and when she woke up, she was HUGE! Haha. No, but I swear. Her torso is way longer.

I confess that I've joined Pinterest and I am increasingly annoyed that every time I get on this computer my "Pin it" button is gone. What's up with that? I'd have half a million pins right now if I could actually pin something!

I confess that it's late and I'm tired, but I'm awake and eating everything in site. About to go make some cinnamon sugar toast. :)

I confess that Grace had still been riding around in a pumpkin seat...until today. We finally gave in and bought another forward facing car seat. I can't wrap my brain around two forward facing babies riding behind me!

I confess that I'm making this weekend my birthday weekend, and I'm not cooking AT ALL. Happy stinkin' birthday to me!

I caught Evie on top of the counter AGAIN, in my flip flops of all things. And guess what the little stinker did when she realized I was not happy about it?

She waved at me. "Hi mama!" 

I confess that I'm going to stop claiming my kids actually do wear pants every day. Judging from half of the pictures I take even I'm starting to doubt myself on that one.

I confess that one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone takes the trash out and doesn't replace the trash bag right away. There's nothing like going to throw something away and being totally denied.

I confess that I wish I had someone who could follow me around and do my hair for me every morning. I'm just bad at it. Don't posses the hair doin' gene, I guess. :)

Another tailor-made for Evie comic:

Ay yi yi....

I confess that we left an entire bag full of paid for snacks and household items in a Walmart rounder this week. Argh! When Eric went back to get it a couple of days later, they still had the bag but wouldn't give it to him. Eric could tell them exactly what was in the bag, but since he didn't remember all of the brand names they made him go back and re-buy everything. Guess we paid a little "stupid tax" on that one.

I confess that our living room rug looked DISGUSTING after two years of babies spilling things all over it, and I absolutely had it up to here with it this week. When I realized it wasn't going to fit in our washing machine (baha) I took it out back and hosed that sucker down. For real. I let it dry over night, and I swear it looks brand new now. I honestly didn't think it was going to work, but it did!

I confess that our elderly neighbor Tom moved out yesterday, and I'm sad. Evie had just started saying, "I wanna say hi to Tom!" every time we were outside. :(

I confess that my back was turned to Evelyn the entire time I was finishing up this post this morning. I heard her saying something about "making pizza." And then I heard, "I did it!!" That's when I turned around....

She was very proud of herself. :)

And boy do we own a lot of diced tomatoes!

P.S. I swear what she's wearing DOES qualify as pants in this household. I just didn't snap her back up after changing her diaper this morning, haha.

Hope you guys have a great weekend! I'm so ready to sit back and relax and do no cooking whatsoever! I think that Olive Garden is calling my name. Mmmm...breadsticks.... :)


Cassie said...

hey i'm with you on the no pants. i swear everytime someone comes over my kid is pantless. but when you are changing diapers it's just WAY easier.

i confess that we too have a ridiciously amount of diced tomatoes too. idk why.

AND i confess when i saw you write on eric's fb about washing the rug i was going to tell you to take it to the car wash, pin it up with those rug holder things and wash it down. works like a CHARM and costs about $3?! but glad you way worked too.

Adrien said...

Oh my gosh, that's a great idea! Next time, next time.... :)

Kim Luke said...

hahaha Evie cracks me up!
Her and Landon together would be DANGEROUS!!! Like seriously scary!! lol

what is their obsession with climbing on the counters and getting into cabinets!?!?!

I confess I got a raise at work!! I love my job a little more today!!!! :)

Happy Birthday weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

I got you both beat, Abbey is constantly taking her own pants off, so I have officially lost the pants fight, at least she hands them to me after she pulls them off so I don't have little kid pants all over my house. and I LOVE that second comic, the two year old's map of the living room, so true!!

Anonymous said...

Bring your reciept back to Walmart, they HAVE to give you the items you already paid for. I have done it.

Heather said...

Loving the Evie pictures today!! That girl is destined to be a star.

I confess that I was warned about the dangers of burning a candle on my desk, and then one of the guys walked past really fast and the wind blew a spark on my mouse pad. Heart stopped for a moment.

Eric Robert said...

Whoops! I confess that the laptop's bookmarks sync with my phone and I couldn't figure out where that bookmark kept coming from! I have been deleting it everytime it showed back up...

Also, Walmart didn't make us repurchase the stuff we left at the store. They told me on the phone that it was still in the bag behind the counter, but they couldn't find the bag once I got there. They just let me bring all the stuff back to the customer service desk and bagged it for me.

I confess that the folks at Walmart referred to me as "The Jello Guy" because we had so much Jello in our forgotten bag. Seriously, apparently several Walmart employees were amazed by how much Jello we had. When I went to the counter the lady I spoke to shouted "Hey! We found the Jello Guy!" to several other Wally World employees, haha.

Also, I confess that I always intend to replace the trash bag but you always have it done before I get to it. Sometimes I'm amazed at how quick you are with those bags!

Adrien said...

Baha, thanks for all of the clarification, dear. :D You crack me up! So we didn't pay for the new stuff?? I'm confused, but that's awesome!


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